LINKIN PARK - The Hunting Party

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The Hunting Party Tracklist:


Trust and Us



That Hard Metal Rock Music is wild, I’m used to listen Pop And Alternative Music but that doesn’t mean that this Album Wasn’t Good It was Pretty good with the lyrics and Chester’s Singing And it was pretty good I give this Album 4.5/5


Don’t listen to bad reviews love this album people need to shut up about this album


‘Nuff said


Sudden return to heavy metal, and it’s heavier than they’ve ever done before! And it’s AWESOME!!!

Ring tin thirty

Until it’s gone is one of the best Linkin park songs


“Oh no!!! This album has a sound that is in a different direction than the almighty Hybrid Theory! That must mean it’s bad, because Hybrid Theory is absolutely perfect and every Linkin Park album should be exactly like it! 0/10!!!!!111” Honestly, it’s ridiculous that there are still people who like to hate on this album, even after they ditched almost all electronics for it. The only conceivable way Linkin Park can ensure that all of these people will be happy is by recording and releasing Hybrid Theory 3: Return of the Hybrid Theory. But then they’ll anger the people who like Linkin Park’s variety, and you get the point... We should celebrate the fact that Linkin Park made an album with a new sound, instead of trashing it for not being Hybrid Theory AGAIN.


Great rock/metal album by the greatest band around.




If anybody doesn't like this I don't know what's wrong with you I think you need a psychiatrist and a doctor that is on crack because this album is the best album that I can ask for and I bet a lot of people agree with me and for those of you that haven't downloaded it go ahead and download it. It's the best.


Overall just a great album

Thy squire

This album is musically great, to fully comprehend this aspect you have to listen to the album as a whole. Now one of my favorite linkin park albums.

Sgt Will

This is the sound and style I've missed from Linkin Park for far to long. Very powerful record worth the money.


This is how all linkin park albums should sound



A butt squeezer

Don't know why people don't like. A band changes if they don't then it's just same old same old. You either enjoy the ride and watch them develop or the bands becomes stale


Not much hip hop but lots of rock. What's wrong with that??


These Songs are great


My favorite Linkin Park albums are Meteora, The Hunting Party, and Hybrid Theory.


So here's the thing: I love Linkin Park. I love their first 2 albums, and I rate those as amongst my top 3 favorite albums, Meteorea being 2, and Hybrid Theory being 3. But for those who are whinig and begging for the old LP sound, THIS album isn't it. It is certainly more garage rock sounding, and it does have a completely different sound than Living Things did (which still stands as my number one album of all time by the band to this day), but this album feels empty. The songs are screamy, it's still Mike and Chester rocking it out, but there's no soul to it. The album feels over-done with the yelling at times, the Rock isn't ever offset by other songs, it just sounds off the whole way through. Hands down, this is my least-favorite album. Still good music to listen to, but no Linkin Park soul anywhere to be found.


This is the first heavier album they've made since Meteora in my opinion. They called it a return to their roots. It's a return to guitar and drums, but something just feels off and awkward about it all. It sounds like a band that doesn't know how to play heavy music anymore. It feels very forced to me like the musicians forgot how to write music like this. I'm a fan of guitars and real drums but this album is a pass for me.

DK devilplayground

This album is so corny, mediocre, and desperate sounding with bad lyrics . I couldn't listen to the whole thing, I got sick of it about halfway through. Bennington has been telling people to move on from "Hybrid Theory" and to focus on their new stuff, how can you if their new stuff is terrible. Everything they've put out since 2010 has sucked balls end of story.


I haven't listnen to Linkin Park in a while. This album comes in second to Hybrid Theory! The first time I heard The Hunging Party in my car, I felt like I was back in high school.


It's very good


LINKIN PARK's 6th album that they done this album is amazing LOVE all the tracks and the feature guess that are in this album I didn't expect that Page Hamilton, Rakim, and Daron from system of a down were gonna be in this album this album rocks.

Dakota Le Francois

Though I dig this whole album it's heavy at times and very well put together Rebellion, Mark The Graves & A Line In the Sand and The Summoning all are my favs especially A Line In The Sand I jogged to this whole album the other day and will be doing the same for Living Things soon too. 5 Stars!


Style has already changed,大力支持!

Eclipse je

No it's not Hybrid Theory or Meteora. Those will always be my favorites. But we have to stop comparing it to those albums, because then all albums will be seen as bad compared to those two. Judging the album by its own merit, it is a solid rock album. Such powerful lyrics, guitar riffs. It's what a LP album is all about


This is literally my Favorite Album by Linkin Park I love all the song from Keys to Kingdom all the way to A Line in the Sand it was just a great album full of Guitars,Drums & Vocals. My Top 3 Favorites on this Album gotta be 1. A Line in the Sand 2. All For Nothing (Feat.Page from Helmet) 3. Keys To The Kingdom. I like listening to these song when I go running they power me through it. I hope to hear another album like this one day it's just wonderful. I been a fan for Years and this is my Favorite not a single song I dislike in this Album

Blazing Lucario

Linkin park sold out and their music is now garbage


I listen to this album on YouTube. It's really good and all, but I can't get it on iTunes. My FREEEEKIIIIIIINNN step dad put a restrictions passcode on my phone that he doesn't even pay for. So I'm asking if y'all could make a clean version. Please!!!!!????


