Luke Combs - Can I Get an Outlaw

℗ 2016 River House Artists

Can I Get an Outlaw - Single Tracklist:


When I was listening to this song I was like :o are there more good songs like this I scrolled through and I was like :d I wasted all that time to look for good songs:(


It may not be 100% country, but this is far better than the majority these days


OHHH SIR LUKE COMBS.... Dear Brother let Momma Bair tell You A Story!! Now back in September 2018 You were KIND ENOUGH to realize Alaska Is part of the United States of America!! Contrary to census beliefs from peoples lives in the Lower 48 States!! YOU DARLIN, Truly Honored Us in bringing your show to The Alaskan State Fair. YOU JUST DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH ALASKANS APPRECIATE YOU FOR THAT SHOW❣️❣️‼️ PERSONALLY I bought tickets for My 10 Year Old Son (Bair🐻) & Myself... & weeks before the show I got your tour album downloaded on to my sons IPod. I say here that he listens to CRAP... BUT The day of The Show, He was Crazy EXCITED!! OH SO MUCH TRANSPIRED THAT DAY, HE couldn’t wait to see HIS FIRST CONCERT EVER❣️❣️‼️‼️ WE ARRIVED in parking, but BAIR ran all the way to the Venue!! After getting in, HE scrambled down to the front of the 2nd tier fence!! Where we stayed AS CLOSE AS OUR TICKETS WENT, FOR THE WHOLE SHOW!! THIS IS WHERE MY SON (A GOOD KID BUT QUIET, SHY & DOES NOT CARE FOR HIS MOMMAS COUNTRY MUSIC) WHERE MY SON STOOD DANCED, AND SANG YOUR MUSIC TO THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS 😁😳❣️❣️ SIR LUKE, HE HIT EVERY, NOTE ‼️SANG EVERY WORD AND EVERY LYRIC FROM EVERY SONG THAT YOU SANG🤷🏼‍♀️😁‼️What’s a Momma🐻 to Do... Ohhh I WAS SOOO HAPPY, EXCITED & PROUD of My Lil Bair🐻❣️I Cried so many HAPPY TEARS as I Sang every Word Myself 😁My Son was singing country music an dancing with me.... How Beautiful❣️‼️ His Favorite to this Day is “CAN I GET AN OUTLAW” and he still loves him some Luke Combs.... PLEASE STAY TRUE TO YOUR MUSIC SIR LUKE.... AS YOUR HONORING... John, Cris, Waylon, Merl, Willie, Mel, Charlie & Hank just to name a few... BECAUSE WE FEEL LIKE... ““ THAT DAY WE TRULY RECEIVED.. AN NOW FOREVER HAVE AN OL’ SCHOOL CURRENT DAY... **OUTLAW** SIR LUKE COMBS ❣️“” From the Bottom of My Heart. Thank You 🙏 for Bringing YOU... To ALASKA & Making 1 Young Boys 1st Concert PRICELESS❣️ The Momma🐻

The Best Doki Doki Song Ever!!

These songs specifically really hit me. They feel like actual country songs instead of the “country” songs we have now. Keep it up Luke!!!


Love this song! Exciting, Down to earth, and a legit experience many of us may have (will will have) during our lives. Sharing is caring! Dude is excellent singer/songwriter and I hope he keeps popping them out!! GO GET ‘EM LUKE COMBS!!!

Gavan Perry

My Number 1 Favorite Song by Luke combs


Finally! Country boy!!!!!!


I Wanna go into the woods and play this


Now it’s kinda just a sellout thing. I still love like combs but like come on. She got the best of me was so much better on this album then the new remake...