AC/DC - Back In Black

℗ 1980 Leidseplein Presse B.V.

Back In Black Tracklist:


Every time I turn on this album I can’t help but rock out, THE BEST ALBUM I HAVE EVER HEARD


So sorry Bon, but AC/DC best album and rated one of the best hard rock albums of all time. Best songs, best vocals, best guitar riffs, just awesome from start to finish.

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I’m pretty sure I heard the f word in Back In Black. But even with this in mind, I don’t have the heart to deprive this great album of a star over this.


If you do not have this entire album, you are WRONG!


Without question, one of the best hard rock albums of all time.


Debut album with Brian Johnson as the lead singer. Coming off the untimely death of Bon Scott and the success of Highway to Hell. This album has strong songs and is considered a no-skip album. The opening song Hell’s bells is a brilliantly composed song and gets the the album rocking. Shoot to Thrill, Back in Black, & you shook me all night long were all staples on the radio back in the 1980’s and are still played on classic rock stations. My favorite songs are What do you do for Money, Giving the Dog a Bone & Shake a Leg. All songs on the album are solid rock n’ roll tunes that should be played loud in the album format. Rock n roll Ain’t Noise pollution, Let Me put my love into You, and Have a drink on me finish out this rock n’ roll treat. Through and through this is a 5 star album with no weakness. As. Side note , comments about Angus playing/knowing 3 notes should really see the live performance or look for this album being played live on other albums , because, it becomes very evident that Angus is up there with the greatest guitarists of all time. Check out his solo performances sometime. Highly recommended album purchase .




This is AC/DC’s magnum opus!

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This album without a doubt the greatest!!


Acdc you shook me alllllllll niiiiiight loping!!

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Where'd the time go? Calling this a masterpiece is somehow an understatement. It's not just a perfect rock-and-roll record, but the perfect example of rock's roots in the blues.

Trust and Us



With iconic tunes, and classic riffs, legendary band AC/DC cones out with their biggest hit yet! Keep on rockin’ bros!


Don't expect to get the digital booklet when you purchase this album. I've been waiting for support to fix the issue for two weeks. Disappointing. Would be a five star otherwise.


Best AC-DC song out there


Shoot to thrill


Hands down, greatest hard rock album!

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This is my favorite album I own on ITunes, and I own A LOT. It goes from Rainbow to Led Zeppelin to The Beatles, to even Cactus., Metallica, Anthrax, And even Great White to just name a few artists. Surprisingly, none of these artists albums ever really impressed me. (Except Led Zeppelin, they blew me away with Led Zeppelin II) When I found out about AC/DC, and I bought this album and Highway to Hell, I realized this was the band for me. Then I bought their least notable albums like Powerage, High Voltage, and Flick The Switch, and I loved those. Anyway, this album is incredible, and is one my favorite records ever.


Me and my friend boys blasted at the pool Germany 🇩🇪 everyone always looks at us lol thx its awesome 😎😱😝🤣😂😊👌


Let their legacy live on!!


The Greatest Rock Album Ever Made!!! By the Greatest Rock Band ever....Period!!!!


This band is instantly recognized and recommended by me to anyone who really wants good 80’s rock. Or even if someone is a pop head, or rap fan, and you are having trouble getting off that, this is one way to do it. I have listened too many times, and I have not lost interest. Not too heavy, but just enough to get me in the mood. ROCK ON 🤘!!!!


AC/DC is the greatest rock band and angus is a legend


Shoot to Thrill Enough said


Does every song sound the same


No album has had as much of an impact on a genre as this. Just get it now.


My most favorite songs are back and it’s only October 21 2017 and I’m 14 wow I’m young to know these but my dad told me about these songs and now I’m in love with them


AC/DC has been the best and maybe longest running rock band in existence. They've had MULTIPLE hits like Led Zeppelin and Kiss. They're probably going to be around till 2030.


For any rock lover in the world, or someone who is trying to get into the world of rock, this is a MUST HAVE!


guitar solos perfected to the smallest nanometer give this band an amazing sound, as well as a great tune that keeps on rock-n'-rollin!

Creeper Tamer 31

Hands down is one of the best albums ever


I will only write a review when truly inspired and Back-n-Black does just that. My kid's kids will know this rocks from the first time they hear it. I suspect it will pass Thriller by then to be the best selling album ever. When you listen to the 8th best song repeatedly, you know you can't go wrong with this album


LOVE THIS ALBUM TOTALLY BEATS PINK FLOYD AND LED ZEP. Definently recommend to those new to hard rock.


I bought this record back in 1982 after listening to Shook me all night long over and over at a friends house. I played it to death. I still have it and know where are the skips and where I have to nudge the needle to keep it from repeating, I love every song. Thank you iTunes for giving me the opportunity to purchase and listen to one of my favorite albums of all time


AC/DC for life

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I like country a lot but this is good stuff I love it get it now


Probably one of the most best albums they ever made!


Couldn't be better in anyway unless there were more songs

AC/DC Rocks of Course

Why wouldn't you buy this album! It's the greatest rock album ever, the highest selling rock album ever, and the second highest selling album of all time!!! BUY BACK IN BLACK


The Thunder from Down Under is on iTunes, and they're Back in Black! This has got to be AC/DC's best album yet, with the opening track Hells Bells(my favorite AC/DC song), shoot to thrill, the title track, and you shook me all night long. Buy this album! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

The Joelest

There are many great giants in rock n' roll. AC/DC, is a mega god, and the proof is in this album. Every track on this album is hardhitting, and doesn't slow down in speed. The opening track, "Hell's Bells" sums it all up of what this listening experience will be.


Not overrated this is the best hard rock album of all time .

My Nick TC

Album would be great if it remained on my devices and didn't block the necessary additional downloading


Top 5 bands ever!


Truly one of the greatest albums ever released. We wore this cassette out in our boom box almost every morning before first bell at school while we shot baskets.


Definition on what rock n roll was, is, and should be🤘🏻

Liam rocks go Syracuse

I love this kind of band I like these kind of classic rock music ever

Angry Batman

The best album they ever did no filler tracks and all of them are memorable modern albums wish they could be this


This is a must buy. I have never heard such beautiful music before.