Metallica - Metallica

℗ 1991 Blackened Recordings

Metallica Tracklist:


Enter sandman is the most brutal death metal song ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Disappointing and boring after And Justice for All..


Can we all start buying new music? I’m tired of seeing these songs at number one on the metal charts while great new bands get no love here. Sure, Metallica is/was great but it’s ridiculous that In 2020 this song is number one on the iTunes metal list.


Great tracks all around. Strong selections from start to finish. Sounds as good as when it came out! :)


Classic thrash music.

...And Justice for Newstead

I am aware of the irony in my review title, but this is my favorite Metallica album, second being Master, it has the perfect album structure. You have the signature song, “Enter Sandman”, the softer love song, “Nothing Else Matters”, the power ballad, “The Unforgiven”, the song that they named a tour after, “Wherever I May Roam”. You also have the promotional singles that are awesome and have a connection to the writer, “The God That Failed”. Overall it is what you think of when you think of album.

strawbarry sweet

So cool, mom will not let me, so sad 😭


yall call this music 🗑🗑🗑


It’s not as good as ride the lightning or Master of Puppets but, its awesome nonetheless.


This album connected with my 9 year old soul. Many years later this is a beast of an album!


Overrated white trash theme music for flatulent sniffing cheerleaders who expect you to be intimidated by a mullet. Then again, that is what’s to be expected by pop metal bands (especially terribly named Metal-lica)


this is amazing 😉 thrash no, but still epic


This is the album that Hetfeild learned to sing. That isn’t a bad thing. Some may look at it like they sold out and I would say that was the next album. Metallica filled my ears when I was a teen and while I don’t listen to much of there newer stuff. I’m a fan and will be for a life.

Trust and Us


El Duque de Barça

Without being “too quick to criticize” the music too much, but this is where Metallica definitely stopped making speedier and politically/socially poignant songs to more radio acceptable metal pop. Seriously, a song about the bogeyman? Yo ho indeed. But it’s their band and they can do what they want, and they did a great job making pop metal. Doesn’t suit everyone’s tastes but at least they threw a small bone to old fans with through the never.

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I love this album, especially Enter Sandman


Metallica can do any genre and make it sound good. period. Thrash is the best from them but this album and load are iconic and well made.


Tied with master of puppets as favorite metallica album.


Awesome album has some real nice rock songs like Enter Sandman but my favorite is Sad But True definitely worth to get


metallica will live forever

nathan craigo

What’s it sbout

Savannah Brengman04

Metallica is awesome! I went to go see them in concert!


Beginning with Kill Em All, each album was progressively better than the one before. Black was the pinnacle of that run. For Metallica newbies, this is where you start 🔥🏴🔥


Best metal album ever. Period.


Great songs great tone perfect


People who hate on this album, what is wrong with not doing the same thing over and over? If these guys did thrash the entire time it’d get pretty boring after a while. You guys go way over-the-top all the time. Any tweak is a sellout. Any new direction in the slightest is a sellout. You wanna talk sellouts? Check out today’s artists. Taylor Swift. Tried country, didn’t get any fame. Went STRAIGHT to pop with no gradual movement. Suddenly she’s everywhere and has all the money. Even though every one of her songs are just like the other. Imagine Dragons. Gradually started changing their sound until their latest album when they REALLY went for the money. Billie Eilish. Ed Sheeran. Justin Bieber (though he’s always been a sellout and has NEVER made quality music). I can name dozens more of REAL sellouts. Metallica ain’t one of them.

Ali Belle🌸

Lots of people are pointing out that this album is more tame than Metallica’s older music - it isn’t so “thrash” and heavy. Yet it’s become their most iconic album of all time. Personally, I like this style of rock better. It allows you to focus more on the meanings behind the lyrics and the stories being told within the songs. Some of the songs are on the heavier, fast-paced side (“The Struggle Within”) like that of their older music, while some of the songs are slower and more tame. “Nothing Else Matters” reminds me of “Fade To Black” from their earlier album “Ride The Lightning” in the sense that it is calm and haunting. I think every single song on this album is excellent and meaningful. Metallica is the definition of great rock music.

Reese Duntley

Yeah.. they’ve changed their sound... a lot. People give this album crap a lot but it’s just them changing up their tone. Even though it’s basically mainstream rock more than it’s metal. There are some good riffs in it and it’s overall decent. Personally not one of my go-to albums when I want to listen to Metallica.


Of metal 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


I love Metallica they are my favorite band. This is a pretty good album I really like where ever I may roam and the unforgiven. Good album!

Sailor wing

My 1st album. Always loved Enter Sandman


5 stars 6th best album in my opinion


It’s ok but the reason I’m giving it 3 is because it’s not as good as the 80’s

The Miracle Squeeze-Box

Everyone thought that Metallica was crazy when they decided to shorten things down for their self titled 5th album; boy were they in for a surprise 😝 😜 💭 I remember watching the creepy music video for the 1st single “Enter Sandman” & ultimately I knew that this legendary Heavy Metal quartet have made it at long last after 10 years, and they did so for the right reasons 🤘 🎵 🎼 🎶


Metallica comes out swinging with all the glory and power they can muster and it works. One of the best albums in music history! 🤘


Listened to this album a thousand times after Operation . just the beasts under your bed, in your closet, in your head

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Stone cold awesome from start to finish u rock Metallica 🎸🎤🎧


This is an excellent album I love it


Love it

Tesla 1987


Tony game man

Metallica is the worlds best metal band. Curse you Megadeth fans!!!


Metallica is the greatest thing to happen to metal but, it’s not as thrash as kill em all or the earlier stuff, but still extremely sick


My favorite Metallica album besides Master of Puppets, “Enter Sandman” is that classic Metallica feel and sound. A must get for all Metallica fans!


Great songs from the mighty Metallica


One of the best albums of all time.


Tracks like “enter sandman” and “nothing else matters” are very overrated but tracks like “of wolf and man” and “struggle within” are very underrated and this album is really good all around even if it’s not thrash