Crosby, Stills & Nash - Greatest Hits

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Greatest Hits Tracklist:

Trust and Us


Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album from Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.


The songs are great! But who ever tried to remaster these songs was totally out to lunch! ..... the masters need to be sent to Abbey Road for some real mastering!

Seven Cities Blues

For the record I love Neil Young however I prefer CSN without him. Until the 90s he had only played with them live 27 dates and on Deja vu he was only on five cuts .He was a gadfly and completely ,mostly due to media ,overshadowed them. This is satisfying compilation and I wanted it on my I phone .

DJ Rick

We finally get a collection of their best but they did not spend much time on mastering these songs to imrove their sound quality. CSN fans beware. Greatly disappointed. Shame on you Atlantic. They deserve better than this.


Good album but Chicago was left out. That was a deal breaker for me.


Compiling a CSN Hits collection is a tricky project, they were great as a trio but when Neil Young dropped by they were even better. That said, the complaints about the absence of classics like “Ohio” and “Helpless” are certainly valid but the simple fact ISN'T that they were CSNY songs because “Our House”, “Teach Your Children” and “Carry On” ARE here, the fact is they were songs Neil Young wrote and sang lead on while the other CSNY-era tracks were written by and/or sung strictly by Nash or Stills. So as a CSN set, this is a solid collection (and yes, it could've been better if “Almost Cut My Hair” “Pre-Road Downs” or “You Don't Have to Cry” were here)


You must not have any musical composition, helplessly hoping is genius.


I can't wait till I can show all my friends

Daddy Longlegs 123

I like, our house.I'm 10 years old and my dad showed me this and I liked it a lot it's really great and I liked it!!!


Numbers 1,2,4,6,7 are my favs


They don't all download. Watch these people. They're getting sloppy

Wolf talks DBZ

Some good songs here. I like southern cross. Not sure about all but I know for fact that David Crosby is a practicing witch and it shows in the music( if you know why to listen and look for that is). But most of the music industry are high witches and satanist. It's really not that hard to see if you take the blinder off.

bob bobblaw

quite a few spoiled brats giving reviews here , , , , , , ,

Music to my ears☂

...But where is Ohio or Woodstock?

Bob Baldwin

Smooth and mellow. Covers a lot of ground from the 60's.


Album was excellent, as expected. I don't like the prices listed on iTunes....I would love to see the price totaled to include tax. I was thrown off thinking I would have enough to purchase at least one, maybe two more songs, but discovered I didn't have enough left. Very deceiving.


This album is the quintessestial music of the 60s and 70s. Every song on here is a work of art. Southern Cross has been my favorite song, non-stop, since I first heard it over 30 years ago. I even listened to it when I stood on the top deck of a boat off the coast of Central America and saw the Southern Cross (constellation)...for the first time.


These songs are a must have for someone who wants to hear and feel the "Woodstock" generation at their best. The lyrics are to heard and felt and the songs are a testament to the times that made us (the 55 to 65 yearolds) what we are. Many have lost those feelings now, and this album can somewhat ressurect those feelings. I think I will go light up a doobie and turn up the music real loud like I used to.


The digital remix of these songs is tragedy similar to the ruining of ZZ tops Tres Hombres. Whatever incompetent fanboy cranked up the Crosby completley destroyed the harmony on Helplessly Hoping.

John Hamrick

These songs never cease to amaze me. Story telling, emotions, and perfect harmonys make this record an ageless treasure that eveyone will enjoy..over and over again. For some unkonwn reason the 60s & 70s produced artists that were magically coupled and provided us music that has become not only the soundtrack of a generation, but a soundtrack for many genteration, and many more to come.

beatles are love

this is an awesome CD of crosby, stills & nash. i grew up listening to this music and it's great to hear it again. Helplessly Hoping, Carry On, Marrakesh Express. Great CD! buy it!


Stephen Stills really should be recognized as "Poet Laureat". Even more than music styles there lyes a wealth of lyrics that top even the best before their time, and even after. Love poetry? You'll really love this album. It is to my understanding that to gain the notariety of "Poet Laureate", one must have won an award somewhere like the Oscar, Grammy's, or some other fanfare. Someone come around to me and straighten me out. This album is a magnificent work of art to monumental noteriety.


