Hi-Rez - Forgive & Regret

℗ 2020 Only For The Fans Music Group

Forgive & Regret Tracklist:


I can feel the pain he’s feeling and it ties into my pain


Real rap

tripel aaa

FIRE! So dope, rez keeps getting better this for real the best project yet very good

Aaron B !

If you’re looking for some motivation or if you ever just wanted vibe out , this is the album ! 🚫🧢


Doo dooo


Front to back and back to front great music! Easy to listen to!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Rez went off in this album, yall need to give this man some support🔥


Incredible album. Great flow, great lyrics and full of emotion. He lets it all out on this one



IG @JD_Official

Worth a view, purchase or download! Entire album is 12/10 from start to finish, Rez is a goat in the rap scene!!!!


Gonna be another gem of an album by my guy


He next up an this album bout to prove it


This is going to be his best album yet. His lyrics, beats, passion, and the way he spazz’s. He loves his fans and always interacts with them. He as well spreads positivity and love. He has been underrated for to many years. He is about to blow up and I feel sorry for anyone who doubted him. 💯🚫🐍 #OFTF!


This man has got serious flow and creativity, he’s about to show y’all just what he’s capable of‼️ what we’ve heard so far is fire, can only imagine what the whole project sounds like‼️😨🔥


I know this album already about to be 🔥🔥 if he poured his heart into it , can’t wait to do a listening party , let’s gooooo!

Joseph Javier Gonzales

It’s gonna be the most lit album can’t wait to listen to it 🔥🔥💯💯💯


This year is Rez’s no doubt. 🚫🐍


can already tell this album is finna be goated


This Artist Here Hi Rez, has always been a true music creator for the genre everyone can enjoy n relate too he can bring you enjoyable moments an amazing memories for whom ever you are listening with. The relationship vibes within the music is so incredibly abstract, nothing can compare to his New n UpCOMING FORGIVE N FORGET. PRE-ORDER NOW! REZ NATION. #OFTF

Jamieon wills

He’s putting out videos on YouTube and writing thank you letters and still has time to put out a terrific album. Get the grind goin. Dont know where I would be without you


This dude is what we need as far as leadership in this dark time. San Dimas High School Football Rules 🤘🏼


Very recently started listening to Hi Rez and really loved his style of rap and the message with the music. Really excited to join in at this part of his career and to see him take off like he deserves 🔥

Anthony Tandy

The realist out there 🙏🏻🙏🏻🚫🐍


His message for only for the fans and the message is always fire. I can’t wait to hear the bangers on this one bro🙏🏻🙏🏻🔥


Been a fan for years. This bouta be lit as hell. #theNEWem

Your mom 1739

Bouta be fire 😎

hi rez himself

Rez pours his heart and soul into his music. This without a doubt will be an incredible album. NO SNAKES REZNATION 💚


If you don’t get this album you are an Andy

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