Morgan Wallen - Dangerous: The Double Album

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Dangerous: The Double Album Tracklist:


sub to fake clan

The whole album is on the charts


Great songs with a great variety. Excited to see his future in country music!

Katy perry 1133

Such a good album I love itttttt


G.O.A.T. This entire album is AMAZING!!!!


Listened while my kiddo and I cleaned out his closet today - It gets better the more times you hit play. Love all the songs - some hit my heart extra like ‘sand in my boots’ (makes me cry) - ‘somebody’s problem’ (love the ups and downs of the melody) - ‘wondering bout the wind’ (me too) - ‘seven summers’ (been my favorite all covid), ‘only thing that’s gone’ (just plain good) -and oh heck yeah ‘outlaw’! While I’m writing this I’m listenin to ‘quitin time’. Think that’s my new favorite . . .


It’s a good little bit of everything. Old and new


if you're a why don't we can just shut up no one cares about your dog water this is the best album ever made. if you're gonna talk about why don't we, go review their album. i'm almost positive this is one person writing the reviews over and over again. just shut up please


In love with him


This album right here is of the highest quality.


Dangerous couldn’t be more of a perfect title for this album, cuz this thing is 🔥🔥🔥 all the way through. He did it again. This album is incredible.


I am in love w this album


go away


From the first song to the last the whole album is phenomenal! He can rock it out and make you cry, not a bad song in the bunch. Great writing and delivery.


i like it it’s pretty good


this album is amazing!! so glad it had so many songs and a variety of music!

steff uh knee

sorry but this album is too overhyped, and there is way better music out there that deserves to be number 1, like taylor swift or why don’t we.

Luke winer

🐐 this album is a classsic


Go stream The Good Times And The Bad Ones by Why Don’t We


I️ would give it no stars if possible. Every song made me want to scream I couldn’t even get through a full one. They’re so bad it’s unbearable. I️ don’t know how this is a number one album that’s truly embarrassing to those who listen to it. This needs to be removed from #1. Why don’t we on the other hand just came out with a new album called the good times and the bad ones and it is immaculate. That’s a number one album if you ask me !


this album was like listening to nails on a chalkboard. my ears are bleeding from listening to this tragedy. don’t listen unless you want to throw yourself off a bridge. i recommend the good times and the bad ones by why don’t we!!!!!

I love you osndkdn

was expecting much more. like was expecting it to be as good as the good times and the bad ones by why don’t we.


Morgan has always been one of my favorite artist since 2013-2014 when I came across his YouTube channel and before he went on the voice. Love you Morgan!


I have been waiting for months & I mean months for this album. It was BEYOND worth every second I had to wait. Morgan has stolen my heart & this album has not stopped being played since 12am on the 8th of Jan.


Every single song is perfection. Morgan has made an album with 30 songs and not surprisingly, not’a one of em misses.


You won’t regret it

where has country gone

Album of the year


As if one album wouldn’t have been amazing, he released a DOUBLE ALBUM and there isn’t a single bad song! The talent he has is incredible! GAHT!


I don’t usually listen to o country but Morgan Walkman has captured my heart with this album. Fantastic for people who want to give country a try like me. Though the “The Dangerous Sessions” album version is superior I believe. Hopefully they release it soon.


Not one to write reviews, but this album is incredible. Obviously there's some songs much better than others, but this album as a whole is probably the best country album to come out within the last year


This entire album is great. There’s not a single song that I don’t like. Morgan is always making good music, no doubt he’ll be one of the top 10 country singers in history.


This man replaced Chris Stapleton easily replaced Chris Stapleton as my favorite conutry artist!!! This album does not disappoint!

King ohio 31

Both this Album and Ace King love both of them

Carly oconnor

I’m glad that Morgan came out with a double album. This album was worth the wait.




Team Outlaw


Love it


The entire album is so amazing! It’s been on repeat since it came out!!

Todd Santos

Every song is a hit!


I rarely will purchase or preorder a full album because I rarely ever have hope I will love the full album. Not in this case! I love this album and it has been on repeat since I purchased it. I love his voice and his vibe! Bartender and Cover Me Up are my absolute faves. ♥️


Love this album and it’s a great deal with 30 songs!!

Abby Godfrey

I waited months for this album and as I suspected it did not disappoint! I am always amazed with my boy Morgan Wallen!! <3


No maam

Jumbo stevo32

Mg will be top tier 2-4 years. Watch

Mik Wil



Pure talent!!! It’s on repeat


you saved 2021 with this music