Aaron Watson - American Soul

℗ 2021 BIG Label Records

American Soul Tracklist:


Arron Watson is an American treasure. He put the cowboy back in country. This isn’t bubble gum bro country, it’s music about truth faith and family. Buy this record and then go back and buy all of his albums he is that type of artist.


Much better than the last Album! This one is not his best, but at least returns to what he does best...singing, good music, and less just talking.


Incredible song and even better artist! Just what we need at the right time. Thank you!!


American Soul is amazing!


Not as good as Vaquero, The Underdog or Real Good Time but a massive improvement over the previous album Red Bandana .


Just heard this song on Beck this morning and decided to buy it. What a great song for a time like this. Country music has become a quagmire and has departed from its roots. Aaron Watson has taken the heart of America and has shown us that we can make it if we persevere.

Pansar Saggin

In exactly what country is this stuff country? AW appears to have lost his barbed-wire halo when he leaned over to sign off selling his soul to Nashville execs.

country 4 ever

This nana her daughter and all six of her grandkids love you!! Keep up the good work at keeping true country alive!! 🥰 3xsurvivor


Once again, The Honky Tonk Kid releases another great album. 👍🏻👍🏻


Another solid album!



S. Down

Loved his last record, and I’m barley a country fan. Noticed this dropped today, and immediately checked it out. It’s country. Good country. Real country. But it’s so paint by numbers, that the record doesn’t start to hit until midway through. But by then, you’re kind of over it. I enjoyed it, but it won’t spin again and is instantly forgettable

Cj Quinn

Been waiting on another album and this one doesn’t disappoint!

Key City Tex

Good stuff as always!

#1 AW fan

The second track, Boots is “Sexy and Soulful” (Aaron’s quote), you’ll want to play this one over and over! The title track, American Soul will make you want to put your hand over your heart, close your eyes and think hard about our Country. His first prerelease d song, Whisper My Name is a great song to listen to (loud) in your car with your windows down!! I could review each song, but I’ll stop. Go listen for yourself. You won’t be disappointed❤️


AW never disappoints!


Stays true to country music and America.

Todd and Melodie

With so many artists here one day and gone the next in country music currently, AW keeps pumping out fantastic music. His songwriting is simply fantastic!

no nickname needed to express

Disappointed in the songs I’ve heard off this album. It just sounds too bubblegumish popish - I love his past albums - this one I don’t know about. The songs just don’t seem to belong in 2021

EsPN suxxxx

Stay true to yourself Aaron. Your music perfect for all families. You are on the speakers here nearly every day. “Raise your bottle”

Remington Campbell

Now This Is Country Right Here!!!! 😄😄😄😄👍🏻👍🏻


Can’t go wrong with Aaron Watson. Been a fan for the longest time. I can’t wait for this album to drop. 💯


First heard an Aaron Watson song 10 years ago. Been hooked ever since!