LINKIN PARK - Minutes to Midnight

℗ 2007 Warner Records Inc.

Minutes to Midnight Tracklist:

Trust and Us



Rip Chester 💔💔💔 PS I miss him so much 😔


Not bad enough to be a 4-star even when it’s definitely not as good as the first two. Also what the heck happened to Shadow of the Day?? It sounds TOTALLY different! iTunes explain yourself.

Thug life 2020

The song was on guitar hero ( and no I didn’t not discovered lp that way )


I love the song can listen to it as a son but I cannot use it as a ringtone, that was the original purpose so wasted money

Ring tin thirty

Linkin Park may have changed their sound but at least it’s not mainstream pop crap like they do with one more light (notice how I didn’t capitalize it because it’s so bad).

Savannah Marble

So in the song Shadow Of The Day the one part before “cards and flowers on your window” it sounds sooooo techno and I don’t understand it I have the CD Minutes to Midnight and it sound so normal and not techno on there but if I were to download this whole Album on here I would hear techno please ITunes change the fact that it is techno and not what it’s supposed to be.


Hands Held High. Leave Out All The Rest. Bleed It Out. What I've Done. Every other song on the album. All good-great songs.

I am le charch

Best album of theirs IMO


It may not be classified as nu metal but there is a trace of it in this album. I think the best song is what I've done. Just don't understand the hate. It's still amazing!

Keisha 22

What I've done ! was in my opinion the Best Song On This Disc , Chester had an AMAZING , POWERFUL Voice!!! he will be missed !


Love love love this whole album. Meteora and this one are by far the best they've ever done!!


My favorite is Leave Out All The Rest!! It's amazing!!

A butt squeezer

Love all the songs and only one I'm ok with but they did great job


Chester is dead and it hurts to say and know this. I grew up listening to Linkin Park and I'm saddened by his death.


I've always had a soft spot for this album and never understood why people hated it. Bleed it Out was my favorite song for a while. Now I'll never get to hear them play it live. We'll miss ya Chester, you did a good thing for music. Say hi to Chris Cornell for me.

T.M.H (Total Music Head)

After 2 massive albums. Linkin Park's 'Minutes to Midnight' is different from the albums that made them successful. It's a bit soft with "Leave Out All the Rest" & "In Between", Mike's rapping is almost absent on this album, & it's feels more like an alternative rock album instead of a nu metal. But dang this is still a great album! It may not be the best Linkin Park, but it's still an enjoyable listen, songs on here are more political than anything you saw the band do before 'A Thousand Suns'. Chester's vocals on here are still as amazing as you'd expect & when Mike raps, he does it amazingly. Don't let people's comments like "Sell out!" or "SOFT!" get to you, cause it may not be the nu metal album the fans wanted, it's still a rocking album.


One of my favorites from them and I listen to it and sing those words often for years. I'm a bit angry that he killed himself. I haven't got to see them live yet and this year I planned on front row. His vocals are amazing and I know their more amazing live without even witnessing it. What a tragedy. Hope to see you in heaven. Peace and love. 🌹🎈❤️✨🌞


This album changed my life forever


Every song is amazing. One of the greatest bands.

rockstar clarke

Solid album, just wished they rocked out for an extra track two or three lol

Pretty Fly99

"When I here Mike I feel like a dozen little butterflies pop up in a song and I wonder does Mike sleep in a cocoon? I LOVE U MIKE" my five year old said this and I had to post it

Jay Diorr

I swear this was their last great album. It does not beat Meteora or Hybrid Theory, but it was a great album in my opinion.

Minutes to midnight sadness

I don't care if it's different it's good let them do what they want and it's good so just because it's different stop saying it's bad


This is where it all began, folks. After two nu metal albums that began to get predictable, this album marks the start of the diverse, unpredictable Linkin Park we know and love today. They have so much fresh, creative energy that no song on this album sounds like any other, with Given Up and No More Sorrow sounding as close as it gets. Those two songs sandwich an unforgettable batch of tracks that gave LP the most radio success of their career to date. Unfortunately, after No More Sorrow, the quality of the songs drops off considerably. Although not as cohesive and well-rounded as their later releases, Minutes to Midnight has many standout tracks, is the most diverse LP album, and defines the band's diverse musicality.




I love this album I remember when I heard "What I've Done" in this album and when I first watch the music video as well I don't have a favorite song I just Love all of the tracks in Minutes to Midnight.

Eli Eadon



one of my favorite albums!


The little things give you away is by far the best song they've written


Why do some of the songs sound completely different? I was a little disappointed with the shadow of the day sounds. If iTunes is responsible for changing up some of the melodies they really need to stop. It sounds like cheesy remake.

double digit

This is a great cd. LP at its best. Great lyrics and sound. They put out some of the best music that has rock with rap thrown together to make a real deal group. LP this is the way to do it. Keep it up just like this. Buy!


Not meteora, not Hybrid, a new direction but a safe haven (though they should have been more careful before straying even farther away on the next few albums despite 1000 Suns is also great).With Rick Rubin on bored, the sound is going to be as lifelike as it can possibly get. One thing that was alittle dissapointing was less of Mike's raps, only about 20%. Though his verses in 'Hands Held High' is probably the best he will ever write. Of course 'Shadow of the Day' 'What I've Done', and 'Leave Out All The Rest' some of the biggest radio hits for this band are here as well. But there is more to it than that. The best songs I think were not singles. Check it out.


Excellent sequel to Meteora.


I ran into the song "Valentine's day on the Internet, thought it was good, now Linkin park is my favorite band, and this is my favorite album. 1) Valentine's Day 2) Hands Held High 3) What I've Done 4) Shadow of the day 5) In Between


I miss the old Linkin Park.

