Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

℗ 2020 Dua Lipa Limited under exclusive license to Warner Records UK, a division of Warner Music UK Limited, with the exception of track 1 & 2 2019 Dua Lipa Limited under exclusive license to Warner Records UK, a division of Warner Music UK Limited

Future Nostalgia Tracklist:


I am a hard rock loving, Pearl Jam listening millennial who would usually never listen to music like this. Yet, this album comes on and I can’t but help finding my hips moving and my feet stepping. She is brilliant, I hear beautiful notes of disco in the rhythm, beautiful melody changes, and a voice with soulful and deep resonances. Seriously, just give in and admit you like it too.

Kinako Kurasama

I like how you made a song about women empower because women are STILL being mistreated. And some women just need to know that “Boys will be boys Boys will be boys Boys will be boys And Girls will be women”


Well orchestrated album that is full of catchy & enjoyable songs.


best album


What the heck is this. This is just not good. No offense dua lipa but this is just not good


Love it so much

sofiiii ♡

80’s turn! This album is so great! 🛼✨




All the songs are covers with something new... that’s not that hard to do.


Love almost every song on this album!


This is an amazing album. Love every song on it.


Her album worth stanning


It sounds just like every other female wanna be musician, and musician is used lightly. This will be forgotten in under 2 years.

Erika Costell Fan

deserves album of the year 2021 grammys 😁😁


The song - well the last song is unnecessary - I am disappointed

Aaron Ackerman

Best album I have ever heard. DUA IS THE BEST 👑


Best album of 2020. Every track delivers a beat, a vibe, an ear worm. I love it.




In my opinion, there’s nobody doing Pop Music better right now than Dua and Future Nostalgia is proof of that. Of all the albums to come out this year, this one is my personal favorite, a Disco influenced dance floor party from start to finish with not one bad song to be found. In addition to Don’t Start Now, Physical & Break My Heart, there are plenty of other highlight tracks including Levitating, Hallucinate, Cool (my favorite non-single from the album), Love Again (perfectly sampling White Town’s ‘Your Woman’) and Boys Will Be Boys. Her self-titled debut may have put her on the map but Future Nostalgia is her Superstar-In-The-Making album. With Dua’s voice, talent and potential for making feel good music leading the way, I think the future of Pop Music is bright.


album of the year


Dua deserves!!!


Except for the last two

a true gaga fan

1. Don’t Start Now 2. Levitating 2. Physical 3. Love Again 4. Break My Heart

Alexa :) !

this album is a masterpiece! it’s not like regular pop music but in a good way ! really love this album .


Whoever said it’s trash is totally wrong it’s awesome (btw Mzpink98 or something said that)

pop star😃❤️

I really lake your song Break my Heart it’s so fantastic to me👍🏻🤩


Lady WithWith


Can’t believe I’ve slept on this amazing record for so long. Every song is a smash. Live for the funky/disco vibes

noelle :P

No wonder why this album is so popular, it's great :)


Hallucinate is lowkey the best song on the album 👀


This whole record is perfection from beginning to end. Dua Lipa has brought so much joy & happiness with this record. All the songs are great and can be replayed and replayed. They have such a vibe that you can’t find anywhere else and you keep wanting too listen to.


Can’t stop listening to it

Hard Rock Mel

Wow..this is an impressive 80's old school dance party. It's even got some 70's disco strings thrown in for good measure. Don't get the wrong idea though, it's pure hi tech dance music for 2020. This old dude highly recommends it.


...at least the reference to Olivia Newton-John’s 1981 hit, “Physical”, which spent 10 weeks at #1. Dua Lipa has good taste to nod to the mega hit


I love her and the songs are the best


this is so overrated it’s not good half the album are skips


Dua is a rising superstar.


From top to bottom, every single one a hit single

jacobey wilsoney

Dua really proved the haters wrong. A lot of people criticized Dua for a multitude of things but she came back with this era and actually worked on her faults making a great body of work. That is something I really appreciate from an artist. Dua’s theme of “future nostalgia” really is presented throughout the whole album, it has such a perfect mix of throwback and present. Dua is a Pop star now, whether you like it or not she’s gonna be here a while.


Arggg Mooa Lipa

Lome Martins

I love it


Amazing songs on it, a bunch of which are great to dance to. Boys Will Be Boys is the best one.


I fell in love with this album. It reminds me of the 70s-80s music. That disco fever feeling. It just takes me back to those days when things were so smooth.


This album is a gift from heaven.

Pika Pika Pusheen

My personal favorites are Break my Heart, Physical, and Don’t Start Now! You did a great job! Keep it up! ( p.s I completely forgot about Boys will be boys! This is a great message!)

pinol water

This album is amazing, loved every song.


Love it


Tik tok ruined these songs and made it cringe

Music Album of Dua Lipa:

Levitating (feat. DaBaby) [Don Diablo Remix] - Single
Levitating feat. DaBaby [Don Diablo Remix] - Single (2020)
Levitating (feat. DaBaby) [KUU Remix] - Single
Levitating feat. DaBaby [KUU Remix] - Single (2020)
Levitating (feat. DaBaby) - Single
Levitating feat. DaBaby - Single (2020)
Physical (feat. Hwa Sa) - Single
Physical feat. Hwa Sa - Single (2020)
No Lie (feat. Dua Lipa) [Remixes] - Single
No Lie feat. Dua Lipa [Remixes] - Single (2017)
No Lie (feat. Dua Lipa) - Single
No Lie feat. Dua Lipa - Single (2016)
Electricity (feat. Dua Lipa) [Alex Metric Remix] - Single
Electricity feat. Dua Lipa [Alex Metric Remix] - Single (2018)
Electricity (feat. Dua Lipa) [Ten Ven Remix] - Single
Electricity feat. Dua Lipa [Ten Ven Remix] - Single (2018)
Electricity (feat. Dua Lipa) [The Black Madonna Remix] - Single
Electricity feat. Dua Lipa [The Black Madonna Remix] - Single (2018)
Electricity (feat. Dua Lipa) [Acoustic] - Single
Electricity feat. Dua Lipa [Acoustic] - Single (2018)