Taylor Swift - 1989

℗ 2014 Big Machine Records, LLC.

1989 Tracklist:

at least you tried🙃

No words just amazing😊


ok, i LOVE taylor and 1989 is one of my favorite albums of all time, however, i’m rating it a bad review to warn u guys TO NOT BUY THIS. she doesn’t own the masters to any of her catalog, up to lover anymore. all of the money goes to her old label, big machine records, who is greedy and is run by a conniving man. DO NOT BUY IT, OR ANY OF TAYLOR’S PAST CATALOG BESIDES LOVER AND FOLKLORE. find a way to listen to it that doesn’t give the label money

the egg and angle baby

She is awesome i am a big FAN!!!!!!!!

Jojo's 1st fan



I Know Places will always have a special place in my heart

pooply app

Plz make an acoustic version of all the songs Tayler! I think they would sound amazing 😉


Isn’t style about Harry Styles? Anyway I’m a not a swiftie I’m a directioner so I will listen to 1d, thank you very much.

Bob Ross👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

the money goes to scooter braun. instead listen to lover or folklore

Thankfull person

I like this album, it’s classic pop. Has classic songs from the 2010’s. It IS the music industry.



kbpcoolawsome323 _YT

MY fAv soNg iS wIldEst DreAmS I luV taYlOr shEs onE oF a kiNd wHo enJoyS maKinG soNgs fOr hEr FaNs anD otHer peOplE! TAylOr iS oNe oF mY FaV aRtiSts iN AmEriCa! :•}


I love this álbum

king l❤️

I ❤️your songs


I love 💗 It

Xxnight_wolf girlxX

I will never buy dis crap!


I love this album and is a huge hit Taylor Swift is the best


I think this is an amazing album but Taylor does not own.... PLEASE DONT BUY THIS!!! Scooter just wants more money off of Taylor!!!! As long as it’s owned buy scooter... DONT BUYYYYYYYY ITTTTTT!!

Trust and Us


luke :))

Love this album! I love WTNY, Blank Space, Style, Shake it Off, Wildest Dreams, I Know Places, Bad Blood, and New Romantics. Top 2 for me I’d say! The best


BEST POP ALBUM OF 2010s..brilliant. QUEEN She was a man she’d be the man


Thank you for sharing your talent to the world 🌎

lucy and emmet

Taylor Should stand up and own her things. LOVE YOU TAYLOR! 🤗


Ah, where to begin...the jumpy-pop beats, perfect strings, and charming vocals, all fusing into 13 BEAUTIFUL tracks! For her first pop album, per.fec.tion. She nailed it! Barley any skips, and just so pleasing to listen to. Style, Blank Space, All you had to do was stay, and Wildest dreams are some of my faves. 10/10!


It has the best songs ever and it has a album with the best songs

Ender daimand

Do not buy taylor does not own this album any more she deserves to own it cuz she earned it dont get me wrong i love the songs but hate that she doesn’t get to own her songs that she worked hard to 🎤 😢 so sad i have to say this but... DO NOT BUY PS you can listen to part of the song without buying it so just listen to that part of the song it doesnt have a replay button but it will work without money going to horrible 🛴


Superb, Exquisite, Unmatched. Anything for MY president


pop perfection!! there is a reason why this is album of the year!


Literally her best album ever! Hope she makes more music like this!


I love her songs I wish I got to meat her I love you Taylor swift I hope you stay safe and protect your self

cute cool fox

I think this album is AMAZING. I love it, and don’t listen to the people who say don’t buy! Love her songs🙂💖💖

Taylors lover

Scooter boy is a piece of crap and deserves to be in jail for life for what he did to Taylor. As you can see Taylor is levels higher then Scooter Boy, sadly these amazing albums can't be bought from iTunes because all the money goes to Scooter Boy not Taylor.

Dude. no

And don’t give one star cuz of scooter, because ratings make and break Taylor!!! This album, as we all know, is spectacular and deserves five stars!!! Thank u tay!!! Go away scooter you big racist bully!!!

taylorswift queen

Taylor is amazing and very talented!! Her music is fun and interesting. I’m singing “How to Get the Girl” for a talent show for my school. Taylor changes lives without even realizing

biggest taylor swift fan❤️🥰

I know every song in this album and what is not to like. This album is full of her opinions so don’t judge her. My favorites are bad blood and how you get the girl. Amazing work. ❤️💖🌹👍😁

Swiftie #275868094

Now you can buy this album because Taylor got the rights


this album is amazing!! i’m also thanking mr harry styles for inspiring a majority of the songs on this heh


Yup yup yup


Taylor is unstoppable and 1989 is an incredible album. Never disappointed.


Best Taylor album by far. Don’t buy it yet until she re-records since Scooter owns them, but stream it!!!!

merila moriss

Dt dtyd

Yvette Br.

Simply amazing 💕


Just like everyone is saying, dont give guap to the greedy people


I used to like her music but now I believe she sold out. Then she added politics into the mix. Unfortunately, it started with this album when she switched genres from Country to Pop. I think all of her songs are always about her anyway. After a while that gets old because the songs are a bit narcissistic. It’s sad that she doesn’t own her own music anymore. Stay true and stay humble.


This girl is an overproduced untalented pop star who like her peers doesn’t make music - but total drek. She can’t carry a tune


If she wasn’t gorgeous nobody would know her name based on this lame music

Love Taylor 1989

The songs are addictive! Can’t stop streaming!

Stephen l.


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