Andra Day - Cheers to the Fall

℗ 2015 Warner Records Inc.

Cheers to the Fall Tracklist:




Want to use for an ivideo and can’t cause its DRM even though I’ve bought the song


It is rare that I like every song on an album.. but I get the feeling that Andra has spent a LOT of time on perfecting each song into a gym. Very impressed with her style and voice!


We need better music. This wasn’t even good in 2017!


Amazing voice! Beautiful songs! This album is PERFECT!


This is NOT R&B. This is like a Pop! What happened to R. Kelly, Keith Sweat, All-4-One?

Jasmyn J.

reminds me of a combo of Alicia Keys & Amy winehouse. Dammm she’s on fire! I love her music 🎵 😍🤩


I’m good luv enjoy ...🤢


🎼 I’ve been around the music industry a long time. There are just some artist who are and will always be TIMELESS. This young lady is one of them. I notice a lot of comparisons to Amy Winehouse, Adele, Etta etc. people always do this when they find someone new and exciting they love to hear. It’s the highest form of flattery. Anyone who can move their audience to tears, is someone of value and grace. In the old days, you’d like a couple of songs by a group buy the whole album, Maybe like most of the songs. It gave the lesser played songs a chance to be heard. Nowadays, you can pick or choose, but honey, your gonna wanna buy this whole album. EVERY SONG is priceless. May you have a long and prosperous career, Lady Day. 🌟💫⭐️💥

Arianators Camilizors

He has such a powerful voice and she sound like Rihanna in rise up and just wow. Amazing. masterpiece. Perfect 👌🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


U did so good and it was true I loved it and u have a great voice


This song is by far the best song I’ve heard from Rihanna in a while!


It's a great album...but she sure sounds like Amy Winehouse on a lot of it.


Out of 13 songs I only love one “rise up” and it’s such a powerful song


I have no words that adequately express how I feel about this woman's exquisite voice.


Her voice is like a mixture of two of my favorite artists: Rihanna and sia. You can disagree but it's just my opinion. She's really talented. I guess you could say her music is really starting to "Rise up"🤗

Bee in CT

I just became aware of Andra after watching her on the Bee Gees tribute. She was by far the best performer. I just bought this album & am hopelessly in love with her voice. Reminds me of Nancy Wilson or Dinah Washington. Amazing singer. I cant get enough.


Great songs, excellent vocal range, passionate and powerful singer !


I love music with all my heart and this song "Rise Up" is the most beautiful and inspirational song I've ever heard! The voice of this lady is amazing and to be honest I don't think I would feel the same way about it if anyone else had sung it. She is a power house, the vocals, the music, it's just perfect!

Sad falcons fan

I recommend rise up for mourning Falcons fans


That voice! Oh my goodness, what magic is this?! It's like she's harnessed the essence of great female jazz legends and effortlessly combined it with doo wop, soul and a hip-hop edge. Love, love, love this album! #BlackGirlMagic #Moonlight #HaloOfLight


Her voice is beautiful! Can't see why anyone would rate below 4 stars. They either don't like her, the genre of music, or can't hear well. ;)


Rise up is overplayed, I hate it so much.


She sings straight from the heart and has the talent most singers wish they had. Her band is just as talented! Great album for healing and getting into a positive mind. Worth every penny!


From start to end with each vocal she owns she burns through to my soul 💜

Twang Town

Heard her sing with Bonnie Raitt recently and fell in love. It was obvious she had Bonnie's respect and for good reason. She sounds so seasoned for a debut album. Like a really smooth merlot.




Heard her sing first time in greatest hits on abc and what a great song "rise up" is!! Great voice, unique sound and so much passion heart and soul into her songs !! Great job Ms Day!!


I have never heard of this artist and TBH I am simply blown away. Sometimes I am caught in a good mood while plugged in to my headphones and tuning out the world, but this jam sounds great anywhere at any time! Cheers to this incredible talent and God bless her on her journey!


i cry every time when i watch agt and someone gets the golden buzzer and this plays

xoxo internet girl

I honestly came here to buy "Rise Up" because of the Grey's Anatomy custody battle and ended up buying the whole album! It's truly a piece of art could have asked for anything better


Andra day is so soulful and smooth music I waited for the album and now it's here😍 I bought the whole album


This young lady is truly gifted. Her voice is clear and sounds so authentic. BEAUTIFUL. I heard one song, Rise UP, and I was hooked. I can't wait to hear and see her future work.


What a voice! All the songs are lyrical and musically amazing so no need for skipping, just press play and let Andra do her thing. She is so underrated. Please stop comparing her to Amy Winehouse, she is so much better.




Both fresh and vintage. Beautiful and soulful in her own right, yet a reincarnation plus of the talent and promise of an Amy Winehouse. Make yourself happy and indulge!!


She definitely has a new fan! Reminds me of the music my parents listened to mixed with a modern touch.


she has a beautiful voice but i feel like i’m listening to amy winehouse


What a voice!!! What a purity of her tone and vibrant,melodic and harmonious sound. Gorgeous and piercings right thru the heart into a bone marrow. Endless "goosies"....running thru my skin. Simply angelic and very soulful voice. Go on and on Andra... Fill this world with your kindness and simple, truthful and powerful lyrics. Congrats!!! Five stars is an understatement.


This album is one for the books. Andra is a truly amazing and talented artist. Her voice is beautiful. She appeals to All ages. I cannot wait to see what she does next.


It is so good! Rise up is so inspiring! Keep the good work up Andra Day ☺️ 😊

K. Bain

You listen and buy one song, then another one, then another one, then you say screw it I'm buying the WHOLE ALBUM!!! That's how good this album is. Andra Day, there are not enough words to describe your amazing talent.


Amazing, i listen to this everyday and it inspires me without fail.


A perfect mix of grit and purity in her sound. Just beautiful.


I like this a lot. Reminds me of good old fashioned music with an up to date feel.👍🏾👍🏾


Truly so soulful! Amazing

Lil Soul Brotha

One of the greatest talents to come out of California since Etta James, Teena Marie & Ledisi... Incredible voice and wonderful band/orchestral work on this album! Truly a breath of fresh air!!!


I absolutely love this album. Sad that it took me so long to find this rare gem. This album has lived in my playlist since I bought it. Can't wait to hear more from Andra Day.

Misty Mocha

Oh wow, I was just introduced to Miss Day and I'm so feeling her music. This album is so HOT! I'm a BIG fan of Laura Izabora, Amy Weinhouse, Norah Jones, Lianne La Havas and now Andra Day! So glad I found this incredible album.

D Hervey

What is not to love about this exceptionally produced album! Anddra Day has it all and it brings it together in a fresh R&B, soulfoul but gritty way. A true talent. So excited that we have this kind of talent coming through in America.