Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams

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Pure talent from all the years that they have made music! Most people say that Coldplay isn’t their favorites anymore because they changed from rock to pop. But they sound amazing either way!!! 👍👍👍 FIRE!!! 🔥

Trust and Us


brady r creasy

I’m not huge on this project I thought ghost stories was better than this even with all the electronic stuff in it I like that album more than this one imo


I will admit that this album is a bit different compared their previous albums in the sense that they add a lot more of the sounds and beats you would probably hear in a pop album rather than an alternative one. However, that’s not to say that just because they wanted to try something new (similar to their other album “Mylo Xyloto”) means that there won’t be some decent songs on it. Although I admit I enjoy more songs off of some of their older albums (especially X & Y), I did enjoy “Adventure of a Lifetime”, “Hymn for the weekend”, and “Up&Up”. It is a drastic difference from when they first started recording albums, but it’s honestly not that bad and maybe you should actually try listening to the songs instead of just reading all the bad reviews and haters.


Nothing like the Coldplay I fell in love with.


Ok so I have no idea why there are so many people who don’t like this album. I personally LOVE every single song in this album. I think that Coldplay is getting even better, not worse. I understand how people might not like that they’re changing and want “the old Coldplay” back, but this change in their sound has been coming for a while. Just look at Ghost Stories, or even Mylo Xyloto. Coldplay has been leading up to an album like this for a while, and none of us should be surprised. Rather, let’s embrace this (amazing) album! If you don’t love it, give it a chance. It has much more to offer than meets the eye.


C’mon How Can Anyone Dislike this Album


Some of my new favorite songs are on this album. I enjoy it very much! 💕



danny devito-o's

Listen This album has lead to Coldplay’s charting success while giving the artist its theme and its increase of popularity. Here’s why until the release of “adventure of a lifetime(radio edit)” Coldplay did have the majestic “ghost stories” in major success. But Coldplay, with that album, started to into a more “75% pop/25% rock” direction which is okay, but doesn’t define what they are. Which is “50% pop/50% rock”, as they were from “Mylo Xyloto” and “Viva la Vida”


When Coldplay said “this would be their last album” I imagined it would be the best they have made... and oh boy, it was fantastic! This is da music!


I've bought the physical album years ago, days ago I bought this digital. This album is insane, if you wanna try some some indie music, this definitely is gonna be your best choice


This album is one of the best albums, Coldplay has made 7 albums and there all good I can’t list them but I can tell you one thing, this album will help you see life in a good view and this album will put a good vibe to your life #coldplay4life

4S fan

A solid continuation of all that is and has been this band.

Ryan Anne Honey

His ex gwen was suppose to be on this song...where is she?!!


It’s a work of art, Coldplay really did it with this one.


To be completely honest, this is their best album. I didn't know a whole lot about Coldplay until "Sky Full of Stars" played on the radio a lot, and then my dad got this album. This is Coldplay at its finest. Nice, happy, upbeat alternative. No bad vibes here. I'm actually really surprised that the song itself "A Head Full of Dreams" isn't purchased as much as it is. Good job!!


This album is not for the fans of earlier Coldplay albums. It has poorly thought out lyrics and sounds like a drunk wrote the lyrics to every song. I suggest an album that returns to the roots of Coldplay. These new albums are not Coldplay they are Copycats of other artists. Make a true pre 2005 Coldplay album thanks .


Hymn for the weekend has that pizazz that just gets you off your feet and thank the lord that this group is so talented. Good job as always.


It’s gross


Coldplay never disappoints 🔥🔥🔥


“Head full of dreams” One of their best albums! Love this band!


Now in 2018 with nobody seeing this album it is important songs like hymn for the weekend, army of one, and up&up. I hope this review doesn’t get lost in all the reviews of people who reviewed before the album came out.

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this makes me so happy and i will love them forever

doing my thing!

Beautiful!! Electric!! Fantastic!! They feel free to make their sound of music, without feeling and listening to criticism. They are mature in their sound unbowed and unbound by pressure! Love this album

Havana lover

Could be way better if you did I with Taylor Swift!!!!


If I already commented but why not again! I love this album! Only actual FULL (of Dreams 😂😂) album I own! “Adventure of a Lifetime” is my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG EVER, and “Hymn...” trails it! Proud to say #RoseBowlOct.6 #IWasThere! Great to see in person, they put on a show! Coldplay fan for life!

