Natalie Taylor - Love Life

℗ 2014 Natalie Taylor

Love Life - Single Tracklist:


Honestly, I love this song. I heard it on the Bare Minerals commercial *surprise surprise* and loved it. She sounds beautiful and it slays. Love it.☺️


This song was so beautiful, I first heard it on the bare Minerals commercial and I had to look it up and try to find out who made it... Her voice is amazing and the melody is so beautiful.


Every time this horrible song comes on tv during the Bare Minerals commercial I cannot help but change the channel. This song is so annoying! The singer's voice is so shrill and irritating.


Love this song!! I'm Natalie's little cousin and I'm so proud of her! I miss her so much but she is on her way to major fame!:) also looooove latch!!


Beautiful Voice! Beautiful song!


She has beautiful voice and this is such an inspiring song!!! Its amazing and i can't get it out of my head.


BareMinerals has done it yet again !!! Fabulous music for their products !!! I've tried shazam-ing this off the tv and finally found it on iTunes.


I heard this in the back of the bare minerals commercial and I searched and searched... SOO Glad I found it!❤️

Should have known24

It's beautiful n refreshing to hear


I could listen to this song over and over again. Natalie Taylor has an angelic voice. I also ordered this song for my daughter.


I love this song! Heard it on the Bare Minerals commercial :)


It all started with bare minerals commercial! "When you love life, your life, it's beautiful, your beautiful" I would have paid $10 for this song a dollar just doesn't justify it. P.s. I'm African American wonder if she knew that everyone would love her song like really:)


So glad this song is finally available. Heard it in the Bare Minerals commercial. So good! 💕👍👏


❤️ It


I am so ecstatic this song is finally out, wow Natalie Taylor is a goddess and her voice is that of an angel! :)


Her voice is so beautiful, light and soothing.


Seemed like i had been waiting forever for this song to be released. The bare Minerals commercial was on replay just to hear the little snippet they used. I love this song. The music is so uplifting and her voice is perfect.


Just soo good!! 😍😍😍


I absolutely love this song. I never right reviews for anything but I just had to for this song. Natalie's voice is angelic. Amazing and beautiful song! Great job and congrats on your bare essentials commercial! 👏😊


Love this song ! It so relaxing ;)

Courtney 💕

Absolutely Love This Song ! So Harmonic & Lovely ! Keep Up The Good Work !


So glad I found this song, it’s so beautiful. Hopefully there will be more from Natalie Taylor <3


I have been waiting for it, and all I can say is its great:) good luck on your journey


This is a great song .. Couldnt wait for it to come out


Never do reviews, but I had to for this song. Absolutely love it! I heard it on the bare minerals commercial and religiously searched for who sang it, then I found Natalie's twitter and waited every day for it come out :) love it!!!




I first heard this song on the background of a bare minerals commercial and have been waiting for the single to come out! She obviously has great natural talent and the song itself is beautiful. Great job Natalie!