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THE ALBUM Tracklist:


Go Jisoo!!I love u blackpink!! /did I say I love u;3?/

Angy nunez

All the songs sounded repetitive and very similar to each other. There was no creativity or originality in the lyrics. ice cream was horrendously annoying but i was still hoping there would be some better songs on the album. The only one i maybe would listen to again is pretty savage. I really like the girls but maybe not as artists, i hope 2016 wasn’t their peak


the album was ok. the songs were good but wasn’t what i was excepting. no hate to the girls or anything but is this rlly what all the hype was for??? like pretty savage and lovesick girls was prob the best songs on this album. but to me they all have the outline, they all sound the same. to me some of the songs just sound alike. once again NO HATE TO THE GIRLS but this album just wasn’t it for me 😕


Love it 💗


as a blink the title track was underwhelming and the collab with cardi b was horrible to think they would collab with an artist who called dark skinned women roaches is just disappointing :(


Love the new album can’t wait for more! 😁👏🏻


That’s not it.. girls..

yaassss queen

This sounds like the album of the year 🥳🥳🥳 This album is so good it shows a different side of black pink. Love it 🖤💗


PERIODT they snapped


Love this album! Even though there are only 8 songs, they are all FANTASTIC! I love how they gave Rosé and Jisoo more parts in the songs and gave them times to shine. Best album yet!


The only good song is lovesick girls😬👎🏻


There is literally no bad song 👌🏽🍗🎧❤️


no creativity at all , waited for more than year to this ?


Very generic. Nothing new. Just another EP to be thrown away by the next comeback

queen of dopeville101

HOW YOU LIKE THAT?! Marinette: Look at you, now look at me U^U Lie-la: *runs away crying like a baby* To skyshy1(and everyone who gave five stars): you do know that How You Like That is the only good BP song right? Ice cream is just copied off of Red Velvet, all the other BP songs are all about “me me me me” and “money money money money”. Tbh this whole album is just Karen and Barbie having a baby: and music was dead smack in the middle of it all 🤣🤣🤣


Thank you for producing such wonderful music! I love that you collaborated with Selena Gomez and Cardi B: just more proof that K-pop can go beyond Korea! Legendary album, never stop. Thank you BLACKPINK, you are my idols, and inspire me everyday.🖤💕

kbpcoolawsome323 _YT

So I give this a 4 of 5 stars Its because of the song Ice cream with Selena Gomez! I don’t really like ice cream because I think the beat isn’t catchy and a bit boring and the lyrics..... so I think it’s a 4 out of 5 stars. I like the other 7 songs it’s sad it’s short! But I’m grateful for we blinks have a full album and waited for 4 years!? For a full album like! YAY! (I’m a OT4 blink)


I love black pink a lot and the4girls are beautiful and amazing and my favorite song is how you like that by :Aubrei Mcneil 👧🏾

EB 👍😃😀

The best group out there in the world! They are amazing! I love Blackpink!


This is the best album, it’s a cultural reset, the oxygen u breathe, it’s a lifestyle, an escape from this cruel world filled with thieves, it’s an art, the 1st gift u open on Xmas, a hug from a loved one, everything you’ve ever wanted!


BLACKPINK is on FIRE with this new album!!!!!!!!! i love every single song i love blackpink i love everything about blackpink and they're my favorite singers ever 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


Such an amazing album. It was a break through for the girls and they truly deserve it. This album meant so much to them through their journey as a girl group. I hope to see them continue to rise to fame all over the world !


Best album that came out this year that left me with positivity and energy to get through it day by day in this crazy stressful year.


The songs in the Album are all my love

jinjin astro bby

I love them and all but this is second grade. Their producers are fake


Don’t waste your money on this.

Theo (kazari nova)

I'm just glad they put out a album. Some of the songs were great for me (most of them) but then some of the others werent my favorites

somewhat mariah fan

Not even worth the one star...can’t believe people actually like this garbage of a bad album. Save your money for an album that’s worth getting. It seams like ALL! There Eps repeat songs even with the “live” albums one or two (standard/special edition) live albums is awesome but not when it’s the same songs just in a different city, state etc...the same set list over and over and over and over and over and over again ( see it’s gets old) all I can say is change it up. And while at it make Better music. Cause the songs really do.... well let’s say they are awful. besides thankfully I have better music taste then this garbage of so called music I wouldn’t waste my money on this group.


