Korn - The Nothing

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The Nothing Tracklist:


I love the emotion korn puts into all of there work. Not gonna lie the last few albums were repetitive but I feel like they are trying something new with there sound a little bit. I just love the emotion of the songs though. That is what I loved about there first album. It is pretty sad to listen to this album and feel his pain but it makes for some astonishing music. 9/10. And Rest In Peace to johns wife and peace be with John.


I can listen to a lot of the songs on this album without getting tired of it.


KORN!!!!! At last a refreshing view of the past! Kudos KORN!!!


This album is just a masterpiece with songs like Cold, Can you hear me and you’ll never find me Wow! Lyrically and musically it’s such a strong album! You can tell Korn and Jonathan put a lot of heart and soul in this record and it’s beautifully raw! 👏🏻


4 good songs the rest filler.


Dude! This album far exceeded my expectations! I got to start listening to korn in middle school and have listened to every song on every album and this one takes the cake! There’s so much raw emotion in this one! They explained in an interview that Jonathan had to fall in love with heavy metal again to make that last album. (Serenity of suffering). This whole thing has him spilling his heart soul and guts out, at least what he feels is left. This album helped me cope through a recent miscarriage , something the other albums didn’t do! They did however help me with other aspects of my past but this one is just on a different level. The very last song is what everyone needs to listen to and it’ll change you if it don’t you have no soul left either

rockstar clarke

Love it


Overall pretty weak. A couple of good songs. Will probably appeal to those who started listening many years after the self titled album. Love old koRn but continue to disappoint with every album in the last decade


I guess I’m old, sounds like a bunch of whining... I couldn’t even buy one song. Korn was my favorite at one time but I guess that passed


I LOVE IT! This is some of their best work. 13 songs is not enough. I wish it was longer.

breanna jean breeden

I like the old korn..

Where Eagles Dare

Sounds all the same. Sadly disappointed. They’ll never get back to what they were.


Beautiful record. Must listen to any Korn fan.


I’m liking the Soundz on this brand NEW album by KORN! The tracks are pure fire! Johnathan Davis KORN is “HERE TO STAY” in the INDUSTRY! GREAT MUSIC!


The raw emotion and feelings here are intense and I feel like JD is screaming what I can only whisper or cannot voice! Korn, thank you for all you do!


This is a really good album from Korn. I do like this album better than ‘The Paradigm Shift’. My favorite song off this album is probably “Can You Hear Me”. Love the sound. All the songs on this album sound pretty good though.


Man after Path of Totality. I thought it was over for Korn I’ve been a fan since 97. This album is a return to form, while adding a new edge to there sound. It’s great to see them back and doing what they do best. This is a fantastic album I highly recommend buying it.


Absolutely have gone back to their original sound. The entire album is amazing from start to finish. I cannot get enough. I literally listen to the entire album at least once a day!


Been needing a new album from these guys

BTA NightFox

Long time Korn fan, been listening since Life is Peachy. If you want a blend of the old school and new stuff, this is it!!!! This is Korn, old and newer....... can’t gush more about it!!!!!!!


This is by far some of their best work.The first self titled album put them on the map and 25 years later they find a new way to invent themselves.The serenity of suffering was fantastic but this is better and darker.Would recommend this to anyone.


This is some of their best work, end of story. Well done lads! And it’s so right that the album starts off with bagpipes!!!




25 years and going strong I’ll always support KoRn


This album is definitely stronger than previous one. I like it a lot . I downloaded more than half songs from the album on my iPhone. Very good job guys, strong 4 out of 5.


This one really grows on you more you listen to it ,it’s very good album would be even better if J.D would do less of his death metal vocals ...


Korn does it again after The Serenity of Suffering, to now The Nothing with emotionally raw energy and it doesn’t disappoint. You won’t regret listening to this album.


Never disappointed. Shanghai looks forward to your coming again. KoRn!!!!


Ignore the haters on this, this album is VERY good. It has flashbacks to their past styles, but also tries new things. This loss, for example, has an Iron Maiden/Bruce Dickinson like vocal in there, which surprised me how good it was. Each song seems to have its own style and the lyrics, as expected, are deep and emotional. Would you expect anything less from Jonathan Davis? There are a couple songs I haven’t connected to yet, but overall, an outstanding effort by this great band.


This album is phenomenal ... it’s a must listen. Especially if you are an old school Korn fan circa 94-99.


I’ve loved korn since 99. But you can only do the same thing so many times before the sparkle loses its shine. There are 2 songs that have the sparkle, the rest is the same formula they’ve used the last 20 years. Nostalgia alone is what gives it 3 stars, otherwise it’s mediocre


Soo good! Some songs sound like they came right off “Fallow the Leader “ love it. Really needed this in my life right now. Thank you Jonathan, Monk, Head, Feildy, and Ray.


A 10/10 album


Huh how about that


Seriously people? This album is no where close to the Korn of the past. It’s actually lame- stop singing lyrics at me like the new Nickleback and get down on some actual rock.


This is a pretty dam cool album. This is some serious Metal with a beating heart.


I got into Korn in high school, back in 1999. With college, growing up, kids and jobs, I stepped away from music for a bit. Over the past two years have gotten back into all my Metal, and this album is one of the top 5 I’ve purchased over the last couple years, and I’ve bought over 50. Knowing where Davis and the band have come from and grown since 1999, this album is a perfect reflection of their growth as people and artists. The darkness and grief reflected in Davis’ lyrics and tone is real and moving. The music, riffs, beats, and slap bass is pure 100% classic Korn. Just as Metallica grew and evolved as artists, Korn is doing the same thing....poetic that Korn plays the middle chorus of Metallica’s “One” during their current tour at the end of “Shoots and Ladders.” Great album, classic Korn sound wrapped into the recent emotional turmoil that has hit them. Thank you Korn for 25 fantastic years of great Metal!!!!


Great album. I saw them in Austin the first of their tour with Alice and Chains. They did You’ll Never Find Me live for first time anywhere. Anyways I’ve been a fan since their self titled album. Yes they’ve done some style changes over the years but they’re back to their roots. My favorite songs off album are The Darkness is Revealing and Idiosyncrasy. Do yourself a favor buy the album.

Garrett. F

They kinda have a slip knot sound in this album, but it’s like it. Would not hesitate to buy this album.


I have always loved KoRn and this album does not disappoint! They are the first to progress to new levels and mix with other musical elements. The thing that does not change is they stay true to themselves and ever KoRn album has that signature KoRn sound no matter how different. The Nothing is another great example!


A dark cleaner sounding mature KoЯn. It’s good the more you listen the more it grows 7 out 10 imo.


This record is simply outstanding in my opinion. It’s so dark and so heavy. Everything I love about Korn is on this record and everything that bored me about Korn after “Life is Peachy” has been erased. It’s honest, the vocal patterns are out of this world and I feel all members of the band have really put their all into it. It sounds old and new at the same time with innovative twists around every corner.


Honestly took me a few listens to really like it. After 2 days I can say I’m really digging it. Yeah it’s not as heavy as their last effort TSOS but it’s very dark. Reminds me of Issues . Favorite song at the moment is “Idiosyncrasy” .


...see Godsmack.


This is some heavy stuff. What a nice surprise! 🤘🏼🤘🏼


That this album is full of bangers


Korn has been on repeat since it came out! 2019 belongs to korn!


This album is so good. This album has elements of their roots. Glad to hear the bag pipes again. This is rock! Not that pop stuff they call alternative rock. Nice to hear old Korn again!!!😀


Along with tool and slipknot this been the best year for music. Album brings me back to original Korn ignore the one star reviews this album is great.


Good Music 🎶👍👌!