Frank Sinatra - Nothing But the Best (Remastered)

℗ 2008 Frank Sinatra Enterprises, LLC

Nothing But the Best (Remastered) Tracklist:

Emily 72020


Trust and Us



When this album was released and heard Strangers In The Night, I became a Sinatra fanatic




Buen album


Sinatra is a classic. He’ll never be forgotten. An icon. A legend.

Free willy wonkah

That’s life


Frank Sinatra: teach your children the name and have them grow up with his music playing in your home. The velvety baritone, the shy and sly romancer, the cool cat who defined the term. He wore suits, he drank brown liquor and smoked cigarettes, he loved women, he was also a man’s man. He was the definition of the American Male when the United States caught the world’s imagination and made our culture large. He wept, he triumphed, he won trophies and he loved broads. He made his mark.



ue mo

he gives me so much nostalgia from a time that i wasn’t even alive in. Ugh, I love it💗

Em Is Drunk On Bands

I love his music so much

Munching orange



My sister had to dance to this omg is was adorable. Lol..... just noticed that the my way song is from sing sorry 2009 people rip I’m talking 2016 wow its 2019 now 10 years now lol


This album just shows how great of a singer he was and always leaves you always feeling happy.

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