August Burns Red - Guardians

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Guardians Tracklist:


Have yet to disappoint


Def true to ABR, but each song in this album sounds like it has too much synthesizer. Still a good album.


Hand down, this is the best band in their genre. Their entire catalog is consistent and extremely well executed. This record is a lot to take in at first but after a few listens it will catch you. Have fun.


Really, there are no words. Best album yet. Incredible. Buy it. You won’t regret it.




This is how you change your sound with out sounding like a completely different band.


this album is mediocre. The song lighthouse really tells me everything where this band is heading. Guess i’ll listen to constellations to remember the good old days. Best song is Def Defender.


I love every single song out of this album. They really nailed every single second. I can’t wait to see them play this live 🤘🏽


a phenomenal follow up to the amazing Phantom Anthem. Just heavy as heck as well as melodious and immensely satisfying. Love the guitar writing on the record. Drums are 10/10 per usual. Bravo dudes


This is the best album they have put out since Constellations!! I love this album!


Wow! This album is absolutely amazing. You guys did a GREAT job! Keep up the great work!


Again, more of the same. And who is your vocalist? Doesn’t really bring it at all- or maybe I’m tired of the same riffs over and over again. It’s amazing this band had it going on at Thrill Seeker, but ever since has broken no boundaries of music whatsoever.


why do people like this band? trash and generic album


Good music


August Burns Red decides that for the rest of metal core for the year. Guardians is the album all fans of ABR have been awaiting. Easily five stars with 11 heavy 4+minute tracks.


I like that the do a little more two step double time dance beats in this album. I know ABR has only used those sparingly in previous albums. They also have some more classic hardcore circle pit beats and heavy breakdown beats. This album reminds me of some 2008/2009 style northwest hardcore. Matt Greiner is one of my all time favorite drummers right next to Darren King of Mute Math. He prayed for me once which is cool. God bless this band they are doing more than just playing music.

Stone Man wins

Great album, the more I listen the more I like


Banger 🤘🏼


Best album since leveler. Maybe even better. Can’t even describe how good this is.

Texas Soldier 07272012

They get better with each album! ABR never disappoints!!!


Defender is easily the best song on the album. Not at all what I was hoping for on this album. This one just wasn’t quite my flavor I guess.


So blessed at my age to listen to ABR. Remember seeing you guy's for the first time at Cornerstone festival. Guy's keep rocking for our lord and savior. Love the album GOD BLESS:)


wow its ABR! need we say more? these gentleman consistantly bring it ... every time i pick up an album its just awesome , the kind of album u listen to from beginning to end because it just flows so well and each song is in my opinion its own single. i thank u for always bringing the best to the table and delivering solid albums , solid music and lyrics that r unmatched keep bringin it boys and ill keep buying em !


Do they ever disappoint.NO !!!!!!!!


I’ve been a fan of August Burns Red for many years now and they never disappoint. This album is incredible and I highly recommend checking it out!


It’s that time again, when August Burns Red comes back around time shock and awe us with their latest work and the first thing that got me was the mix, being a drummer and someone who loves Audio I was instantly hooked on the sound I was hearing from the snare and that guitar riff on Defender. It’s going to take some time to digest all the individual segments but when the breakdown comes around and WOW DOES IT HIT HARD you’ll realize, “YES THIS IS AUGUST BURNS RED BUT THERE IS SOMETHING NEW AND UNEXPECTED THAT WE ARE NOT READY FOR BUT BRING IT ON”. Update - I have never pressed REWIND so many times in my life on a song like “Ties that Bind” and “BloodLetter” oh my god...


ABR has always been a top tier metalcore band. They are all incredibly talented and their live shows often exceed the intensity of their records. Guardians finds these dudes still being as heavy as ever, but there’s some very exciting progress as well. Lighthouse might be one of the best songs they’ve written in years. Jake is really stretching his range without losing any grit. Dismembered Memory and Bloodletter are notable standouts as well. The album’s closer, Three Fountains, is incredible. Glad to see these guys are not only still around, but are continuing to climb the metalcore ladder.


August Burns Red’s creativity is astonishing!!!! These guys keep pushing the bar! Phantom Anthem was soooooo incredible and I was curious how they were going to follow up and they did sooooooo well! Love you guys!!!


This is not music. It’s screaming into a mic bih get some help please


This is the album I have been waiting for since Constellations dropped over 10 years ago. So brutal! Nice work gentlemen!

Mustache Metal

August Burns Red continues to make incredible music. Ties That Bind is one of their best songs ever, and Bloodletter will make you want to mosh uncontrollably in your living group. This album is phenomenal.


There’s not a single song on this album that I don’t like. The first four songs will melt your face off.


One of the best released by them. So good!


One of my favorite albums to come out from these guys in a while. Did not disappoint. 9.6/10


One of their best works yet 🔥 Breathes life to the Metalcore genre and makes it feel as though it’s making a relentless comeback. Absolutely solid album 👌🏼


New intricate sound


These dudes have been releasing the same stuff over and over again for like 15 years now.


These guys keep getting better with time.

A random fat black guy



Great Album!


I like metal, but, like most modern metal artists, ABR usually doesn’t have a consistent rhythm to the lyrics and rarely rhymes them either; but a mix of some good choruses and incredible instrumentals does make this a compelling piece of work—especially songs like Paramount and Lighthouse. I’ll definitely only be wanting the full instrumental version of the record, but all in all, an entertaining album.

Jacob Knight Cyrus

This is about to go viral!


Great step forward for this band. Such a good album!


Get this album, jam won’t regret it.


So happy with this album


This album released for me at about 12:18am this morning and I fell into a deep slumber with the sweet nectar flooding my ear canals. I woke up this morning, working from home, and I’ve listened to this album front to back 3 times and my only complaint is there isn’t more. I love this album and I love August Burns Red. They bring light to the shade. Angry Music for Happy People!!!

lover(for Silent Planet)

This is such an amazing album!

basic chair

The best by far. Love these guys.

KC Ryan

That really works.

Semper Yeet

This album is freakin’ gnarly....I have been blasting it non-stop 🤟🏼