D. Mills.

There’s something about this album that makes me feel positive about life. I truly have enjoyed the uplifting music - brings me true joy and happiness. Chris Martin has done it again. ❤️ Coldplay.


I cant say enough about this tune..I LOVE IT!!! Crank it up and dance!

Eliza |-/

This album has been out for a while now and I can't believe I've neglected to give my review, so here I am. This album has impacted my life tremendously and I'm so grateful for Coldplay and their music. They are so creative and fun and every song is an exhilarating journey and experience. Thank you, Coldplay. ❤️my only complain is the Obama crap.


Better than ever


All of the 4, 5 star reviews are LIES. Those people are either in denial or simply have no problem listening to garbage. This album is one of the worst albums I've ever listened to, and this is coming from a very old fan of Coldplay! Do yourself a favor: avoid listening to this and just enjoy Coldplay's older works. Spare your ears and save your money.


Embrace the change. There is room for growth and shift even for Coldplay! Give it a chance.

by yoToxicKAT

This album is amazing and fresh my mom loves this album (I'm a child doing this) she loves almost all of the songs!


Really enjoyed cold play they have outdone themselves again with this one

Klippel Family

I haven't known Coldplay for as long as many of the commentors below have, but I'm liking the new direction the band is taking, I'm sure they'll be exploring new things. Coldplay never "used to be", they had some rock, but soon changed to alternative, and Mylo Xyloto and Ghost Stories are totally different from their original point, but the fact is Coldplay was never some one thing, like other bands, they change. Anyone can be a fan, it does'nt matter if you like this album or not.


Guys. GUYS.

Salmon Dinner

They've still done a great job with this album and showing how they can stay relevant even after all these years. Definitely a fresh new sound to listen to among all this 21st Century pop crap. Favorites in this album so far are Everglow, Hymn for he Weekend, Up&Up and Adventure of a Lifetime. Also like the remix on YouTube by Alan Waller of Hymn for the Weekend.


coldplay rocks & all you people that will only listen to old Coldplay can go cry

Bask shabby

The only reason why this has 5 stars is cause of all of Coldplay's other albums (ok, most of their other albums, because ghost stories was just...) anyways if this band is going out it needs to leave the right way. I want parachutes, rush of blood to the head, that's why I listened to Coldplay. Yet lately, it feels like only one or two songs from each album appeals to me. Sure they evolve, but they evolved into a culture that never should have happened. Every song sounds the same lately with all other artists, and I want Coldplay to finally return to where they started. At least one more album I can listen to all the way. Please Coldplay, don't let me down. Down let all of us down.


This, yet another illustrious album from Coldplay is new and fresh as well as being the same great sound we're used to.

Christian Evangelista

Coldplay are a completely different band now but they are definitely still amazing composers!





(good movie lover guy)

Coming from a HUGE Coldplay fan.


Super cool


I really believe that Coldplay has really improved their sounds to bring in next generation fans. And I really has been a long time since their last release so to have some trending songs for months after the release of the album is just amazing. Well done Coldplay!


Love this album. Still my first favorite I heard was Hymn For A Weekend. I learned if this song from and through India since Coldplay used India as the backdrop of their video featuring Sonam Kapoor and Beyoncé. Although I did not see nearly as much use of Sonam Kapoor as her celebrity would suggest, the song and video are very beautiful. The color used as though it were festival of Holi was beautiful also, if even slightly cliché. My next favorite is Up and Up and I must admit I actually heard of, and fell in love with, a cover version if this song done by Lennon & Maisy, two young sisters with immaculate voices. Their version made me look up the original, finding yet my second favorite from this album. Love, love, love this message. And now, Adventure Of A Lifetime. The song, the video, a short movie. A hugely involved vfx project in association with The Imaginarium & Mathematic. The faces of the artists are reflected in the chimpanzees, in the video from the lead single from this album, as they listen to the song and dance. What's not to love!? I could go on, but I suggest you buy this one yourself and watch the official music videos as well on YouTube. Such a great project and this group never ceases exhibiting genius.


I just recently got into Coldplay, and this is definitely my favorite album of theirs. I love every single song, which is RARE for me. Aside from some of the albums of my all-time favorite artist, this is my absolute favorite as a whole.


Coldplay is not just music, its art. Once you listen to the songs in this album, or the many more out there, you obviously tell how much time and effort was put into each and every song to make it perfect. Art.

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