Bishop Briggs - CHAMPION

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This album is literally so good. Artists have to go through change sometimes, which is why she doesn’t sound exactly how she used to. However, this album and her “old songs” are extremely good


For all those who don’t like this album because it’s “different” from what you’re used to... tell me you wouldn’t be saying “all her music sounds the same” if she didn’t change it up! Love and support the artist, or don’t... just don’t talk out of both sides of that perfect mouth of yours.


Love how the whole reference is from the book. One of my favorites song and book listen to it on repeat a lot. It's probably my favorite song of all in the album.

poop doctor!

Church of scars was better but I love this too


This music is different because she’s different. I appreciate that she shared so much of her private life and feelings. It’s brutal, loud music. Like her breakup :/


BB is an absolute treasure, the most creepy little adorable thing I’ve ever seen and she’s hands down phenomenal live. Every song is an anthem that speaks to your soul.


stream k-12


Compared to her previous material, this album sounds juvenile. Bishop, please slow down and don’t go so main stream. I’d rather wait a year than to listen to this ish.


I'm proud to see Bishop Briggs released another album, however, none of these songs remind me of the sound that I fell in love with, when I first started listening to her. We need songs like Dark Side, Wild Horses, River, The Fire, Dead Man's Arms, and Pray (Empty Gun). Those were orginial and unique. As a listener, I could hear the amount of work and effort put into those songs. Their compositions, along side her powerful chest voice and gentle head voice, I thought was paving the way of a new genre and encompassing her own sound. It's a shame to see that potential possibly go to waste as these songs on CHAMPION sound like basic alternative songs of not even quality to deserve radio play. I personally think CHAMPION is the best track on the album however, without a doubt, uses a recycled melody. (shoutout to morgxn & WALK THE MOON's "home"). I'm expecting better work in the future.


Love you



The Det

Bishop can make you feel what she is feeling. It's a rare talent. Her music spans so many different genres and sings with heart and soul. "Tattoo on my heart" and "Champion" are the obvious hits but there are some hidden gems on this album like "My Shine", it's fun and catchy (but still has that Bishop attitude)


That album cover is not cute


This is utter trash compared to her previous works. She’s obviously trying to sound more mainstream and poppy. I don’t like it. And she stole the chorus part of Champion from the song “home” by morgxn feat. WALK THE MOON. Go listen to it and tell me it’s not the same.


Amazing! Just Amazing!!! She’s such a creative artist!


Nothing special here.......sleep walked through the process of creating any lasting art

AJ Castle

the CHAMPION is an album that reminds me before we can truly Love other people we have to find the Love inside of our selves. We can't share what we don't own. From begining to end an epic album of the power of Love despite the hurt it went through the heart coming out stronger than ever, and shining into the new day. only other thing I want to add is if you love the songs on the album and haven't seen them performed live, if you get the chance, go, you will love them to a new level.


Bishop Briggs reigns victorious on CHAMPION, her heartbreak-inspired new album. CHAMPION is Bishop Briggs' best album yet and further shows that the trailblazing alt-pop singer/songwriter will never give up the fight.


hands down one of the best artist n album


Truly speaks to my soul, the love, joy, sadness, uplifting writing, truly awakens everything inside of me. I can be feeling in the darkest pit of my depression and one of her songs with play and it's like the air fills the room, she truly is one of the greatest musicians of this generation.


Bishop Briggs is a powerhouse! Her music stirs things deep in your soul. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


I feel like Jekyll and Hide is reminiscent of Billie Eilish!! Then some of her other low tones remind me of other artists! Talented in her own right!!


❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥 the queen is back and I’m in love best album ever!!!!

Firebreathing Stormer

The songs released so far are excellent - powerful and meaningful! Bishop Briggs is crazy talented and I'm excited to hear the rest of the album!

YASS omg so good

I’ve always been a fan of this incredible artist. She never stops impressing me and I’m so ready to hear this new album. Way to go, girl.

Music Album of Bishop Briggs:

CHAMPION (feat. Tom Morello) - Single
CHAMPION feat. Tom Morello - Single (2019)