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samwise reviewer

Look I understand why people don’t like this. This doesn’t change the fact that I do. Midnight is kinda underrated, and I wish that they would have explored that territory a bit more. The whole things is saturated in reverb and there are these tiny details in the mix that show that the production team and the band cared about this thing a lot. Say what you will but this album is important to Coldplay and to me.



Trust and Us



And I continue loving it everyday


The reason I love this song so much is because it’s me and my gf favorite song. Every time I hear it, it just brightens my day.


To everyone who says their new music sucks~


This album is a bit forgotten, but it is the best Coldplay album since Viva la Vida. None of the big pop production of the last decade and feels more true to their old selves.


This is my favorite Coldplay album. It's just amazing. It's definitely a sad album but I like that kind of music. The sound is amazing. One of my favorite albums of all time!


Why The Hate For This Album I Loved It


Puts me to sleep


This is the best song ever pls buyyyu


This was the breakup album when the couple split. Not their best but theres a couple keepers


I can’t stand Coldplay. I’ve tried to like them. I’ve really tried. But I can’t. I’m a ridiculously huge fan of Imagine Dragons, having memorized every song THEY put out since 2009. I’m also a fan of The Score, and I like lots of songs from AJR. Many fans of Imagine Dragons and The Score are also fans of Coldplay. I’ve tried my hardest to like this, but I just don’t. It’s probably amazing; I just don’t hear it.


This album is an example of the classic let's make a disco electric mainstream album. I liked earlier Coldplay albums for their relevance and flow. This album is like watching a soap opera slow and choppy. Some good songs such as midnight and magic. Coldplay really had lost their touch and needs a return to their roots. Chris Martin your earlier material is what made you guys great stop trying to appeal to everyone and go back to your roots.


I thought it would come with the album with its name. That song it amazing.


Favorite album of theirs by far!


I’m watching the winter 2018 Olympics and the USA 🇺🇸 was playing this as the theme song. My goodness, it was magical! Yay Coldplay! I’ve been sleeping much too long!

Ooh La Lyla

I've liked Coldplay since the very beginning, when they released 'Parachutes' (which I just realized was in 2000, and now I feel OLD). Regardless, I've enjoyed most of their style variations from album to album in different ways, but I have to say this is probably my favorite of theirs, from start to finish. It has that sort of intimate, yearning quality that was present in their first couple albums, but with some modern stylistic updates. It has those awesome, more upbeat, pop-rock songs like "Magic" and "Sky Full of Stars", plus the more mellow, intimate songs like "Oceans" and "O" (possibly my favorite song on the record - it's beautiful). The ambient-influenced "Midnight" is also a stand out. Overall, LOVE this whole album.


I have have always liked Coldplay. But this album is amazing love it. Its my go to for a drive after a hard day at work.




After 3 years its still my favorite album


This isn't pop. The is ambient spacey music. And it isnt half bad.


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Ignore everyone who gave you 3 stars or less. Music is always about trying something different and you guys accomplished that in another great way! Ik it's been a long time since you released this album but I can't stand some of these reviews. Your music is way better than all of the other modern crap we hear these days. Thank you for what you do.


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Architecture and Morallity

At first I did not like this album. But then I bought it on cd and took my time to actually listen to it. By far my favorite Coldplay album!!!!! It just reaches past A Rush Of Blood To The Head.


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New to goals

Amazing job.

Cold rome

Magical and beautiful


The last good thing Coldplay ever made before selling out. It's a shame how bad they've become but Ghost Stories is a beautiful end to one of the 2000's best alt rock bands.


