OneRepublic - Connection

℗ 2018 Mosley Music/Interscope Records

Connection - Single Tracklist:

Robbie Stanton

Love this song! Will it be on the upcoming album?


Good song I like it


Solid 5 stars. I’ve been a fan ever since I heard “Wherever I Go” in May of 2016. Amazing in concert and I’m so stoked for their fifth album, I hope it’s even better than the last one!


Can I get a WiFi connection?

one republic fan uno

This song is amazing I love one republic


Love onerepublic listen to them everyday


It feels outdated, like a been there done that song


Saw them perform this live last night in Seattle & it was AMAZING!! Ryan Tedder is everything & then some! Such talent jam packed into one performance Love 1R


This is one of those rare songs where I liked the verses better than the chorus. The chorus is just them saying “Can I get a connection” over and over again and without any real level change so it feels like it’s missing some notes to make it better. I don’t think it’s a bad song but I don’t think it’s particularly a good song either. Middle of the road.


ITS SO CATCHY!!! It’s my new favorite song so 5 frekin stars baby!!❤️❤️


There’s NO need to sell yourself short. As an old time fan, I believe you’re the best when you’re being musicians rather than pop stars. There’s too many of those already.


I’m hip🔥


love it!!!!

Diego Aldrin (Da)

Just one word “ connection “ 😍


I don’t see it. I am not feeling this. I am usually for artists exploring new creative sounds but THISSS compared to the unique sound and emotional punch that all of One Republic’s first albums delivered?!? It’s a huge miss for me. OR is so much better than this. They are one band that is farrr too talented to make this crap, crap that doesn’t even sound like them anymore and is no longer special in any fashion.


TRASH. buy kream by iggy azalea instead

Amanda Dee123

This is a pretty catchy song I can definitely tell though that there’s a lot of imagine dragon vibe in this


This sounds like an older Cher Lloyd song. Lol. You could have done so much better


I heard this on the car commercial and immediately purchased it! Great, summery, fun song!


try again


Found this song on “best of the week” really good song


How can these guys think this is good? I know basically it’s up to whatever Ryan wants to release, but stop this! Cheesy. So cheesy.


I like that 1R stay rooted to their style of music - will always be one of my favorite band. I also like the cover of the album picturing LA, still planning on moving there!


This is a sounds different than some of their other songs, but it’s still really good.

yea rite

Not up to their standards they put out. How is this catchy ? I would listen to it once and say yeah I’m good, time to turn the dial.


One Republic’s return to relevancy consists of ripping off Imagine Dragons and being featured in a car commercial. Is there a worse combination?


I am enthralled with the idea of OneRepublic expanding to different sounds. Ryan Tedder is still a lyrical genius, and I can still hear the masterwork of a band rather than a singer with a few grown men tagging along. However, my own nostalgia allows me to sympathize with the passionate fans OneRepublic left behind with Oh My My. While I enjoy the new sound and like it as much as the old, I hope we haven't seen the last of classic OneRepublic. Nice job though, and I am still here and hyped for the new album!


I like it


trash 💩


This is not the band I fell in love with. Stop this auto tune crap.


Onerepublic is so good!


Love the song!!! Very catchy and upbeat!!! Very relatable!! Keep up the amazing work!!!😊💕


All these people disrespecting the change, man. I love it. I loved your old stuff and I still listen to it all the time but this new stuff is pretty good too. Keep up the GREAT work and hopefully your new album will be awesome too.


Me looking for Wi-Fi


Surprisingly liked it. Glad he gave us Oklahoma peeps a shout out!


Ryan Tedder is a genius


I love that One Republic can consistently put things into words things that most people experience, but can't really describe. This song is awesome.


Love this song so much. It gives me such summer vibes! Can’t wait for the album. Happy birthday, Ryan!

onerepublic is awesome

Still not OneRepublicish but still good.


Ryan Tedder has such a knack for making solid music. Connection is one that you can’t help but dance and sing along to.


OneRepublic is true to their sound no matter what style they present in.


bad timing

better luck next time!

fresh like avocado

Jerry Bowers

Just found out this dropped and I've got a 'Connection' to this song! I like the new sound and as always OneRepublic never dissapoints!!!! Can't wait for you guys to come back to Florida!!!!! -Jerry


Sounds like Imagine Dragons. I expected more from this talented group. Heard it.


Maybe they should try adding some new elements to their music


The song of the summer is here and we stan! Evolving is great! It’s different, new, and fresh! I can’t wait for the album


Catchy...and sooo fabulous!

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