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she is sooooo good. i love her

tessa the cool

I absolutely love this album!Because whenever I was having a bad day I would listen to Billie’s music and forget everything the music is so fun and her voice is so angelic!😍😍❤️ and one thing to the haters, if you don’t like it than don’t listen, don’t leave mean and hurtful comments. If you have something mean to say than don’t say it. Think it in your mind😤😡😡🤬


why just why. nothing new. same boring sad stuff. didn’t expect much from her

Metal sonic🚨 r

Is she a serial killer or what? cause she is creepy but she has pretty good singing but still she is in my nightmares




5 stars


ugh i can’t describbeeeee how much i love this album. the lyrics, vocals, music EVERYTHING about it is amazing🥺

Max Gangsta

If you don’t care about actual singing then by all means listen to Space Queef and her album.


I just don’t like all the good girls go to Hell. It has a good sound and beat I’m just not fond of the lyrics.

puppy lover 919

But my children are now swearing at me!!! From this song!!

a nom inous gamer tag

But make it useful.

occassional scanner

The best music ever. Period.


Unique and cool doesn’t sound like every other singer on the radio even the guys like her music. I’m also happy she’s not a pop diva girl.

black lives matter 👧🏿👦🏿

I have just always loved Billie eilish and all my friends have to and I don’t see what there is to hate about her. I have to say this is probably my favorite album by Billie. Thx 4 reading😉😝


She has an okay voice but she’s definitely overrated


I am SO annoyed at you haters Billie is a talented amazing and beautiful person I love her songs and other people do to so keep your nasty run down comments to yourself because of you Billie is wanting to quit music or already has so you nasty jerky people should just keep to yourself!!!! You are beautiful talented awesome kind and wonderful Billie ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍


One star because I like bad guy, otherwise none

hrshs mgakejsbuajdjfjbd

Like it pretty good album 👍

sniper unicorn

No words just 5 stars

go watch stranger things NOW



I like Billie songs but I am not aloud toListen to the ones that I really like because she may put some bad stuff in it don’t get me wrong some people do lokr that but my family is very cleeeeean if you know what I mean by that do you very protective about stuff I love the beats in the sound of all the good girls go to hell so I hope some time she could right some cleaner songs with the same cool beat. But her voice is amazing it’s beautiful! 😃

nunya beeswax who i am

Billies music is super good and I love it. Her voice is amazing and her songs are different in a good way.


How is this woman so famous


her voice is beautiful in every song and i love every single one.


it’s depressing to hear how broken billie eilish has become. and somehow people say her music has helped them through hard times. i don’t know how that would help, but if it helps, good for you. i don’t want to offend anyone saying these thing but i think she’s kind of overrated. i’m just sharing how i feel

xXwolfie pupXx

Please be nice, Other people like this album so ur kinda hurting their feeling too I think. So stop please.yea if u say the hype thing or anything BUT... can u try to say it more nicely please, Thanks if you understand. I LOVE UR MUSIC. (≧▽≦) Still it creeps me out a little but still very good Bury a friend...creepy :( be less scary PLES also some other songs T-T

butt butt2000

Good but I hate the rest of her songs so different people should listen to something less depressed very impressive that she is so young tho has a lot of talent but it would bring in more fans if she was more like Ariana grade or Selena or Selena Gomez they are my favorite

nasty toilet

this album is SO LITTTTTT. ive been a stan of billie since 2018 and she is just killing it!!!

pretty boiii

haters you guys go get R.I.Ped or else I will come and do it for u ;0


If you are reading this... 𝓨𝓸𝓾 𝓪𝓻𝓮 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓫𝓮𝓼𝓽 :)


Be ripe avocados 🥑 and quit being haters to this freaking awesome child!🥑🥑


She can’t even sing.. she just whispers

cruzhtx 🤠

Listen I love Billie and her style and her lyrics. Her dark tone and poetic vibes are awesome, but I just think she really shouldn’t whisper in every song. Her poetic lyrics are amazing, but the way she sings the songs makes it seem every song is the same. I would love her to speak up a bit.


I like it queen of dark music


Duh you are ❤️ so good song


She the best artist and what is insane is that she the youngest artist thanks Billie for always being you and to the people who say her music is fake or lame take your old ass dumbass out of here muahh💋 Billie rocks


Ok this album is just creepy don’t listen to this at night






She is very talented in her writing, and her vocals (when the focus) are very good, and those 14 year olds are right about 1 thing. Billie Eillish is great!


I literally was crying when I listened to “Listen Before I Go”. Man. I understand why she was in Kids Choice Awards.


Thank you Billie Eilish for making this songs! I love them! I really want to meet you but first I need to stop people from saying mean things to you. If you have bad things to say don’t say it, especially in front of a singer!


I love this album so much! My favorite song is Xanny because you can really feel the emotion :) I love Billie a lot, and I’m happy she is getting recognition. Her music isn’t the “typical sound” but that’s what makes it so good and fun to listen too.


annoying but okay


I am listening to -My BOY- and I like the part when she says -alright dude go trip over a knife- was funny and for first of all Billie represents me because this is exactly like my ex boyfriend but now I got a nice boyfriend anyways I agree stop comparing Melanie Martinez and Arianna Grande to Billie!!! They are all straight up FIRE 🔥🔥. PS. Watch this on YouTube it is awesome especially gacha life

just some guy on iTunes

Avoid for your life Sirens call ........ those who follow her will smash themselves to pieces on the rocks


Ur a copycat 😍


I like the creppy, vocals she uses and the heavy use of bass. Its really good music

Trust and Us


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