T-Pain feat. Yung Joc - Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin') [feat. Yung Joc]

℗ 2007 Zomba Recording, LLC

Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin') [feat. Yung Joc] - Single Tracklist:


Big H h by ugh h b. HbHb. Hu hubby. He yh. H yh hyah Bhubaneswar by unhurt yy byyhy yh


Forever my song. One of the best throwbacks


T-Pain is great. I like this song a lot. It is a great song.

Queen Satan

idk why ppl like this


Good song


“If hip hop should die before I wake I'll put an extended clip in my AK Roll up to every station murder the DJ” -Nas T-Pain is named t pain because his music is painful this isn't rap it is more R n b or a new genre they should make called Lame Crappy Autotune People use because they have no talent Had to listen to Eminem Show, All Eyez On Me ,and Illmatic to clean my ears out


Love this song


This is my jam




A lot better than some other rappers people who don't like is stupid


this is why when most people think of hip-hop they think t-pain


I bet I sing way better WITH my REAL voice.....I don't know how he made it in the music industry with fake vocals and everything. Not trying to hate but it's the truth. I guess FAKE vocals = lots of money cause that's what he's doing


great beat and catchy lyrics. i dont even say drink anymore. its drAAAnk!! -anthonys81


Haha ok I so thought it was imma buy u a train.... Then it would be imma buy u a train oh wee oh we can go where ever we want ....... Haaa


Obviously DDDancer isn't from the hood.... It's buy you a drank... Slang baby, it's slang language.


THis song is so old

softball chick

hey whats up peoples shawty lets go go go hehehe hahaha tobha/


My frend is drunker then me

La Musiqe

Nothing. You are such a 1 hit wonder.

BOBs a loser

i don't even know what t-pain's voice sounds like anymore. i'm not really complaining, cause his autotuning sounds awesome. but still. i don't think this is real music


That was the best summer ever and I remember listening to the song by the lake.


Reminds me of Summer 2007 )_:


This is the best song that is HIS

First Name Money

Listen to Hip Hop? Like discovering new music? Check out "Diamond In The Dirt" from Kritikal. Your ears deserve it!


This is one of the best songs in hip-hop. I love T-Pain with The Lonely Island on I'm on a boat. I definitely recommend this song.

lil' scriv

at his finest


I don't even know if this guy could even sing or even have a normal voice? He makes me mad bc he brought the autotune to a wholenother level. Lots of artists now make whole albums of that crap :/


Why would you buy this song? Its not rap, its pop. Hip hop/ Rap is Raekwon, Rakim, Nas, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Ludacris, The Game, etc. NOT this faker.


haha i memba dis song from '07 dis wuz like de best...good times good times


yooooo naw man u got ta get some mo hits on dat stereo son.


I luv it don't u


I LOVE this song. I can't go a day without listening to it. I have NO idea who wouldn't like it. I'm not obsessed, but I CAN'T STOP listening to it. I'm not hooked on this song either. It's just one of those songs that will NEVER get old and is ALWAYS GREAT to hear.


This song is wicked i cnt get enough

50 cent.linkin park



You or I could do the same thing that pain is doing. For he is wise and talented for discovering that people would flock to this 'new' ( old) sound.


This was the first huge hit T-Pain had, and helped bring the auto-tune into rap. However you may feel about that, this is a decent song, okay to dance to, but not hugely revolutionary.


Instant Classic, you gotta love it, i dont know how anybody can rate it under 4 stars if you do, you are MESSED UP


this song is pretty good but i wish t-pain would stop usin voice emphasizers to make him sound like a robot. also the tune might sound better if it was a little faster. just my personal opinion. :)


this is the best T-pain song ever and t-pain is da bomb period.


I think that this song is awsome. Its really good for playing in the club or at a house party with a lot of girls.


T-Pain is the coolest rapper ever, this song is amazing. I had already knew it was gonna make it to numba 1 on the charts. Must Buy. YO NUMBA 1 FAN


Mmmm, mmmm, MMM! I don't know about y'all, but I personally think T-Pain is the sexiest thing. I loved this song from the minute I heared it. Great beat, a little repetitive, but overall a great dance-n-grind hit.


rather have kanye or wayne then joc

hip hops #1 fan

i like t-pain a lot and this is a really good song!

lil gansta

good click yes if you agree with me


This Song was the club anthem of 2007. Great Beat, Catchy hook plus you can relate to the record.Who doesnt catch the eye of a woman in the club that makes you say damn, ima buy her a drank.


I like this song. Anyone hear Jesse McCartney's version? Pretty good for someone who used to sing for disney. Click yes if you like Jesse's version!


T-Pain has a great voice and this is another awsome single.

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