Best album ever

This is by far the greatest album of music I've ever heard in my life (along with Aquilo - Silhouettes) the pure raw purging soul emotions of love and why we're here are truly indescribable in audible words and this has changed my life with such emotional release and empowerment ever since it was released. This album is the heart and soul of what it means to feel on every level and it's the defining work of emotional existence. Thank You for changing this world Coldplay All blessings for continued happiness


This album is much, MUCH deeper and more philisophical than people give it credit for, and A Sky Full of Stars gives it a bad rep, and is an inaccurate representation of the album as a whole. To start, Midnight is genius. Hands down. Genius. It channels a bit of Kid A, but Coldplay makes it more melodic, something that Radiohead (despite their lyrical and musical genius) couldn't always do. The lyrics of Midnight are also some of Chris Martin's best. The next song worthy of noting is Oceans, which is reminiscent of one of their more obscure but best songs, Easy to Please (off the Brothers and Sisters EP, one of their best releases). The feeling Oceans evokes is simply stunning, with his voice perfectly blending into haunting guitar and synths. What's best about this song is that the emotion is pure, unadulturated, and honest. Gone are songs about young love unrequited (Shiver), or the overly dramatic and slighty cotrived sappieness of Fix You, replaced with a pure and hollow feeling of loss. All in all, this album doesn't get the credit it's due. And its nice to see them veering away from mainstream (at least on a few of the songs).


"Magic" and "Midnight" specifically stand out, but the whole album is a masterpiece. Coldplay makes yet again, a wonderful album.


Absolutely love this album!!!


Ghost Stories took awhile to grow on me but it's really a great album for when you just want to chill. "True Love" is haunting. "Magic" is a great song. "Midnight" is another highlight as is "Another's Arms".


Coldplay heavily experimented with this one, and if i had to use one word to describe it I would use "ambience". Each song is set within its own world that is fully displayed through chris martins vocals and the heavy synthesized background. No space is left unfilled, sound encompasses every direction. I love this album, as I have loved every album before now. This just might be my favorite.


This is what Coldplay is good at. Beautiful album!


Love love love Coldplay and really dig the way they keep their sound fresh. This aLbum is deep, personal, has a groove and is very well made in so many ways. Just beautiful. And that guitar line in "real love" is sick.


This is my favorite album simply because it gives so much meaning. All the songs I could listen to millions of times over


When I die, I'm taking this album with me.

Christian Evangelista

Wasn't such a big fan of this album as most of the songs were about heartbreak and loss. I've been a fan of their music ever since hearing Clocks when I was a kid, but was really fading away from them at the time. Around December 2014, my dog became sick and I was forced to euthanize him. It really tore me apart with guilt and sadness. I've had my dog since he was a puppy and we grew up together. I was really depressed for the following months. Then I started listening to this album and it really helped me get my head up again. A Sky Full Of Stars really made me smile once more. It got me back to listening to Coldplay's music and reminded me why they have always been my favorites.

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stop saying that they are good anymore they are even better


I recently just got into Coldplay and when I first heard this album I didn't like it very much,but now it is really amazing and it gets the job done very well.


This is the most underrated Coldplay album. The emotion and brillance behind the lyrics show Coldplays incredible versatility. You need to own this album. (sidetone: if a perfect song has ever been written, it is the final track O (Fly On)) thank you Coldplay for this incredible album

Diane Anton

My favorite was sky full of stars

Epic candy corn

Ghost Stories is an anomaly. For Coldplay, it's the point where they COMPLETELY ditch their previous sounds for a much more experimental, risky 9 track effort. This is the closest they've gotten to Parachutes since Parachutes, which should overjoyed any lover of Coldplay. However, since the release of Ghost Stories, Coldplay has released A Head Full of Dreams. This is a completely safe album, likening closer to the pop influences of Mylo Xyloto than anything else. If you're unhappy with Ghost Stories, please examine why you like Coldplay in the first place, because this is an incredible work of art.


It's one of my favs from Coldplay. Very calm and chilling.


Ghost Stories is an experience. Every element of it, from the ambient, spacey feeling given off from “Always in My Head,” “Oceans,” or “Midnight,” to the more upbeat “Magic” and “A Sky full of Stars” has a specific purpose. This is my ultimate breakup album, and I am probably biased, but I feel that it really spoke to me. Like Chris Martin said, it was meant to be a more personal expression, something he had to get out, no matter what critics thought. That’s what music is all about people. When someone puts that kind of emotion into telling a musical story, it creates something beautiful. If you’ve dismissed this album or have only listened to a few songs, put it on on a cool summer night at 2 AM, and listen to the whole thing through, then reevaluate it.

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