Black Sabbath - Paranoid

℗ 1970 Warner Records Inc. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment, a Warner Music Group Company.

Paranoid Tracklist:


One of the greatest albums in our vast musical history. If any proof is further needed just listen to the cosmic transmissions of Planet Caravan.


This is by far the best song ever written by Black Sabbath in my opinion

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You could argue that their debut is their best album, but when Black Sabbath released this album, they were full force on making something hard and heavy, ( “Paranoid”, “Iron Man” ) but also let the album have it’s softer moments. ( “Planet Caravan” ). This is, in my opinion, my favorite Sabbth album. Nice work.


Originally bought album when I was 14 in 1970, didn’t have a clue what it meant just knew I liked it, my mother wouldn’t let me play it in the house, guess she could see what was coming!


No one can deny that this is a masterpiece In the slightest. The instrumentals are amazing, the lyrics are revolutionary and Ozzy is the front man any heavy metal band would want. 10/10

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Album was way ahead of its time I was 12 years old in 1970 and it paved my way to like this type of music best album of all time


A classic. War Pigs is my favorite song by Black Sabbath. Ozzy’s voice is much better here than it was on the first album. Great picture of the band on the inside. Every Black Sabbath fan should own this.


This is the first hard rock/metal album that I ever listened to. Do not only is it a classic, it is THE classic album. It has all of the best Sabbath songs and none other than Ozzy on vocals. This album is essential. ROCK ON!!!! THIS IS REAL MUSIC!!!!!!

black sabbath fan all da way

I love black Sabbath and so should everyone else


This is by far my favorite album and the best album released by the Fathers of Heavy Metal!


There isn’t a bad song on this album. If you like metal or even just rock music, buy it.

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hmmm well i just cant imagine what it would be like if we had not had this work. lawrence welk on every station... shutter and cringe

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Black Sabbath-Paranoid-YES!!!!


All metal heads are bound by decree to respect the sabbath! All hail🤘💀

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The number one greatest Hard Rock and Heavy Metal album ever made.


This album singlehandedly blew everything else away in terms of heaviness, and it was even considered "satanic". However, this album addressed some pretty grim real life issues, such as corrupt politicians and the Vietnam War. The tracks are well crafted and give off excellent vibes.

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Fairies wear boots. This is a great album, and my first metal album.


I was only 9 when this came out, didn’t discover it until the late ‘70s when in high school. This beast was one of my favorites when I discovered it, along with Rush’s 2112, Led’s first few albums, and Boston’s first masterpiece. Gawd, these guys were tuned in on this work. 40 years after discovering it, I’m still listening to it and getting into their work. I did get this from Google Play for free, but Apple’s iTS mix sounds much better (I just heard it on my GF’s Mac) - free isn’t necessarily better...


The best tracks are hand of doom and rat salad.


Something I never get tired of. I would be depressed without it. If your kid asks you to buy "Purpose" by Justin bieber, give them this instead.


What can you say about this album . Masterpiece . That's all .


Doom metal at its finest. It takes true talent for a band to incorporate punk metal with themes touch on in Iron man, Electric Funeral, War Pigs, ect. This is a classic.

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Every song is memorable. That is all


This (along with pretty much all of sabbaths other stuff) is absolutely amazing. The guitar work alone is worth the buy. Lyrics are great vocals are great guitar is great drums are great. While it is nice to have this digitally on my phone, I also recommend getting this on vinyl! Original pressing if possible. Sounds sooooo good!


I grew up listening to Black Sabbath "Paranoid" My vinyl got broken. Barry was my friend who listened to Balck Sabbath with me passed just after High School in the 80's I still think of the times in the audio room in high school with head phones on and 420 cranking "Paranoid" . I will always remember you Barry.


There's a reason a band like Black Sabbath is so revered and important in metal. Sabbath is one of those bands that managed to make excellent albums with multiple singers throughout their career (Iron Maiden, ACDC, genesis, and van halen come to mind) and while Ozzy's era is the best, it's tough to say for most people which album during the original era is best. For my money, Paranoid is the definitive Ozzy-era album, as many of their best known songs come from this album. From the epic opener War Pigs, the short but iconic Paranoid and the magnum opus Iron Man to lesser known tracks like Electric Wizard, Hand of Doom and Rat Salad, this record is full of killers. This is also the best Black Sabbath record for anyone who's new to the band.


Paranoid has more complex themes about war and insanity. It has a slightly more modern sound than the debut, and is faster. Standouts are war pigs, the title track, iron man, and hand of doom.


It's about time they release all of this good old Sabbath! A must have in your collection.

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Ya know you wonder how many times Ozzy has woken up and thought “where am I" that's part of what makes Sabbath so awesome though.




This is just the BEST ALBUM ever by Black Sabbeth.


This album defines heavy metal. All hail the Fathers of Metal, Ozzy, Tony, Geezer, and Bill.

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This belongs in any discussion about the greatest metal album of all time. True classic and set the standard for all the metal that followed.


Love me some sabbath


I hate going along with what most critics think. Most think Paranoid is Sabbath's best. Most are correct. It is the most consistent and has some of the best must Sabbath has ever put out. If you like metal you MUST have this album.

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So called metal now is just screaming, but I do like bring me the horizon and a day to remember,but this is true metal and I like to listen to Motörhead and Metallica and I'm only 12. Black sabbath is about war and revenge. Most people at my school say they're metal fans but they don't even know who black sabbath is. So I recommend this album to EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!


Album title speaks for itself.

Chill Music

Finally I was able to download Planet Caravan. What a trippy, chill song.


This is one of the greatest song.


This is a good song iron man black sabbath


I'm so happy they finally put up this album! Rock on \m/


Finally the best metal album and most influential metal album of all time is on iTunes. It's sure as heck that it's about time


Icon! Icon!!


This is by far my favorite album period. If you only get one Black Sabbath album, Paranoid must be it. Of all of them, there is not a bad one.


The best songs are War Pigs, Paranoid, Planet Caravan, Electric Funeral, and Hand Of Doom. Basically the whole album is the best song. My least favorite was either Iron Man or Rat Salad. Iron Man is still a good song, but it's overrated. Black Sabbath clearly copied Led Zeppelin's "Moby Dick" with Rad Salad. I highly recommend this album if you like breathing.