Fireblaster (cyborg)

Awesome just awesome please do not stop making music


One of my best albums


A majority of this album seems like mike was just trying to fill in the blanks "Given Up" could pass for a Rage Against the Machine single and "Shadow of the Day" is like Nine Days only in 2007... over all this ws a dissapointing album

Gavin gomez

The best album ever by linkin park by far so if your looking into getting it i would its worth way more than 10.99


Great album and the song "what I've done" has always been my favorite linkin park song.


linkin park has been my favorite band since i was a sixth grader, when they dropped their first single "crawling"..linkin park forever!!!!!

Eclipse je

This album is one of the best of LP in my opinion along with Meteora and Hybrid Theory. I reccomend songs 3-7 they are the best in this album. The rest are OK, but songs 3-7 will really blow your mind


Here is my track-by-track review: 1. Wake (1:41) - This is an instrumental, so I won't count it in the actual ratings. A good instrumental, though. 2. Given Up (3:09) - This song is fantastic. I'm sure many "Hybrid Theory" and "Meteora" fans listened to the first song on the album and went, "What do they mean, a big change from the previous albums? This is awesome!" The 17 second long scream by Chester is amazing; easily his best work. 10/10 3. Leave Out All The Rest (3:29) - This is the first real ballad LP ever released, and you can say most people were stunned. Some hated it, some loved it, some were indifferent. Me, I'm indifferent. I like it, but it's a bit repetitive and after the fast glee of "Given Up" this one doesn't seem as good in comparison. I used to really really like it when I heard it, so maybe I'm sick of it now. But, I will listen to it from time to time. 7/10 4. Bleed It Out (2:44) - For the people who say "At least 'Given Up,' No More Sorrow' and 'Bleed it Out' are like their previous two albums," you're wrong. "Given Up" and "No More Sorrow" may be, but "Bleed It Out" definitely isn't. It has one continuous guitar riff, whereas in "Meteora" we would have heard a bone-crushing power chord. Maybe people think it's like the previous two albums because of the screaming. OK, sorry for the ranting. It's a pretty good song; Mike's rapping is great. 8/10 5. Shadow Of The Day (4:49) - This song is... Different. Yes, Chester's vocals are extremely beautiful, but the whole song is literally one sound on loop until 3 minutes in. Then it gets slightly better, but not much. And the last 40 seconds is just some weird organ playing at 1% volume in the background... Can you say pointless? But, as I said again, Chester's vocals are a major redeeming quality... It just seems as though LP went a little overboard with the ballads on this one. 6/10 6. What I've Done (3:26) - This lead single could've been better, but definitely wasn't bad. It really is a mix of everything LP had done so far. The chorus reminds me of "Meteora," the bridge of "Hybrid Theory," and the whole song sounds like it had bits and pieces of "Leave Out All The Rest" mixed into it. So, I applaud them for that. 8/10 7. Hands Held High (3:53) - This song is just amazing. Period. I cannot believe LP is capable of something like this and doesn't do it more often. If you think this is just another stupid ballad, listen to the lyrics. They will change your life. 10/10 8. No More Sorrow (3:41) - Wow, two great songs in a row! "No More Sorrow" has over a minute of complete rocking instrumentals. Then it goes into the verse, then the chorus, which is great, as is the bridge. If you're feeling to rock out or feel mad, just listen to this song! 10/10 9. Valentine's Day (3:16) - Ah, we were going so great! This song is OK... At best. It can be boring and repetitive for sure, but the lyrics do mean more than you think they do, and the song improves when Chester goes into his yelling of "On Valentine's Day!" But still, it's definitely nothing special, but not unlistenable. 6/10 10. In Between (3:16) - This is the first song Mike sang on his own, and man, is it hella boring! Mike is a great singer, but he doesn't show his range in this song. Plus it's maybe two or three very quiet instruments. At least the lyrics and the melody in the chorus is decent. 4/10 11. In Pieces (3:38) - I love this song! Every thirty seconds or so, a new instrument is added! The song slowly builds until it's a full-out awesome song. Plus, Chester's lyrics and melodies are great. 10/10 12. The Little Things Give You Away (6:23) - This is a very good soft song, obviously rightly dissing George W. Bush and giving sympathy for the people caught in the Katrina storm. My only complaint-- WAY too long. 9/10 Average Rating: 8/10--four stars Overall, "Minutes To Midnight" was definitely a change, but a successful one for the most part! A must-buy. If you only want to get a few songs, here's the songs ranked in order of which you should buy the most to least: 1. Given Up 2. Hands Held High 3. No More Sorrow 4. In Pieces ^^^The 10/10's--must buys 5. The Little Things Give You Away ^^^The 9/10--A very good choice 6. Bleed It Out 7. What I've Done ^^^The 8/10's--worth the money 8. Leave Out All The Rest ^^^The 7/10-- I guess I wouldn't un-recommend it. 9. Shadow Of The Day 10. Valentine's Day ^^^The 6/10's-- I wouldn't recommend it, although you may find something in them. 11. In Between ^^^The 4/10-- You shouldn't get this song. Hoped this helped :)


I love LP, but the new albums are total bullshxt. Hybrid Theory and Meteora are the greatest things ever. I like the messages but the instrumentals are horrible. Still LP is 4w3s0m3


They are giving us new sounds by each albums so we don't get bored with the same sound by the first two albums. So enjoy it, or hate it. Its all up to you what your ears enjoy.

2012 my life with U2

This album is just too much good. People don't know it. Shadow Of The Day and Leave Out All The favorite LP songs. They are Wonderful songs. Enough said. Given Up Bleed It Out No More Sorrow In Pieces The Little Things You Give Away Just too good.

J's thoughts

I cant stand LP now days they had 2 good ablums thats it after hybrid theroy and meatora this band has gone down hill that old sound is gone ...

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