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Forever a classic

Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite Avenged Sevenfold albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, great piano solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album.


I Love a few songs of theirs, but dear god is amazing


I love every one of these songs. I know “Lost” may be a little to auto tuned, I still love it and highly suggest buying this album because of songs like “Little Piece of Heaven”, “Afterlife”, “Almost Easy” and “Dear God”.

Destroyer 21👾

Modern Metal classic!


Aside from Scream, A Little Piece of Heaven, and Critical Acclaim, it’s so.... easily the worst of all the records.


Love this!

furry emo boy

My most favorite song on the album is Afterlife.

i love avenged sevenfold

I love you avenged Sevenfold you a good rock band 10000000000000 out of 10

The best criticism man

All time best hands down


Great album!

puppy lover 1213

I am a girl, but just cause I am doesn't mean I don't like rock and roll, it's sooooooooooooooo AWSOME!!!!


This album has changed my life and it'll make u a die hard a7x fan !!!


This is by far the best album from avenged sevenfold, the only song that really was kinda a let down was unbound but the rest of the songs are amazing, you should never judge a book by its cover and people that judge metal are wrong and should try listening to some sevenfold, tell you're friends about it because it's great. The only other album by A7X that even comes close is city of evil so listen to that also if u haven't because again, it's amazing!!!


Holy hot Jesus my new favorite song


This album is probably one of there best albums.

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It's like a heater for your thighs


It's weird but I think this is A7X's best album. It's the most eclectic in style and is the first album and the last album (other than Diamonds) to feature The Rev on vocals. Although the instrumentation isn't difficult per say, the song writing is as heartfelt and powerful as is has ever been for this band. Their Self-Titled stands as a time capsule of an album, one that brings me the listener very clearly back to my Sophomore year of High School. And although this is an album that doesn't go into rotation as often for me, when I put it on, I am almost always in love with it. Oddly enough, it's Almost Easy to say that despite the fact that my favorite A7X albums are The Stage, City of Evil, and Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, this one kind of stands on its own as the secret best one of the bunch. And the funniest thing is that it's songs like Gunslinger and Dear God that shine through this album with the best character. Who would have thought that a country song would capture A7X so deeply to their core.


Critical acclaim, afterlife, little piece of heaven, unbound and gunslinger all of those are a work of art the rev's voice is truly unique and it gives the album a 10/10 may he RIP foREVer


His part in Critical Acclaim is my favorite part in any A7X song with the beginning solo to the stage being a very close second


Overall Impressive Album!! Must Buy!! Critical Acclaim: 7.5/10 Almost Easy: 10/10 Scream: 7.5/10 Afterlife: 8/10 The Gunslinger: 9/10 Unbound: 7/10 Brompton Cocktail: 10/10 Lost: 10/10 A Little Piece Of Heaven: 8.5/10 Dear God: 8/10


Avenged Sevenfold's albums in order of amazingness 1. Avenged Sevenfold 2. Nightmare 3. City of Evil 4. Hail To the King 5. Waking the Fallen 6. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet


I have many mixed emotions about this album and this band. It's a weird blend of styles that leaves me feeling like they have no identity. In each and every song there's too many stylistic changes. There's strong and weak moments to each song. The resulting feel can only be described as "meh." If each song were shorter with just the good bits i'd be much more inclined to rate this album higher. On the positive side, the vocals are better than average for this genre. At least this dude isn't belching or doing his best impression of vomiting and calling it singing. The percussion is also pretty consistently great. It's reminiscent of Pantera - which is definitely a high compliment. It often sounds like a motorcycle engine in it's ferosity. When they sound their best, though, they sound more like Metallica. This is more evident in their more recent efforts. Especially songs like Hail to the King and This Means War. Even at their hardest, though, they are still mostly only good for 2 star workout fare. One of their main downfalls is exactly that. They tend to go soft and almost emo in almost every song. It's so confusing to my ears and brain to hear awesome percussion and a hard song and then whiney emo moments. Why do they jam softness in the middle of such great and hard tunes? The lyrics, in particular can get very emo and wet-ragish. I hate songs that whine about the artists emotional damage. The tradition championed most by cry babies like Linkin Park. Then there's the guitar - especially the solos. I don't dislike the solos, but they don't fit in with the rest of the song. The solos are straight out of an 80's hair band - kind of like Steel Panther. Which is a totally ok thing to be, but they need to pick one or the other. Metallica or Steel Panther. The mix of soft and hard sounds - the Steel Panther, plus emo, plus Pantera thing leaves them sounding more like Creed. And that is NOT an ok thing to sound like. In the end i'd give them a 5 out of 10 for vocals, 3 out of 10 for lyrics, and 7 out of 10 for instrumentals. The stats are extremely weak for this album. All were throwaways except for Scream and Almost Easy. But even they were only 2 star keepers. The lowest points were Critical Acclaim with it's terrible talky parts and Piece of Heaven. It sounded like Tool and was by far the worst song I've heard by this band.


Bit flat in some parts, but it picks up with the more thrashin' tone!


