Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

℗ Originally released 1959 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Kind of Blue Tracklist:

Cesar Lisboa Apple

This is a Master Piece; brings you deeper inside of your souls.


Amazing bluesy jazz by miles Davis. I wish he made more like this.. incredible!!!


One of the most influential albums of jazz


The album is a classic. The End (P.S. the album sounds awesome on vinyl)


This is a fantastic album! Definitely worth the listen and EVEN BETTER if you can get it on vinyl!

Philosopher Blue in Green

Davis and Coltrane are nothing less than perfect in Blue in Green.


That's it. What more is there to say?


Like was said earlier, you don't have to know anything at all about this music to make this album your foray into the world of modern jazz. This one is masterful!

Dylan Utz

Miles’ finest work, one of the greatest albums ever recorded, Kind of Blue was and still is the definition of the umbrella term Jazz, although its ability to impart emotion among listeners spans music lovers of all preferred genres. Referred to by musicians as made in heaven — the airy, elevated feel a result of echo chambers and mic bleeding in Columbia’s 30th Street Studios — this album was an brief artistic endeavor from which Miles Davis chose to undertake to end the 1950s. Universally lauded, Kind of Blue in the opinion of many, as well as I, could very well comprise of the most beautiful and artistic sounds ever impressed into phonograph records. This album is best listened to in the dark, where there is no light to bias your experience.


I enjoyed this musical journey with Miles and his friends.

Electric Sky Dog

The album to this day is one of the great masterpieces of Jazz music. Put this record on pour a great glass of red wine and listen for yourself something very special in the world of Jazz music.


Priceless piece of work, but why only 3 tracks?


$6.99 for the album but $2.97 for all songs individually what.. I want to listen but I'm so confused


One of the all time great jazz albums. Anybody can listen to this. Great music. Very creative but univseally inclusive, which is hard to do in music and art.


This album is so good it has been officially recognized by Congress as a great album. Definitive.


What is there more to say about this?


My band has this album as their theme this year, it's so cool ^^


I cry whenever I hear it. Magnificent piece of art that will never fade away!


The definition of True Jazz. Timeless

Jason H48

My first Jazz record, I know it's all downhlll from here, but I don't care. I love Jazz now, Thank You Miles.


So good, needs no description.


The music on this album transcends any verbal description of it.If you’ve never heard it, give yourself or a loved one a lasting gift.


Kind of "meh"


This is a must have for any music enthusiast (not just jazz fanatics). Miles and company stretched the boundaries and created a masterpiece. If Jesus had a cd collection, this would be in it.


Put headphones on for the tune 'Flamenco Sketches' and listen intensely to Bill Evans piano solo at 5:56--it is nothing short of moving.


You can't touch this album. It is flawless

Alan Kiawah

Perfect, simply perfect!


In my opinion this is one of the greatest recordings ever made - ANY genre. 50 years ago i listened to this with my girlfriend late into the morning our first year of college. 50 years later, alone now, i STILL listen to this...late into the morning. It's timeless. It takes me deep into and out of myself.




This album always makes my short list of "If you were lost on an island what x number of album would you take". Might just be a perfect album.


If you were only to buy one jazz album, this is the one you want to get. Master musicians at the peak of their craft. Songs you can get lost in. More than 50 years after it was realeased and it still has the chops to be played daily.


Timeless. Miles is so COOL.


In my opinion Miles Davis is the greatest Jazz musician ever .This recording is worth the purchase of you are a lover of jazz


I don't listen to a lot of jazz but this is some of the best jazz of ever herd and its long so it gives you time to set have a drink and relax !


excellent album. fantastic album. perfect album. I just want to point out that the song All Blues costs over 3 dollars.


This is the album that changed the face of American jazz music in 1959. Between Brubeck, Davis, Coleman, and Mingus, a new face was added to what used to be only a two-dimensional square of bebop, and out came a cube, or better analogically, a sphere— the definition of improvisation had to be revised because of THIS ALBUM specifically! Buy it. There truly is nothing that will ever be recorded like this again.

El Gato 69X

I think this music vibrates in harmony with the fundamental frequency of life!


My favorite album


I recently purchased Davis' "Kind of Blue" and am glad it's my first foray into jazz. It's been hailed as the father of modern jazz, and it's chocolate-smooth rhythms, disciplined horns, tight but mellow grooves, and overall gentle compentence makes this 1959 effort a true classic and an historic watershed in American music. It's stately beauty and unrivaled skill creeps up on you and fills the heart with soulful sounds, made possible by the unique and peerless instrumentalists, including the great sax god John Coltrain. In it, I hear all the jazz that came after, encapsulated in this once in a lifetime jam session.


I'll keep this short and sweet, because iTunes seems to be deleting all of the reviews/ratings from classic albums. One of the greatest pieces of music ever made. It doesn't matter if you're a jazz fanatic or have never listened to it in your life, buy this album. Nuff said.

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