Black Pumas - Black Pumas

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When I heard their Music for the first time I automatically loved it! Very Talented Musicians... Reminds me of the 70's R and B groove which I love anyways. Can't wait to hear more....Great music keep it up guys....


If not for an NPR feature on these guys this morning, I would have missed this very soulful, “Motownesk” brilliance.

Rahul from Brooklyn

Came across this band randomly and fell in love with this album. Have had it on repeat and i keep finding new things I love about each track.


There aren't enough stars to rate this album. Cool, groovy, and magnificent.


Curtis Mayfield..Iassic Hayes..It's new but old, but very fresh. This would have been a great Stax record. 2020 called and it still sounds great.


Heard their song on Grace & Frankie, Season 6, Episode 2. The entire album is so good and way easy on the ears.


Best New Band in the universe!


Best album of year!


My new favorite! Give it a listen. It’s worth it. Great band with a great sound. Love, love, love it!


I would never have heard of them if they didn't show up one day in my YouTube feed. Perhaps it's because I am too old, but that's the thing: Black Pumas remind me of my youth. Mix a little Pink Floyd in with Stevie Wonder, add a dash of Progressive, Psychedelia and heavy, heavy. Not to say they're nostalgic—nuh uh—not at all. They have that young growling hunger that tattoos their sound to your pulse. I have a feelings these guys are headed to greatness. Wait a minute—why are you still reading? Stop right now and buy this album!


Saw this group live last week and they’re just as good live as they sound coming from your speakers. Soulful groove, great instrumentals, lead vocals that kinda remind u of an Al Green/Marvin Gaye mix but modern enough sound to be relevant now. I’m so glad I found this group!


I was in the record store buying some cd’s because compact disc is the best way to listen to music. These guys were on playing over the store. I stopped Immediately and bought their debut album on iTunes and on cd. Best purchase of the year!

Josh. Just Josh.

Man, if you haven’t checked this out, make that correction now, you will not be disappointed!


Super retro, and there's nothing wrong with that. Very listenable. I do however wish there was just a little nod to a contemporary sound.


If you are in need of a sound from the 70’s, this is worth a listen. I highly recommend. I have only heard the first 3 cuts, but I’m looking forward to the final release!

Music Heals...

Excellent stuff.....