Joyner Lucas & Will Smith - Will (Remix)

℗ 2020 Twenty Nine Music Group Distributed by Tully

Will (Remix) - Single Tracklist:


I’ve been wanting Will to put new music out for so long now! Love this


Love the respect they show each other and others that they looked up to. The fact that they kept it clean — no profanity, slurs, or degrading comments about women should point the way for upcoming rappers. ‘Nuff said.


Will Smith did his thing. I can stop listening to this. Every word was on A1.

cassie lol

this is soooo catchy i love will smith and i’m so glad he’s on this song he still got that flow even after all these years 😌✨


Good to hear Will, this is truly a good, listenable song.

Jai bird

GOAT! Big Will came and blessed the track...respect🙌🏽 Thank you so much for always keeping it clean so everyone can enjoy it! Where the video at👀


I have so much respect for Will Smith and for what he’s done for Hip-Hop, Rap and everything in the middle. He is one of a few rappers that don’t need to use bad words to make real music. Much love. Forever fan. 🙏🏼❤️😊🙌🏼👊🏼👏🏼

< MilKen >

Will Smith is a god. i love his songs and his movies. Mr. Smith is one of a kind.


Bbbb is the time of time to get back to the new


Bad reviews are obviously people who grew up with tekashi, lik uzi vert, and all them rappers who shouldnt even be called rappers i call them la la by kids ... if u aint feelin it its cause you aint a real person and still getting ur ass wiped by ur moms

Lady DaNash

WillFan4Life ❣️


Please tell me who can do it like Will Smith? I’ll wait— but for real, now this is what I call great rap. I applaud you.


Big willy








Not good


The prince is back!!!

Micy D 435

This song goes hard though




Epstein’s Island Will Smith. We didn’t forget.


Not going to lie this song is hot!!!


What is this? Why do songs like this keep charting


This song is corny af

King K Roolz

This slaps.

blah blah is right


is you for real

Stream nicki 🥰


This dude is a such an inspiration to so many generations, God bless you & the fam Will 🙏

Rhys Towne

Buy & Stream Both💚💚💚


Comeback for Will


So Maybe Will Smith’s VMA speech about not using profanity was Sketchy but it still was true! And this was further extending his way of hip hop!


Will smith always inspiring people

Kamya Studios (Edward Kamya)

Will’s bars were lit 🔥🔥🔥 Thank you Joyner Lucas for setting the stage for this!

Mr Blazer LT

Can’t believe I found this randomly and Will Smith showing why he is so well respected in the rap industry.

Top smilies



Y’all on sum else


🚨Have you heard (To the point ) by Damarion Matchem you have to go listen 💯


I love how he got will on this. Not the craziest thing I’ve heard but it is just pretty cool.



The racism is annoying

The best with the best! Don’t get better than this one!!!!!




Yaaaassss!!! This is EV-RY-THING!!!


This man is pure genius! Will never cursed in any of his raps and till this day, he still makes music that anyone can listen to and be straight fire. If this doesn’t prove that lyricism is needed in rap then you shouldn't be a hip hop fan. This is true definition of “The art of hip hop.” 💯🔥🚨


Great song


Respect to Joyner for making the song. Will still got bars AF and it is 2020! Been a dance since Parents Just Don’t Understand. Keep it going fellas 🤟🏽


Dope! Love the original and the remix.


Creative minds always produce clever music.

Backstreet boy fan 4 life

Who needs cursing in a song when you have will smith and his rapping. Love this!

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