Marcus King - El Dorado

℗ 2019 Fantasy Records, Distributed by Concord.

El Dorado Tracklist:


I love your music Marcus but please don’t go down that soft country road like so many do. Keep on rocking forever! Your talent is truly amazing and your voice has gotten stronger and more soulful. Unfortunately this album is a real departure from that. Maybe because you left that awesome band behind.


Just great stuff from Marcus. Please please please keep it coming.

Apple born again

I grew up in the 70-80’s with rock and roll including southern rock and this is the real deal. Talent, authenticity, passion and great songs...I Spotified it for a while but those commercials and extra songs they add in made me hit buy... and I sure glad I did. You will be too...

Vee Man

Not sure what happened here. Love the guy, but this is not among my favorites. A few good songs, but really an odd mix.

Skott J.

There isn't a bad song on this entire album. His fusion of blues and country is masterful.


I'm glad he's escaping the jam band formula to something more diverse that shows off his enormous talent. This is his best album yet.


Marcus king!! This dude is fire!

hR_ perspective

Awesome sounds, great job with this album.


Different from his other stuff but love his originality and bravery. Known as a blues guitar shredder, Marcus shows off more of his arsenal with R&B, singer songwriter, little country and still busts out great blues on this album. Can’t wait to listen to this over and over. His voice is incredible.


Where is the soul and blues? What happened? Love the guy, but not feeling this album.


It's alittle bit country, it's alittle bit rock n' roll...Osmond jokes aside this guy brings it all to the table. His ability to mold all his influences into a fresh and original sounding product is refreshing and at such a young age gives me hope for many years of great material to come. Check out all of his other stuff with Marcus King Band, you won't be disappointed.


Best music you’ll hear this year


Good lord he's talentent. 23yo and already on his 5 studio album ( the marcus king band). This album is SO good. Even with Apple Music I had to buy it to show support - Keep it up!

Mad Hattered

I stumbled across this young and talented musician tonight by looking at “new music”. Normally I’m like yeah, uhhhh, OK. Some call me a Boomer. This was impressive. I listened to the first 3 songs and bought the album. Props to this guy.

Aaron p northcutt

Music that hits the Soul🐐👍


This 23 year old has the soul of a 100 year old blues man. Heartfelt lyrics. Smooth guitar, amazing voice! Great album!!!


Pre sold is fine by me with this young dude. Marcus King is an old soul, at a young age, with adult chords, lyrics and tasty riffs. Y' all know it's go'in be good. Thank you Marcus for putting out some of the best blues based rock and soul available today. Keep it up Brother. God bless, J.

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