Jimmy Buffett - Life on the Flip Side

℗ 2020 Mailboat Records

Life on the Flip Side Tracklist:


So great to know he is still knocking them out of the park. Keep them coming sir!


Best album from Jimmy and the band in quite some time. The stories are fantastic, the musicianship from the band-top notch, a wonderful mix of musical flavors! Love Cussin' Island, Hey, that's My Wave, Mailbox Money and Book on the Shelf.


Vintage Buffett! I love it!


It feels like the songs on this one were forced. There are no hidden gems like "Bob Roberts Society Band" but on the other hand it's not as bad a Fruitcakes. As a long time Parrot Head, I'm not complaining, I got more than my money's worth when buying it....but it's just another album.


Thank goodness he keeps playing and making music. His music has taken me, and I’m sure many of you, to paradise when I was sick, depressed, and away from this pandemic...Thank you Jimmy. JP Orange County, Ca


Very boring. Not a single song stands out to me. Luke warm at best.


Two words: Thank You!


Amazing album! Great stories to help us get through the craziness in the world!


This ain’t it...


just downloaded yesterday and haven't heard all of it yet but it's great. Where the hell have you been Jimmy? sounds like some of his older material but much smoother and better produced. Welcoma back.


This is something that takes your mind away from all of the craziness going in the world. Go outside, pour a drink, lay back, and let this new album take you on a trip to that much needed Margaritaville state of mind. Who else could do it any better? Great album Jimmy!


but you're actually very talented

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Absolutely great album! Thanks Jimmy! Just what we need right now!


i miss the old jimmy, nothing on here close to the classic sounds of a1a, havana daydreaming or living and dying.

Apple born again

Take it from life long Buffett fan this is the real deal. Great songs, great stories, great sound, taking you to the island’s, the boat, the beach and the bar all rolled into one terrific CD. Buy it and crank it up...and make yourself a Margarita while you are at it... it’s that good!

Blake Roberts

I love everything about this album. You get the pure Buffett songs like Cussin Island, Oceans of time and Half Drunk.. it’s honestly my favorite Buffett album behind A1A and Somewhere Over China. It’s really that good!


What a wonderful listening experience! So many varieties of sounds. One of his best albums.


I'll spare the this isn't Jimmy rooteen, I think Jimmy is rich, has the perfect life. Tours are still fun,this new release is such a mix of fluff, some tunes should and likely will be introduced to Margaritville the musical. They sound like a B'way sound track. A few tunes are note worthy. La de dah is fun and should be great crowd pleaser. Half Drunk is typical Buffett story told. Slack tide,low tide, it stinks, I just hope he spares us with another live release.


Fins up


Love this album from start to finish. Reminds me a classic Buffett songs, has the old school vibe again. Pick this up and dream of the new tour and sun spashed days by the ocean.

Country Guy4587

Glad to see JB back after a long long 7 year hiatus. Nice to listen while stuck in the house. The track-4 slow lane and track 11- slack ride and Track 14- Book on the Shelf are what made me appreciate JB from a young age. The other songs might be fun to listen at a party. But easy listening is what JB should stick to. Hopefully the next album will be more like the songs above


i tried to listen but i did not like it, overall very boring and basic.


Fabulous album! Jimmy hitting it hard after 7 long years without anything new. "Down at the Lah De Dah" is perfect opener to the album. Setting the tone for what's to come. "The Slow Lane" is going to be an instant classic and long lasting. Perfect to sip a beer on the boat with. "Cussin' Island", I have kids, what can I say, it's perfect. "Oceans of Time" isn't Jimmy's, but neither was Southern Cross, and we all know he made it his. I can already hear the crowed singing this one with Jimmy. "Mailbox Money" is a great jam about getting dem royalties! The anchor to this album is "Slack Tide." When I heard the snippet before the album was released, I knew it was going to be THE song on the album. Jimmy says it's his favorite on the album as well. It's the next "Coast of Carolina", if I may be so bold. "I can't control anybody Other than myself Leave those half empty thoughts High up on the shelf" You like horn lines? You'll love "15 Cuban Minutes." Fantastically fun! "Book on the Shelf" WOW. Partially written by Mac MacAnally and Mike Utleys kids, who are married! Wonderful. Perfectly orchestrated with sweeping chorus. "I guess music and lyrics are what I do best I'm all done explaining or passin' some test" As always Jimmys' music will bring back memories, and will create new ones with this album as the soundtrack.


Hate to say it but it's time for Jimmy to call it a career. The last several albums he's put out (last one I liked was "Weather With You") have been truly cringe worthy and this is no exception. It sounds like royalty free music used in a low budget comedy movie. And his live shows became so weak I stopped going about 10 years ago after going to see him everytime he came through town for years. It's like watching Dan Marino in his final season. I've made peace with that and will just continue to put on the "Boats, Beaches, Bars, Ballads" box set or his holy trinity of 90's releases ("Fruitcakes", "Barometer Soup", "Banana Wind") and when I want to see him live I'll throw on the "Live at Wrigley Field" DVD.

Snell Isle

Awesome album! Thanks Jimmy! Love the Songs Slack Tide!!!!!


Sounds like he’s singing child’s songs for you tube!


This sounds horrific. Shame- Jimmy used to write such great tunes.

4S fan

This album screams “I’m filthy rich and live on an island. Coronavirus? That’s your problem. Mine is that I can’t drink these beers fast enough.”


Songs for my beach soul. Love every second.


Having been born in Havana of course it’s a great album!!,... Great music, reminds me of his 80’s tunes. Keep the music real Jimmy!!


Thank you once again Mr Buffett!


Outstanding !!! Jimmy is here to bail out the quarantine with the sound that keeps us all from going insane ! Fins Up .


Great album!! Love Jimmy’s music!!!


With the all the bad news in the world, this would be a good album to release sooner, rather than later. Why wait until May 29? How about next week?

Mtn high Terry

I am so jazzed that there is a new Buffett album coming out in this time in the world. There are 5 people you never want to retire. Your Doctor, Your dentist, your accountant, Your preacher and Jimmy Buffett. The world is just a better place with Jimmy putting the music out there. Jimmy and I are the same age, and I have loved his music since I was way younger.


Love, love, love this new Jimmy Buffett album. I've pre-ordered it. Most of the songs are really good. Reminds me of the old Jimmy Buffett songs. Fun. We definitely need some songs like this now.

Tennessee 94

Great sound! Happy to see Jimmy making great music again.


The best band in th land!


Just one song so far but it harkens back to the sound that made Jimmy so popular in the 70s & 80s but sounds so right, now when we need a little Jimmy Buffett music in the world! I can’t wait!

Fins left

Got to have me some Jimmy. Great album and can’t wait until it’s out!

Nick Marotta

Jimmy maintains the DNA of his style while adding a refreshing new spin. 14 epic songs to help get you through quarantine.

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