Lee Brice - Hey World

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Hey World Tracklist:


This man is in his 40s and is singing this stuff. For example, soul. Just- ew. I’d be more comfortable if he was younger. I really only like Memory I don’t mess with and One of them girls. Also, I feel like these are all just scraps that shouldn’t have been released.

Buggest fan

It has a few classics like save the roses is underrated and an amazing song!


Sorry but this song comes across as super rapey. I’m not one of those girls, so stop dude.


That’s great Lee, I can relate to all your songs. This is one of my favorite albums, thank you for all the hard work so I can enjoy the music.


One of the best songwriters in Nashville and unlimited range as a singer. No BS "hey girl", "tanned leg, short shorts, git in my truck down by the river, and shake it for me" songs....a true artist....finally


Lee, right on the money. Start to finish, every song is great!!!


From the first song to the last, excellent album. The first three songs are just fun. Some others are great songs for the wife. And others are just powerful statement songs (Lies; Sons and Daughters). Just a great album.


I just found this man and I already love his music.

Yo 262784

The guy is in his 40s and he’s singing about being “one of them boys” and asking if “she’s one of them girls”. Grow up and sing real country music will ya


Awesome album!


It’s funny how some country singers sing about the weirdest stuff so earnestly. For example, this song.



Hershey Kind the fifth

I hope your happy now is mainly by Carly Pirce

Boo Boo 123

There is something refreshingly different about Lee’s voice. Love the 1st two releases and what a great video on the duet! I wish all albums were this easy to listen to.

Country Guy4587

If the rest of the album is like this, it is going to one of his best releases to date.


I’ve followed you from the beginning and you keep getting better. I will forever be a fan for all that you’ve done and do!

Electric Skydog

Great sounding country music! This guy is the real deal when it comes to singing country.

Remington Campbell

Lee needs to switch the first 2 tracks “One of Them Girls” to Track 1 and “Atta Boy” to Track 2!!