Barry Gibb - Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers' Songbook, Vol. 1

Capitol Records; ℗ 2021 Barry Gibb Entertainments, Inc., under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Big Fan in Texas

Hauntingly beautiful collaboration with the angelic voice of Alison Krauss.Thank you Barry for giving us this wonderful labor of love.Long live Barry,Maurice,Robin,and Andy.The Brothers Gibb.❤️❤️❤️❤️


How did you do this without bawling. Awesome


I prepurchased this. Why do songs show as purchased but not available in my region? I can only play 4 of the 12 songs.


Love this, what a wonderful tribute to his brothers! Loved it then, love it now!! Thank you Barry!!


Hats off to Barry. I have been listening to the Gibb brothers sense I was a kid, and fell in love right off the bat. It was great to know that Barry has not lost that wonderful voice of his, and decided to work his magic again. What a great album, thumbs up to the producers, the artists that sang along with Barry, and Barry himself. Thank you for the music.


Loved The Bee Gees before but Barry has knocked this album outta the park!!


Usually really-do’s are awful, but Barry Gibb is just super fluid and flexible without losing his core voice. This channels 70’s and a true country vibe in a masterful mix that feels fresh but true. And how is Rest Your Love On Me five million times better than it ever was?!? For me, the female vocals largely have a “Duffy” style flavor, which I find an excellent fit. Honestly, I so rarely find new releases I like. On this, I’m still struggling to see if there is a clear fav, and this is one of those “once maybe every five years i hear something that grabs my attention and makes me instantly drop what I’m doing to investigate “. Just shows the complexity of the Gibbs. I also love how their music largely gives so much room for an arrangement or a voice to be truly individual and expressive, written in such a way as to never box in the vocals. And he could be hanging out, retired....... but he’s in it. SO glad! Reeeaalllyy enjoying this, thanks!


I just don’t understand why Barry shortened his duet w/ONJ by 55 secs fr her original w/Andy. On my initial listen to the song I knew something was off. Then realized it was shorter but didn’t know what was left out. Then I compared the 2 versions and realized it was ONJ’s verse @2:42 on the original that starts How Long Must I Wait... that’s where you really feel her pain and emotion. By leaving it off it almost ruins the song and leaves me unsatisfied and makes me go back to the original. Faves are Words w/Dolly, begrudgingly Rest Your Love On Me w/ONJ, Gotta Get a Message to You w/KU. 2 surprises are To Love Somebody and Words Of A Fool. I didn’t know who Jay Buchanan or Jason Isbell we’re but found their voices added so much emotion and richness to the songs.


I grew up with these guys and it’s great to hear it again in a new way. Love the whole album but my favorites include Keith Urban, Alison Krauss, and my very favorite is Lonely Days with Little Big Town. This is a lot of fun at a time when fun is hard to find! Great job and thanks!


Takes me back 40+ years and even pulls from rhythms of 1960s country. Hearing Olivia and Barry ... it’s like I’m 14 again.

Lady Hooligan

I can't seem to stop listening to this beautiful & soothing album of new duets of classic songs, especially since 2021 has started out just as stressful as 2020. It's very hard to pick a favorite track, but the duet with Alison Krauss is especially lovely. Anyway, thank you, Sir Barry! Can't wait for Volume 2...perhaps with YOLA and John Paul White as new collaborators!


HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED ! Looking forward to many more volumes.


I’m normally not a fan of artists re-recording their hits or duet albums in general, but this album works very well. First, the arrangements are not trying to re-create the original recordings, so it sounds fresh and like new music. Second, Barry gives each artist room to shine and the blend is seamless. Excellent album!


Barry Gibb and all of his brothers dominated the charts for most of the 70’s and 80’s, with their soft rock, pop, and disco hits.🌈 They were and are one of the groups and solo artists that will live on for generations. 👍Barry wrote and sang with Barbra Streisand on one of her best albums Guilty. He also wrote for Dionne Warwick, Celine Dion and numerous artists to reinvigorate some of their careers. 🎼This should be a solo album and new songs for Barry. Let The Bee Gees be and leave the songs to the originals.🎤RIP Maurice, Robin and Andy 🙏


I can’t stop! Barry still “has it” and the production is FANTASTIC! Thank you Barry GIBB!


Beautiful album of familiar songs done with talented artists. What a great idea!

Govan Glasgow

Just love this album and Barry Gibb what phenomenal voices Keith Urban and Alison Krauss have never really knew how great they were .. can’t wait for the next album


Thank you Barry.Brings back so many good memories.Your brothers would be proud of you.Can't wait for Songbook Vol two.Thank you again.


