An MCA Nashville Release; ℗ 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.

SOUTHSIDE Tracklist:


Not country but fun song!


I love Sam Hunt and “Kinfolks” is a really fun song, but I heard half these songs live when he opened for Luke Bryan in 2018, so this album wasn’t worth waiting five and a half years for.


I HATE that I even have to give this a one star is not worth even one. Is so negative it’s not funny. Your not country. Stop even trying. I heard hard to forget today and I wanna pound my head into a wall. There is nothing country about your music and it ruins country radio for people who actually like country music. Jump ship to pop like Taylor swift and do us a favor and send her back to where she belongs.




The guy landed in the country genre, and it's okay if you don't think it's country, but I'd listen to this no matter what it was considered. The guy makes great music.


Not the old country he’s a great art

Shockwave 118



It’s pop

brady r creasy

If you think this is country music you must be on some huge crack I’m not a big country music fan but bro it’s literally just pop and rap with a southern accent it’s crap


All of the old country artists are rolling over in their graves and shaking their head that he’s considered country. This album is AWFUL!


I do wish the other half of the album was new songs but it does flow. I’ve listened to the entire album every day since it’s come out. One of my favorite songwriters back at it


If you like anything this guy produces, your taste in music is terrible.

J Trimm

Sam Hunt is an incredible artist and will be here for a while I hope


I love the song -Hard to Forget- and -Body like a backroad- But please, don’t tell me FGL isn’t country if you think this dude it 😂


Sam Hunt is clearly confused and so are his producers. They really try hard to keep their feet in both genres...pop and country. The reviewers here to claim he is Country have been indoctrinated by massive promotion budgets and radio decision-makers who buy into the marketing and promotion. Let's forget about what Sam is, or is not. The songwriting is weak and copycat. I didn't hear anything that screamed great creative lyrics. Lyrically, it's more of the same, "she's hot" or "she's my girl" or "she's gone" etc etc. No new ideas. We're heard it all before. The stuf that purports to be country is like trickey. They throw in a steel guitar for a moment and, well, I guess we are to believe that makes it country. Not. It's an okay stab at....something. I would ask Sam...would do you want to be when you grow up?


This is just awful....

GM 1967

This isn't even a good Pop cd. I honestly don't know how you would discribe the "music" coming out of Trashville these days. There a few good artist, maybe even Sam Hunt, that if given the right material, might actually be able to sing. But, this is awful. No story lines, no melodies, not a bit catchy, not even sing-song. I hope Nashville will have a reemergence, but as it stands this is way way way worse then the late 70's. And unfortunately I don't see a Randy Travis, An Alabama, A Reba McEntire, The Judds, A Janie Fricke, A Kathy Mattea, A John Conley or even A Earl Thomas Conley..... to save it this time

Dillyn rhys

How’s it feel to have Upchurch a independent artist top you😂


Another awesome album!


Why all the hate? Music is music, and this guy delivers something easy to listen to. Hard To Forget is a catchy song I think we all can relate to.

Juli-Anna Fulton

Y’all haters just need to go back home and take a long nap to get your attitude straight. This album is straight lit country. Great job Sam Hunt.


I like his music. Not the ordinary country music. Easy listening and unique. Highly recommend That ain’t beautiful.


It cracks me up with how many people claim “this isn’t country”, “this is hip-hop”, blah blah blah. This is growth, collaboration, fine-tuning, and evolving. Country is evolving and making different types of county music is expected with each new album. If you don’t like it, you have the ability to choose the songs you like; isn’t that what streaming/purchasing is all about. I have followed the growth for some time now. I enjoy the journey Sam has set and am looking forward to seeing more! Don’t let the haters stop you!


Then what is Dan and Shay. I think they are the new Wham! The real country died when Hag died. If you don’t know who Hag is then you don’t know country. Sam you’re the man. Saw you at Wheatland when Maren Morris opened for you. Sam keep rocking the tunes dude.


It’s not remotely country sounding. Stop marketing it as country.


2016 is an ok song, but the rest of the album falls back to the same boring, vapid uninteresting formula the first album had. Nothing new here. Sam Hunt does nothing to help country music. I wish he would just go full pop and be done with it.


Catchy as always. Great breakup album, just wish there were less past singles on it.


Love me some Sam Hunt! The dude makes some great tunes.


Sam Hunt, Kane Brown, Luke Combs, etc. this is the new era of country. This is next gen! Today’s country is always a new style. Instead of cowboy boots 24/7 we have Nike sneakers, fishnet hets, and so much more🙌🏼.


this is a great album anyone who doesn’t like it get the hell on bye 🖐🏻👋🏻🖐🏻👋🏻🖐🏻👋🏻


Sam Hunt is a lyrical genius. Period.

goodbye country

Whats worse than this TRASH POP MUSIC...the guy singing..even the DOG on the COVER is embarrased


Awesome songs.




Ok voice but idiotic tracks like Sinning With You are just face palm bad and unbearable. This album feels, and looks, like an adolecent who made an album to get laid. Garbage!


If every song of yours was like to 2016, you’d be my favorite country artist. But you’re mostly pop country

Robbie Stalter

Not country country at all

DJ Unconscious

When I first heard speakers!! a recommendation from a friend..I have been I fan. This album didn’t disappoint me. Keep it up bro!!


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I love Sam, but he could’ve left all the old tracks off of this record. Some of these songs released up to 4 years ago. I’m thinking a bonus release should happen, just to make up for that. Otherwise good album


Dang. Taylor Swift is still having a negative effect on Country music. This ain't country. It's pop with a twang. Just make the transition already. 'Scuse me, I'm gonna go listen to George Jones.

Tucker Juliette

Sam Hunt is not country. Simple as that. He uses musical combinations that SHOULD NEVER be classified as country music. Country music is acoustics, steel guitars, and drums that keep beat. Not a beat someone found or made on a computer. Yes country music is still alive through Luke Combs, Tyler Childers, Colter Wall, Sturgill Simpson, and many others. BUT DEFINITELY NOT SAM HUNT. He is a disgrace if that to country music and should never be able to be in the country music industry. He would be better off in the Pop industry.

bulldog yall

I’ve always loved your music. This album was no different. I loved these songs as well. I’ve listened to your music since I was little. Your music has a great beat in most songs. Your voice is greet, too. Even though it took awhile for this album to be complete. It was worth the wait though and great job.


This is not Country! Sam dont try to disguise your trash as country.


But wish it hadn’t been 6 years. 2016; Hard to Forget; Nothing Lasts Forever; Sinning with You; Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90’s...ALL potential number 1’s. Love them all, plus the oldies. Wish there was even more new music. Get busy writing, Sam.


Absolutely terrible. It’s manipulative and disgusting.


People who give this 0 stars just haven’t listened to it because they’re stubborn liberals 😤

Whoa Cuz

This album wasn’t country, it was pop music...🚬