Bought this album. Not sure why all songs not on it. Says I have to pay additional 30 dollars for Apple Music subscription to listen to tracks like until it's gone and final masquerade I just bought the album what's up with that?


Hybrid Theory and Meteora are some of the best albums of all time. I thouth Living Things was as low as they could sink but clearly I was wrong. Hunting Party is one of the most uninspred pieces of garbage I've ever listened to. All of the songs sound exactly the same, Chester's voice is all squeaky and whiny, Mike is barely on the record, and every song is just a boring generic radio rock tune. Linkin Park went from being my favorite band to worst really quick

Apoc 1234

*sigh* Everyone needs to stop comparing the newer albums to Hybrid Theory and Meteora. I highly doubt that any new music will be able to reach that level of amazingness. No matter what band it is. Every popular band has its good albums and its bad ones. It's a pretty good album, but much too screamo for my taste. I still listen to it, but everyone needs to treat it like new music instead of comparing it to the old music.


You got to give linkin park some creds there aren't afraid to take risks


I have zero faith they won't sound like they did back in the early 2000s if they come out with another album. REAL ROCK is the way to go, not this progressional techno rock crap. I grew up listening to the early albums of LP and now the new albums are garbage. What the hell happened to the artists I grew up listening to? It's like they switched genres or something. Bring back 2000s themed rock!!


Nu metal never lasted but all different genres of music still going on if you remember when kiss went disco … Linkin Park is doin what kiss did...trying to keep up with Time of now day Music by doing electro.....

New 🍒💜🍒

I have always loved linkin park ever since I heard what I've done it what got me into them and I've always loved playing there music loud and proud there my number one band ever and Metallica is number two

Ton crackle pop

I'm a die hard LP fan I don't care what people say about there new stuff it's still great. Except for A Thousand Suns that was was not good... Anyway pretty much perfect but I like really don't like Keys To The Kingdom it sounds off like 90% of the song.


This album is honestly one of the most boring I've heard in a while. It's unintersting, monotonis, predictable, and a bit bland. They didn't try anything new or exciting and instead became a cookie cutter band. While I personally didn't care for Living Things and absolutley HATED A Thousand Suns, I at least can appreciate them trying new things. Here, they went for the boring route, sounding like a generic rock band rather than the nu-metal gods they used to be.

Dark Mystery21

Wow another amazing and hard rock album from LINKIN PARK. This album was all about hard rock people doubt they would not make a good hard rock album and yet they still managed to succeed.I love the transitions between each song. I love all their album's each album has a meaning behind it and that's what makes every album special. I look at the reviews and everyone is saying they miss the old LINKIN PARK and their newest newest albums are not the same as their first 2 albums some bands change.


This is their finest album to date. This recalls so much of what made this band so great. Chester displays his voice range better than ever, with the insane energy evocative of No More Sorrow in Keys to The Kingdom, to the nice melodic vocals of Final Masquerade. Mike's rapping is arguably at its best on this album, as well as everything else. Guitar, while its never been the most impressive aspect of the band, comes roaring back, and for the better. Most of the electronic direction the band has tinkered with for the last two albums has been mostly ditched in favor of a more "raw" sound (rip turntables ;_;,), and it works, generic as it may seem. Collaborations were great, especially so on All For Nothing and Guilty All The Same, with the exception of Drawbar. Tom Morello is wasted on guitar only playing strings in the background of an ambient piano solo. If any fan of Meteora and Hybrid Theory isn't satisfied with this album, it's their loss, and those songs are always there for them. They won't make a Hybrid Theory III, but they will make great music, whether triggered fans want more of the same or not. There's something on this track for any fan of Linkin Park, whether they only critique the album based on comparisons to their first two works or not. Best track on the album in my opinion is A Line in The Sand. Absolutely worth a listen.


I personally didn't like "Living Things" or "Thousand Suns" all that much. There were good songs on both albums, but I wouldn't listen to either album all the way through. This album however, is amazing! If you listen to some songs on this album next to songs on "Hybrid Theory," it's clear that Linkin Park tried to get back to their roots. They definitely succeeded, this album is definitely worth listening to. My personal favorites: 5) A Line in the Sand 4) Rebellion 3) Final Masquerade 2) Until it's Gone 1) Guilty all the Same


I did some research and follow-up on this album, watching behind the scenes footage, interviews, and reading about interviews, Mike and Chester hit the nail on the head regarding the fact that rock had seemed to lost its luster and edge and that they wanted to bring back what made rock great. I had this same mindset when this album was released and was extremely thankful for rock resurfacing. Their alubm art even inspired one of my tattoos.

Get The Sound

The Hunting Party takes fans of Linkin Park back to their heavy loud sound.


I wish there were more slower songs to be honest lol. I enjoy this album though! I never have gotten disappointed by Linkin Park really. I always have expected them to experiment and try different things cause that's what they are notorious for. For the ones who are still stuck in their 2 first albums maybe you should try writing your own music and then put it on ITunes and deal with the criticism you put on them if you get popular and decide you want to try something different out because you have integrity instead of selling out all the time. Just my opinion. I love Final Masquerade and the add ons to this album.

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