Barry Manilow - Ultimate Manilow

℗ 2002 Arista Records, Inc.

Ultimate Manilow Tracklist:


Family Guy brought me here lol!!!! Oh Quagmire!!!


I remember when this album was released. It reminded us again how powerfully beautiful a Barry Manilow song is. There was even a tv special that celebrated this album. Yes, Barry Manilow's music is truly the "ultimate"!

Bobby Bee

He truly wrote the songs (a la' White, Richie & Robinson - if you gotta have one - THIS IS IT!


His voice is very powerful. Makes me tear up.


I love every song. I love the memories I have of each song. Barry Manilow is so very talented. He's just great. So glad I just purchased this.


Every song is a winner! These songs bring so much of the past back. Barry is solid, a true artist. A must for your collection!


Did not download rip off


I LOVE Barry and I have ever since I first heard "I Write The Songs". I just wish I could find his "bermuda Triangle".

Billy glau

I love this album. I am a 16 year old male who listens to this album and immediately feels Barry Manilow in my soul.


I have purchased the whole album; however the song “Somewhere Down the Road” refuses to complete its download. i am really frustrated with this. Please fix and help me get the song I have purchased downloaded to my computer! Thanks bunches!

Deanna Hebert

Best memories come from the best songs.

Evie9 W.

I am amazed at how good these songs are! I LOVE THESE SONGS!!!


it's not ultimate without these 2 songs.


These songs describe our life together from dating, breakup, dating,breakup, engagement, marriage, 30year anniversary! LOL


There is nothing better then Barry Manilow!!!!!!


This is my most favorite album EVER!!


Can't get enough of him......just love love love!!!!!!!!


If "Mandy" and "Sweet Caroline" got into a chick fight?!?


I started to buy I Made It Through the Rain, and then stopped.... After looking at the album, I decided I wanted them all! Have always loved his smooth sound.


Had to buy Bandstand Boogie after the passing of Dick Clark, the LEGEND of our baby boomer generation. And then had to buy several other tunes by Manilow…I had all his albums when I was growing up and now am repurchasing my favorite tunes by him. Copa Cabana, I made it through the Rain…so many GREAT songs by this great artist. Brings back many memories of friends, places…I am re-enjoying his music all over again.

Jorge Perez Jr.

One of my favourite songs ever. Heard it on Hellboy 2 and i couldn't get enough of it.

Josh Geary

Barry Manilow I can't Smile without You


Once in a while a great songwriter/singer comes along and just tug your heartstrings. Barry is one of them. Thanks for the songs my good man!


I listen to Eminem and Biggie Smalls...and I love this album. Barry is the voice inside my head.


I love this album!! One of my favorites songs is "Cant Smile Without You". I love that song!!

Doremifa Solatido

"Can't Smile Without You" is a song that will get stuck in your head very easily. I know this because it got stuck in my head after hearing it while watching Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Don't ask me why, but it's good.

Capt Kenn

Best of Barry M! All good songs and quality! Memories!


Barry Manilow has been one of my favorites since the 70's I even got to go to his concert and it was awesome. His songs always makes me want to sing with him and just feels good to listen. Brings back fond memories of when I was a kid. Thanks Barry for sharing your talent.


When October Goes...melts my heart!


This is the ULTIMATE collection of Sappy songs. Coming home from DP with SGOAT1, Ms. Fe and our new fruity creatures. A memory I we cherish and smile about forever. "Could It Be Magic"? Its gotta be... :)~


I downloaded the song because it made me think of the movie "Foul Play", this is the only Barry Manilow song I ever liked.

whos the wild thing now!

im not the type of guy to listen to some old 80's jingle writer, but barry manilow is just amazing. theres nothing i dont like about him. just perfect. he's a boss. i especially love cant smile without you mainly because of hellboy 2.

a song 4u

This single cd was released before Arista was blended into Sony and it preceeds "The Essential Barry Manilow" two disc set. The 20 sides on this set are perfectly sequenced and well mastered. Compared to the remasters recently released this single set holds up a bit better soundwise. This cd is perfect for the fan looking for just the hits, "When October Goes" from Barry's jazz lp "2 A.M. Paradise Cafe" isn't live like the song listing suggests, the song was recorded "live" in the studio however, making the listing half right. The import version features the duet "Blue" recorded with Sarah Vaughn also from "2 A.M. Paradise Cafe" and features Barry's foray into techno-pop "You're Lookin' Hot Tonight" from his original "Greatest Hits Volume 2" lp released in 1984. Again for the absolute essential, it's here.


I'm fifteen, and I love Barry Manilow. He has an incredible voice, and the songs are just great. Beautiful stuff.


My mom taught me copacabana and I am hooked!!!

silver platters

Just saw him in concert at the Las Vegas Hilton, and before he went on, they flashed the names of all his hits across the screen. I had forgotten half othem - Could It Be Magic, Tryin to Get the Feeling Again, Daybreak. Amazing how many hits he had. He put on a great show, and sounded good even though he had taken some songs down a notch. But he did sing Weekend in New England in the original key. ha ha Still a great entertainer and his songs do stand the test of time, some are so beautifully orchestrated. Great piano as well.


i love this song!!!

sky goddess

This music takes me right back to my childhood. I remember buying his records in the days when you listened to them over and over pouring over every inch of the album cover. I hadn't listened to Manilow in a glad I found him again. Could It Be Magic..gave me goose bumps all over again.


I'm a teenager, and I love Barry Manilow. His songs are so heartwarming. also, the duet he did with Stephen Colbert in 2006 of "I Write the Songs" was amazing...;)


WOW!!!! This is his best ever if u love manilow you will love this.


I have to admit I'm a bit of a closet Fanilow! This is a great collection and the sound quality is really excellent compared with some of this other greatest hits collections (these sound like remastered versions). Too bad When Will I See You Again is not included, since that's one of my favorites. Still great!


This album is a must have for all young'ns born in the early 70's. It brings back wonderful childhood memories of my parents being young and my sister and I not having a single care in the world. I remember my mom buying the Even Now LP when I started kindergarten and she played it every morning while getting us ready for school. She wore that sucker out. She has since replaced it on CD.....and wore that out too. I think she has gone through 2 copies of it! Anyway, I developed my own tastes for the harder newer stuff, but Barry Manilow is legendary. Love him!

lil tucker

how is this the best of barry manilow??????? he seriously has no best songs


I love Barry Manilow! I heard of him in the movie Foul Play, and he is amazing! He is very articulate and his songs are so well sung!


Saw him in concert in Las Vegas last year, it was very good! Wish I would have seen him in his prime but it was still pretty amazing! You still got it Barry!!


look my mom lisins to this and this makes my ears explode. have you noticed its all about losing love. its a stupid piece of dodo moldy piece of poop. there i said it barry stinks sue me

Marlboro Guy

Manilow is the best!! Every song on this album is a winner.


i saw barry in concert and he was terrific seriously u have to buy this cd he catches all your emotions and puts them in music he is awesome i love barry manilow!!


Simply perfect! A must have for the 40+ plus generation.



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