Natalie Taylor - Latch

℗ 2014 Natalie Taylor

Latch - Single Tracklist:


Love this song so beautiful now this is good music with true meaning


Heard this on Beauty and the Beast (CW) season 2 finale. Loved the change of vocals (and gender may I add). It emphasizes the lyrics more. Awesome cover!

Hannnny :)

Love this song! Will someone please let me know ASAP if I and where I can buy the song different animal by her???!!?! I love it but can't find it


The song itself is wonderful but I really love this version :)


Heard this song from the CW's show Beauty & the Beast, Season 2 finale! This song really is great (the original and this cover). Having this artist cover the song really shows the freshness and uniqueness of the lyrics. A female artist really does make the song more romantic and bright! Love this!!!


The music and gender change was really refreshing. It added a, more, powerful touch? I really like it!