London Philharmonic Orchestra & David Parry - The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music

℗ 2009 X5 Music Group

The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music Tracklist:


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What a glorious album. Sheer brilliance!

Stinky Butt George

Beethoven is a wonderful pianist. He was extremely famous when Charlie Brown can our as a movie. Thank you, Delilah.

Star of the Seine TWA

This is the best classical music album ever on iTunes. Highly recommended for everyone who likes classical music.


If you were ever curious as to some of the Classical Music that stuck in your mind from watching Academy Award winking movies...they’re all here. Apocalypse Now, Deer Hunter,Platoon and others. This album contains familiar tune my parents listened to growing up and it brings me memories. Lastly, if you really are not that much into Classical Music but want to know the most famous classical tunes to have at least semi intelligent conversation with someone, they’re all here.


When I purchased this album it split into 2 albums that separated tracks numbers 6, 11, 20, 22, 30, 37, and 46. I contacted Apple support and I was told to Redownload the album twice which did not work. I was then directed to an article of how to fix it myself. As a customer this is not something I should have to do. In my opinion the problem should be solved by Apple. I spent an hour with the Apple support session, grew tired of it, and did not want to continue it. I can still listen to the songs but the fact that my album got split in 2 is annoying.


It’s so relaxing especially the first song on the album thanks for blessing my ears


popular music 50 love this album

pal sandy

After purchasing the album iTunes informed that 11 pieces “cannot be downloaded in my area or country”. I live in the middle of the USA. I feel this was bait and switch.


I just love the quality and beauty.


very nice classical music, however i only bought one song out of this album yet i love it! very calming music.


Lo amé al escucharlo 👌


IMO-this has an opportunity to be a great addition to your music collection that encompasses all of great classical hits. However-the sound quality is absolutely horrible.


Stunning recordings that have broadened my taste


Everything I wanted. Just perfect.


I have been getting into classical music lately and this album was a great start. I love the iconic pieces but I have also discovered new pieces that I did not know about and now like a lot.


Before I got this song, my rituals felt boring. BUT NOW I shall sacrifice a dragon to this ritual.


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Its written purchased, but not shown in my music library


There are so many songs here that I know but what I didn't know was that they were classical!


There are far better recordings of each piece of music on this album. But as an introduction to the uninitiated, this is great. And a deal at that.


How great is it to have all these in one place


This is by far the best collection of classical music out there!


I can't believe this is only $6.




Purchased this album and can only get 7 of the 50 tracks- not the ones I would prefer. Have called and written iTunes without response. 😔. The music is probably wonderful if only I could hear it.


Audiophiles can be picky over recordings and conductors of classical music. And if you are reading this, you are probably not an audiophile nor are you interested in reading something written by one. But if you like to listen to classical music every once in a while, this sets you up with some of the best known pieces. You can argue about what constitutes the 50 greatest works, but just go out and buy the missing ones that you like. The price is great, the music sounds nice (see note about not being an audiophile) and you do get 50 pieces. In sum, this should be one of the first albums that you buy on iTunes.


Not all songs downloaded

Caleb NJ

I love movie scores and classical music and this was just absolutely thought provoking for an author I listen to a lot of music to help get some ideas and this was absolutely wonderful to listen to. Very helpful with my writing!

The Other Elf

Love this album. Beethoven, Mozart, and others!

Bernie mulligan

Songs did not fully download


The price can't be beat for 50 songs not to mention how great it sounds!


This contains magnificent pieces of musical perfection! This is the finest music ever composed!

iTunes stafff

Lovely collection.


I recieved this album as a present my freshman year of High School. I was going to a performing arts high school and I wanted to listen to the pieces that my orchestra program was playing. The album did a fantastic job of showing me the surface of what classical music has to offer. Please note that this collection of works is not an exhaustive list. Allof the Symphonies that are on the album are just a snipit from it, or just a movment from the entire work. This is not nessisarily a bad thing, but I would say that if you get this album and find a work you like, do some more digging and get the ENTIRE work, because you may find something will stick with you forever. Note too that this is missing great works of chamber music, solo music, and leaves out many 20th Century composers, like Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, and Adams, which I think is a shame because I think that some pieces by those composers deserve to be in this 50 Greatest Pieces lineup. Anyhow, great place to start, but by no means an exhaustive list of the fantastic works that may or may not be represented on this list.


I will not ask for more , this is what I wanted , no day passes without listing to this album, I recommend it for the new generation as start to the classic music.

Emmet Aloysius

I have just begun listening to classical music and this is an enjoyable and educational collection for beginners and I assume veterans too. Great value and good sound!...EAF


Some of the best music from the Western repertoire. Performed well and sold at a great price. But for multi movement works you don't get the whole spiele, fair enough though.


Though I'm 100% sure they have Fur Elise down as Bagatelle in A


Amazing deal! This is the best iTunes purchase I have ever made. This album is full of all of the greatest songs. Truly amazing

jt the hawk

these are great examples of the best Classical music ever made


Seriously I can't stop listening to the greatest pieces of classical music. Really worth the money! 5 stars.


My god where to start just get it let your mind travel with the sweet sound off music and peace. 😊


I actually really like the selection however several of the songs are truncated in my download and I can't seem to get the full piece to download.


I've always wanted good classical music 😄


I wish the sound editing could have been better. Seems like a lot of fuzzy interference could have been removed. Oh well, still a cracking collection.


It is worth the money, this compilation of famous classical tracks is worth purchasing, although I am not a fan of all the tracks, I love the piece titled "Cavatina" which was in the film The Deer Hunter starring Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep & Chirstopher Waken, lovely song.


For the sum of $6 (a few beers at a bar) you can enjoy countless of times the best melodies composed throughout the history of mankind. I mean, seriously, that is a steal and I felt bad purchasing this item at this price.


Coming from someone who listens to a little bit of everythig (metal is my favorite) this is simply the best collection of classical music you are going to find. Amazing value for how cheap it was as well. I've been listening to the whole collection, start to end, for a week straight at work now and have yet to find a single song i don't like.

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