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Love Ellen but Disappointed

Love these guys. Their voices are very pleasant to just lay back and relax to. I truly enjoy the lyrics and music of nearly every song. I’m becoming a Country Music Fan. You can’t go wrong with this album if you like their hit One Man Band. All their music is of that caliber.


They just keep getting better! My favorite album of 2019!


I have this on the top of my playlist Love it!


I love the band. All the songs are great


Zero stars.


Not country, not pop just good music.


Album is so good!


They are going to make it very big👍💜🖇🖇


They’ve been my favorites band for over a year now and I’m so happy how far they’ve gotten.This is a true old dominion album




A less than average sophomore album. Make another like this and they’ll be back in the bars. Step it up gents, this won’t cut it.


Get out of the country genre


Great album! Great group!


I went to the Old Dominion Concert Make it Sweet tour not knowing exactly what I was going into. I had stopped listening to the country station because let’s face it country isn’t like it was in the 90’s. But ! This album and this band have completely taken over my music play list. I don’t think there is one song that isn’t worth listening to on repeat. How they sound on the soundtrack is how they would live in concert. Bravo !


Loving this album


So chill


They are going to make it big..... so happy they came together to crest this amazing music......




Love OD and there are glimpses on this album, like “Smooth Sailing”, but overall it comes off kind of whinny. Little disappointed after their last few albums were so good. Stills a fan just not a ton of favorites on this one.


Keep it coming.

Buckskin Andy's girl

This album is amazing from start to finish! I just put it on repeat and settle in. ;-)


This album is SO RAD!!!


Love this album and this band!!! Great job guys!

[email protected]

This album is absolutely amazing! I love how the songs song and all of the lyrics! They just never disappoint!😂❤️


Every song on here is incredible




Amazing and very great songs

Cyndi FSU

Great album for a road trip or chilling. Love it!


I’ve listened to country music for only 8 years. I remember the first two times I saw Old Dominion were free shows, while they only had the EP out. There was something about the chemistry of the band that felt special. Fast forward to their third full-length album and they have matured as song writers, musicians, artists and performers. They set the bar high with ‘Happy Endings’ but with lyrics and melodies that make you have to sing and dance, OD hit a grand slam on this album. The storytelling and lyrical genius on this project is really unrivaled by any other music today. I bought this album electronically, through a preorder bundle, and despite having seen them seven times, I will purchase a ticket to their show whenever they come to my area to support their music. These guys get it.


Yet another great album from OD! I love it! Keep up the great writing!


It doesn’t get better than OD and they are the nicest dudes! Can’t wait to see them again!!!!


Preordered the album because I’ve enjoyed their previous work and half the album has been released and from what I’ve already heard, this album is gold. Some people do is my favorite so far from what has been released! Can’t wait to hear the rest!

Fish saw

I have loved these guys I swear they can not make a bad song I’ve already pre-ordered the album

wombats are awesone

It’s good music


So far the new tunes are right in par for the quality of music OD puts out. Love what I’ve heard so far.


I absolutely love their music. They never disappoint me.




I love every song so far. The songs are so real and they go straight to the heart. Can’t wait to have their entire album.


ONE MAN BAND is so good!

Jess Michelle

Good so far!


Love these guys! Like smooth 70’s mixed with country. Childhood memories😊❤️👍😌


We love all you guys!!! So great for the band to be successful!!! Keep up the great work


Where are the guitars? This band used to be Rock/Country and now its more Pop/Country. Miss the Meat and Candy type songs!


As a person who really doesn’t listen to country, this band isn’t that bad. I didn’t like their past two albums. Content-wise, they felt kinda lacking and for the most part unoriginal, however, I feel like they’ve matured on this album. Lyrically it feels more authentic and sonically it feels more complete as well. So far, none of the singles are attempts at turn up tracks or party anthems, which is good. I hope the rest of the album carries the same energy these first five singles give. They are all really good.

Jessica 🤟

One of the best country bands out there right now! Not a song that I don’t like. Can’t wait to hear there new stuff! :)


My Current Favorite Band. Still cranking out some great country tunes. Fun lively and energetic Old Dominion is Awesome

Mr. LeviMoore

All the songs are good so far...

the orginal Old dominion

What an amazing album so far. Loving to hear this different side of old dominion!