Summer Walker - Over It

℗ 2019 LVRN/Interscope Records

Over It Tracklist:




Trust and Us





Just downloaded the Album but songs #6,#7,#8,#10,#12,#*13(the reason why I checked out the album in the first place),#14,#15,#18 will NOT DOWNLOAD stating unavailable in this country. After I already paid for the whole album,🤷🏽‍♀️🤔. Great artist would love to hear the full album I purchased


I’ll kill you is a vibe


love this album the growth👏🏼♥️


well if you like r&b/soul this is for you I enjoyed this album my favorites are OFF OF YOU, TONIGHT, DRUNK DIALING...LODT, ANNE MAE, STRETCH YOU OUT FEAT A BOOGIE WIT DA HOODIE overall it’s an amazing album but her first album is really good to .


Man I’m 39 and this girl album is the 1st album literally that I have ever heard without skipping not 1 song.... my only complaint is that Londonondatrack should have not put auto tune all over voice when she does not need itSummer voice is beautiful


Love it! Real and true from the heart 💜


Nice vocal with smart features


She did a thang with this one🤤🤤🤤




im in love with r&b now because of her


Brining back the good vibes of r and b

Jordan nizle hean

When I first listen to the album I didn’t like it due to her previous songs having a different vibe and more soulful, the only song on this album that’s like majority of her other music before is “fun girl”. I fell in love with summer older music which made like her a lot. I actually continuously listen to the album and I caught the new vibe she was on and I started to like it more and more. The only thing I don’t like now about the album is partynextdoor verse on the song just might; in my opinion I think his verse was corny unless I didn’t get the message. Every time I listen to that song I skip that part. But otherwise I love the album ❤️❤️

nate grande

all i gotta say is....period.


This album was a great effort from Summer, it’s an album you just let play through. Anna Mae is the most fiya song under 3 minutes, definitely didn’t hurt to have Scott Storch behind the production on this track.

Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie

Best album Merry Christmas



Maki ^ - ^



One of the few albums that I can listen to each and every song. Simply amazing! I went through a roller coaster of emotions while listening. Such a good body of work.


Love this song!!


This album is dope I’m getting to know every word on this album. Summer you just don’t know how you truly impact us people. I know the music business is hell. But keep to your craft and continue to shine so bright!! On repeat!!




i truly enjoy every song on this album. this is my first time hearing summer walker’s work and i'm very impressed. it is heavily auto tune, which i wish she did without but what artist these days do not use auto tune from new to old artists? her emotions are all over the place but regardless i recommend this album it’s worthy. if you love r&b you will enjoy this album, no pop or trap rap here!


i would download the whole album. all that has to be said


It made more of an impact than SZA’s album. It’s such a good song I don’t get tired of it and I already played it 500 times


The album overall, is just okay. It’s not the most terrible thing to play through my ears, but the production on this album is too similar throughout — it ends up feeling like a 48 minute song than an actual album. There are a lot of decent tracks on it though (I couldn’t tell you which ones though) but the most standout and my favorite was, “Fun Girl”. It was the only time on the album where the sound changed and Walker sung in a different tone, which gave me hope for a change in tempo for the rest of the album (I was mistaken). The album could have also been shortened by two songs (or 6, lol). The addition of the solo version of “Playing Games” and remix of “Girls Need Love” featuring Drake were unnecessary and made the whole thing feel more like a cash-grab than an actual body of work (not that many of the previous songs did it any favors either). Overall, the album is a moderate 3 outta 5. She’s not doing anything different than most [mainstream] R&B acts out there, but it’s also not terrible either.




Great album though and through!!!!

Senior assoff

Thought this was a good R&B music album too much let Tronic and every song like to hear natural voice more


Love every song


Her style is pretty dope. I like the album and all the songs. The only thing I do not like is the fact the songs are so short. By the time I start getting into the song, it goes off and another comes on. That gets really annoying but other than that the album is fire🔥.


Dope album. The hottest R&B ive heard since "miseducation". Her delivery is crazy. The lyrics are saucey and relatable. The production is fire. I did not like the heavy auto-tune on each song. Summer can sing clearly. Usher makes an all star appearance. She croons like "lenny williams" one song. "Body" is my favorite song. Im really impressed at her R&B savvy. She dont need no one to show her around. She's at home. I have not seen her writing credits. Im sure she writes tho. London on the track R&B resume just up the price. Simple. He knows how to craft a R&B track and produce the artist. I gave this album 5 stars.


You can just press play on This album and let it play . Every song is 🔥


Amazing album !!

Yet 👎😿

Remind me of the old r&b


Summer is a breath of fresh air. She brings that old R&B feel back


Every song is good!


Man I’m in love with this album finna listen again omg

mr fefe

I love her!!!


Miss Summer did her thing on this here album and I am feeling the whole vibe!!!


This album is amazing from start to finish! I can listen to it over and over.


This was an amazing body of work... this album is such a mood/vibe.... the only thing I’ve been listening to since it dropped.


I love her voice, it’s so beautiful. This album is so good. I’m so glad I found her music!


she’s so talented and supplies those r&b jams

issa a no

It’s really been on repeat! I love her voice


My sis is so talented ❤️


Summer you come through as always sis 💕💕

Francia Adamus

Love this album, needs to go number 1. No ifs, ands, or buts. Really and truly such a honest, relatable, and REAL album. Writing was superb, the feels gave me modern yet old school. Really hard to find an album where there isn’t one bad song! Summer did THAT. London did THAT. Everyone who put into this album DID THAT. 🙌🏽