Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber - Stuck with U

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Stuck with U - Single Tracklist:


ariana did charity, that’s the only reason why i’m even giving it a star

Trust and Us


Joseph Sollaccio

Over the top amazing music, lyrics and vocals by Ariana & Justin. Will be one of the top 10 songs of 2020!


an icon💀💀


Justin is garbage




This comes from a fan of both. I really expected better, this song sounds like it was done in five minutes. I was expecting much more


I love it

maitte <3



Such a nice song!

steph 💜🔹

The money isn’t adding up for how this is “for charity” and the collaboration is really forced. They may be friends, but that doesn’t mean they should just throw stuff out there when they’re bored. People are really struggling through this pandemic and they’re cash grabbing. It’s not like they don’t have the money to make the song free. It’s just really disappointing that they’re pretending to make things better for people. The vocals aren’t that bad, I think it’s the fact that it’s clearly more for them than the public is what stinks.


I love what they are doing to raise money!!


For those questioning why only $0.80 of every $1.29 purchase is going to the charity, this is because the cost to make the song still has to be covered. I don’t know if the artists are making any $ off of the song, BUT there is still the cost of the song to be recorded, produced, edited, and distributed. I love the song and I am not a huge fan of Arianna Grande (I’m a strong 90’s grunge supporter so totally different genre). However, I respect both of these artists talents and am extremely impressed by their desire and commitment to raising money for this charity in this crisis.


Trying so hard


Beautiful song


These haters are mad that Stuck With U got 1st on billboard. I love this to death keep it up. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Go watch Riverdale NOWW!!!

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Justin but they sound awesome together. And if you want to hate just don’t listen to the song! My god!

im a bannana 534748

I only listen to real music not trash like this Beiber has ZERO talent and creativity


I love this song so much! Streaming this also helps charity! 😍


the perfect song for a time like this and will make you feel some type of way😍 this is the cutest song everrrr


Not really a good song by either. Their “talent” if you want to call it that has been fading for some time and it shows.


GOOBA needs to be number one cuz it’s a meme. Update: They bought extra units (30,000 with 6 credit cards), so they actually cheated him out of it. I don’t really think 69 should ever get a number one song, but this is just cheating! 😡


Justin ruins every song




Just average - nothing special - just a typical collaboration.


Straight vibezzzzz.


Make all profits go to charity

Kick butt joe

Ariana Grande bought #1 on billboard

the j crew

scooter is so broke after taylor swift, he forced these two artists to collaborate on a “charity” song to try and make money. in the middle of a global pandemic. RATS.

Magdalene B.

How many times can Justin Bieber write multiple versions of “I’m gonna get to know you better” in songs and still make money from it? Write new lyrics. Also sounds like a rip from Rihanna’s “love on the brain.” Fail.


The best👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


I love this song, it’s a good wedding song. This goes out to all the people giving this song hate for reason. 🤡🤡 Also I’m calling out the person who said Ariana is trying to be like Beyoncé. Bisshhhh shut up and mind your business and get a life. Ok that’s all this is a good song😃❤️.




i mean it’s alright but i don’t really get the hype. ari’s music has become really uninteresting lately, and with justin bieber? nah girl😫


Make this hit #1 ❤️F*ck 69 trash ass music !!! F*ck RAPE CULTURE!!!




It’s a good song everyone chill the f out

Chriiss 🖖🏼



it’s for a good cause and it’s a bop.. the harmonies are so well done


This sing is saying it donates profits. Is that profits after scooter, bieber and ariana get cut their check?! What a transparent money grab. Shameful.


Love it


Y’all know what you’re doing. (also Ariana stans the most toxic fans out there which makes sense seeing as they’re a bunch of irrational 13 yr old girls)

Princess Bartholy

So sweet that Justin and Ariana didn’t even have to donate anything but ARE CHOOSING TO DO IT! I honestly think that at least of $.80 cents is so generous considering they didn’t have to do it at all! To the people complaining, please go donate then and do your part! This song is so sweet and such a breath of fresh air during this time.


Give all to charity






This is an awful song

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