Takes me back to a better time! Absolutely love it


Awesome album. Todays artist putting there twists and feelings into great old Bee Gee tunes


This album is just perfect. I listen to it all the time. Just beautifully done. All the country stars doing this with Sir Barry I was already fans of and now I’m just blown away. 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻❤️❤️


So nice to hear these beautiful songs again with a contemporary mix. Love Tommy Emmanuel! And, I love Butterfly.


Normally not a fan of remakes but this is excellent.


Nice updated versions with talented friends.

Buster 17

Kudos once again to Barry Gibb for picking Keith Urban for this iconic song. I wasn’t a fan before but Keith you just gained one.

Rochelle Backer

The Gibbs are exactly what everyone needs to be listening too. Barry is just an amazing individual and so extremely talented. His voice makes me melt! His music is just amazing! Love to Barry for making this album. It’s exactly what I need right now! ❤️❤️❤️


WOW! I have always been a Bee Gees fan - even BEFORE disco. Love Massachusetts & New York Mining Disaster! This new spin on their music is so refreshing. My favorite is Gotta Get a Message to You, but all the songs are all amazing. Thank you Sir Barry for introducing the Bee Gees music to a whole new audience. No doubt your brothers are very proud & celebrating this album with you.


The material is obviously solid, and you either “get” Barry Gibb or you don’t. You either appreciate his unique sound or you don’t. As for the collaborations, you can never go wrong with Dolly Parton or Alison Krauss, and I think those are the standouts. I also like that Gillian Welch and David Rawlings brought their style to the table. I like Little Big Town and think they’re incredibly talented, but I think their two appearances is a bit much. I’m not a fan of Sheryl Crow and don’t understand why she’s on so many tribute-type albums. I get that she likes a lot of different artists and styles of music, but I don’t think she’s that versatile as an artist herself. At the end of the day, this album is about the songs, and the collaborators are lovingly trying to fill the void left by the other brothers, which is a sweet tribute to The Bee Gees’ legacy.


Wonderful as always


There’s nothing better than a record that makes you want smile the whole way through. THIS is one of those records. I get chills on every listen. Please, Barry. Give us a vol. 2... and 3... and so on and so forth!

Street of Dreams

What a wonderful collection of songs by the Gibb Brothers and these guest performers who put their own style to every song. I love it! Been a fan since the very beginning. Barry, your brothers would be so proud of this masterpiece. God Bless you always❤️


Awesome compilation!

Jean 1991

Been a huge Bee Gees fan since I was a kid. My daughter, 23, is also a huge fan.


A truly great and beautiful sounding album however, “Jive Talkin’” is by far the weakest song on this exceptional collection. Looking forward to Vol. 2 👍🏼 Thank you Barry 🙏🏼

Onaclearday Alfons

A truly great respite after a tumultuous week in our dear country—music is an elixir


Too much heaven is wonderful!


This is not. If I want to hear these songs at their best I’ll just listen to the originals.


This album is worth it! I am so glad Barry Gibb decided to re-record the songs with talented artists. Since this is Vol 1, I hope Vol 2 will follow. I was hoping I Started A Joke and Massachusetts would be in this album. But no worries since I have The Bee Gee’s Number 1 album.

Autumn King

Like biscuits and gravy. Great harmonies. Dave Cobb is a great mastermind .

Evalina H

Wow. Incredible performances of some of the Bee Gees greatest songwriting.


Love ever selection! Thanks Barry & Friends! Looking forward to Volume 2 Soon!!!

La Tua Cantata

I love the new collaborations. Thank you Sir Barry for keeping the music alive. The Brothers Gibb forever!!


Thank you Barry. There is never Too Much Heaven.

My Lord Jay

His best !


Barry Gibb is absolutely amazing!!!!


As Bee Gees songs with Robin, Barry, and Maurice singing (as the originals) my rating would be 5 - higher if there were higher numbers! But as it is, my view is, well, great songs but what's the point? It's not like Barry or any of the artists on this recording need the money! So...I suggest that if you don't have them, purchase the original Bee Gees versions. These suffer badly in comparison. ;)

Golden Blue

When I heard about this coming out and after watching The Bee Gees documentary I was sold! Than hearing Olivia Newton John sing with Barry incredible & Dolly & Barry just beautiful. Listened to the rest of the album ahhhhh it’s new classic album. Enjoy everyone


This is a wild album such a variety of wonderful songs & voices 👍🥂👏🏻