This album is underwhelming and the "song" with Cardi B? They did my girl dirty that collaborated song had to be the worst on the album. Hopefully their next work is up to par.


I mean they have so many songs but here’s just 8. 😭 Also they’re not that good but I guess maybe it would be better if they’d put more

roblox comany



I used to be a blink back in 2018, and I really liked the girls music back then. In 2019, I didn’t have such a good vibe with ktl, and thought it sounded too much like 4DU and later on made me lose interest. I still had interest into looking forward to the girls new songs, and I heard about The Album. I wasn’t a fan anymore but I still wanted to hear this album. So when I heard it, I didn’t like it. I felt like some of the songs here sounded the same, and they weren’t my type, something that just bashed down the whole song for me. I got a small catch to “Bet You Wanna” but that didn’t last long. I’m sorry but IMO, I think the girls can do better and I hope YG will later on try different stuff with the girls!


I love the album!! The girls work so hard and like always they give us the best🖤💗


I listened to this, and it was great but, I just don’t like some songs on here


Don’t get me wrong...I ❤️ Blackpink! And I have nothing against kpop!! But every song is just about bad relationships or whatever... like you can't compare them to other artists but I just dont like how it always “Let’s kill this love” or “lovesick girls” and the songs dont have any meaning like ice cream chillin? “ you can find me in the fridge right were the ice be”???? What’s that? Im not gonna tell you how to do your job but i think you should write about your life what your feelings not how people can find you in the fridge


Album of the Year 💗✨

Eylie The Wolf

This might be the first comment here. But wow I love all the songs. Amazing! 🖤💗🖤💗 so proud of you girls! Its literally just the ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite is Pretty Savage, Love to hate me, and Ice cream! All are amazing and sound like they took a lot of effort. I listen to Blackpink music almost every 3 hours! It makes me into a better mood. When I’m sad... BOOM, sad over! I’m your biggest fan 🖤💗🖤💗🖤

libra lionheart ✨🍂🍄

This album has so many bangers, i’ve been listening to Pretty Savage and Lovesick Girls nonstop ❤️❤️❤️

The Album Rater

Although I’m a bit disappointed there are so few tracks, this album is great.


These girls have my whole heart. So thankful for the collaboration with Selena Gomez that led me to the rest of their music 💖

Iffy cuff

love them sm


the only song i like is lovesick girls. the others are generic and i really dislike when american artists feature in kpop tracks, and they had to pick selena gomez and cardi b of all people. they just keep proving that they are overhyped and are only capable of producing the same noisy sound over and over again. i miss the old blackpink. . .


Im at lost for words to describe the amazingly and well quality tracks they have stored into this album. Each and every one of them have their unique sound, creating different vibes for which ever you listen. I am so proud of the girls! BLΛƆKPIИK IN YOUR AREA!

Rosé imh

So happy they finally got to release a full album and I love every song! They are so amazing and talented. Also, the physical albums were so cute and had so much to offer




I enjoyed the bangers

Obo's great review

We got what we asked for, stop complaining. Jisoo said Blackpink in you area, Jennie rapped, Rosé got her high note, Jisoo rapped, we have a full chorus, and Jisoo got more lines. THIS ALBUM WAS AMAZING. Like, I get it, YG promised 10 songs, but it better than nothing, be thankful. Quality over quantity, and as long as the girls are happy, then I’m happy, please stop hating and support the girls, don’t ruin the hype and positivity for the people who love the album. We waited so long for this, so be happy please.


BLACKPINK really pleasantly surprised me with this album, every song has its own color and they're all really addictive! I seriously can't choose my favorite song out of this album. I would say the only downfall is its only 8 songs. BUT, overall its a great album and I can defintely see why there's so much hype around this group. No girl group is doing it like them. Keep going BLACKPINK