I was not even born when the album came out, but I know when a great song is played " Southern Cross". My Dad just too listen to the album alot. This album brings back precious memories to me. I wish today songs and/or album had the same quality and depth. Today's artist should take more pride in their work, they should take example from this artist, their are true legends of their times.


Well, this collection does have some of CSN's hits, but where's "Woodstock"? How can they leave out that song??? The're also missing "Helpless", "Deja Vu", "Ohio" and "Find the Cost of Freedom"! "So Far" is more essential than this. If you're going to make a greatest hits compilation, then make it right!


Amazing harmonies and gorgeous songs, but they were so much better when they were "crosby, stills, nash, and YOUNG!!!!" Oh well, still increadible voices. teach your children, carry on, our house, great songs, but my all-time (and missing from this album) song is WOODSTOCK!!! HELLO???? oh well. still awesome. peace.


As a younger (below 20) patron of Itunes, I find this album really great. I've like CSNY for a while and this CD has all their best songs. This is great rock album for people of any age- a timeless classic- GO CSNY!


Of course, I've listened to CSN for nearly 40 years!!! But Southern Cross took on a new meaning when I made my first trip to Australia and stood under the night skies at Gariwerd (Koori Aboriginal tribe gathering ground for 25,000 years!) and looked into the blackness of the autumn sky to see the Southern Cross sitting at the end of the Milky Way. Life changing -- and this music takes me right back there. Superb harmonies, simple lyrics and melodies. You can sing, hum, dance or sway with every listening!

Mr. Handsome fellow

The absoulte Iconic songs from the harmonious CS&N. suite judy blue eyes, teach your children, wooden ships, just beautiful. This album shows the superb harmony of their three voices in that CS&N counterpoint harmony. Some of their best work.

Musical Rat

If you grew up in the 60's / 70's, this was our definitive music. Starting at Woodstock through their solo efforts, these guys are great. But their early work and harmonies are the best. When that acoustic guitar starts "Carry On" - C'mon, you know good music is coming. Buy it, play it, go back to younger but turbulent times when the music helped change the world.


I have been a CSN fan for a long time. I have Daylight Again, Deja Vu, So Far, and the original self titled album on vinyl. After hearing them all I must say this is the best collection of CSN songs on any one album, a must have for anyone.


I am not a huge CSN fan, I like a few of their songs and I must say that this album is a great complation of their best songs. All the good ones are here, Our House, Marrakesh Express, Cathedral, Southern Cross, Wasted On The Way. This is a good album for any music fan, but a great album for fans of Crosby, Stills and Nash. R.I.P. John Bonham


Good variety - a complete collection

Messy 53

Great album with many of the classics....takes me back to my wonderful less stressful and carefree days....or were they? Anyway really enjoy the music no matter what age we are or think we might be.


CSN is like a combination of mellow rock, country, and just a blend of Great voices. This is music both Rock AND Country lovers would the Eagles


This is a very good collection of CSN's hits... They are a really great band, you can really tell that they put a lot of time and effort into these songs, and that the lyrics are heartfelt. And of course their harmonies are incredible


So many songs we'ved heard on the radio for years...we know the melody and lyrics by heart. Southern Cross - Wooden Ships - Teach Your Children - we can all listen to these great stories over and over and still be happy to hear Carry On, Our House, and Just a Song...I mix this with a few tasty choices from Neil Youngs hit albums, and I'm instantly transported back to simpler time. Some of the memories may fade, but the feelings inspired by these songs are as strong as ever. If yer into it, roll one, pour one, or simply sit back and relax and be intoxicated by this awesome collection of great classics. The quality of these digital recordings is very good. When I listen to these songs through my iPod I hear details that I never noticed before. The stero separation is great, the overall quality is definitley very good. Enjoy!


Crosby Stills & Nash are amazing on this album and live. with songs like Sourthern Cross and Suite: judy blue eyes how could you go wrong by buying this.