Best song in my opinion it screams out that it stands for something strong. Just something special about this song.


This in my opinion, is the very best A7X had to offer, each track is great from the extreme opener Critical Acclaim to the country inspired Dear God, this is the best thing the late Jimmy Sullivan had to offer us from his writing. We salute you Rev.


I've heard a bit of their stuff before city of evil and honestly don't like it, here are my opinions about this album Critical acclaim 9/10- Genius lyrics and good instrumental, not their best guitar solo effort though but still great. Almost easy 8•5/10- not much thought put into the lyrics and not a good solo for how fast the rest of the song was, Great drumming. Scream 8/10- great guitar playing but the song isn't as fast as I'd like it to be. Afterlife 9/10- great guitar solo and drums but I don't like how the song slows down a lot. Gunslinger 7/10- don't like it personally but it did escalate good and creative lyrics. Unbound 7/10- don't really like this one either but it is good considering it's avenged sevenfold. Bromptom cocktail 8•5/10- it picked up in pace really good and has great instrumental. Lost 9•5/10- great guitar and drums and shadows has a great voice that really showed in the song. A little piece of heaven 7/10 everyone else loves it but I honestly only like the first like 30 seconds of it because the rev with the dual bass drum solo but there's pretty much no guitar in the rest of the song but great and well thought out lyrics. Dear god 7/10- never really liked this one either


A7X is the best! This album is a really clean good sounding one of theirs


A7X is the best! This album is a really clean good sounding one of theirs


I will go ahead and say that Critical Acclaim is on of the best songs A7X has ever made some of the music is a little slow and light for my taste but some is just amazing A little piece of heaven could do without the slow parts in it but other than that it's a rockin song foREVer...


All around great album.


I absolutely love this album afterlife is probably my favorite song on this whole entire album all the songs are all really good A7X

Mr. Red panda

If youre a fan of waking the fallen then dont get this but if you like avenged sevenfolds actual music then youll like this: the songs are so good! Especially almost easy and gunslinger, brompton cocktail, afterlife it has the best songs i love lost but not a big fan of unbound critical acclaim is amazing and dont even get me started on a little peice of heaven dear god is also good if you like seize the day you would like dear god overall my favorite album from my favorite band #FoREVer and haters just leave


Definitely my favorite album from A7F


This is by far one of A7x's best albums, besides City of Evil and Nightmare, and other awesome ones like Waking the Fallen. This album has some of my favorites!!! A Little Piece of Heaven- F---ing epic dude. ALMOST EASY, SCREAM, CRITICAL ACCLAIM? ONLY THE BEST BATCH OF AVENGED SEVENFOLD RIGHT HERE IN THIS SELF-ENTITLED ALBUM OF COMPLETE AMAZEMENT. I can only wish they will top this in the future. Go A7x! 👍👏😃


Amazing, possibly A7X's best album. When you think of Avenged you think Afterlife, Critical Acclaim, Scream, Almost Easy, A Little Piece of Heaven, Dear God, Gunslinger, yes you'll also think Nightmare, Bat Country, Unholy Confessions, To End the Rapture, or Hail to the King, you probably don't think of Thick and Thin, And All Things Will End, MIA, Tonight the World Dies, or Coming Home. No it's not as heavy as Waking the Fallen but that's what Avenged does, it's not because they have supposedly become mainstream, M. Shadows even said that they would never do the same thing over, that's why it's more rock/alt metal than metalcore. They haven't abandoned their old sound completely, they still play stuff like Unholy Confessions, Second Heartbeat, and Eternal Rest live, and look at God Hates Us on Nightmare. All in all this album is must for any A7X fan.




Man! Avenged Sevenfold😘


The beast


this is my favorite avenged sevenfold album absolutely love every song on this album.

Christian Metalhead\m/

Defiantly top two albums for them. Great band.


Best album of theirs

Urmom :3

This album truly is one of the best albums in the world containing some of the best songs ever made in rock/metal. These catchy riffs will be stuck in your head for dayd

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I will be quite bloody blunt here... I am not normally a big fan of heavy metal screaming music... But after I saw a Naruto wallpaper featuring Critical Acclaim showcasing Deidara, I really liked the one song... But I am not big on metal but I do listen to KISS. But that's technically it...


I love a7x, always changing their sound but keeping it metal


This Album is one of my favorites. I find it incredible a band that just started off when the members were just teenagers has grown into one of the most popular death metal/Rock bands. Afterlife, and Almost Easy are awesome. Afterlife I would put in the top ten greatest songs ever list!


One of the best albums ever!!


One of the best albums ever!!


love it

Chris Speck

Simply put, this is Avenged Sevenfold's "black album." This entire record was a different direction the band decided to take, but that's what seperates them from the rest. They are not afraid to try new things. For some bands, trying new things doesn't work out, but for A7X, it's what makes them one of the greatest metal acts of all time. That doesn't just get thrown around alot lately. From the heavy quitar riffs of Critical Acclaim, to the ballad Dear God, this album is an absolute creative masterpiece. One of the bands best, if not THE BEST.