Taylor Swift - evermore

℗ 2020 Taylor Swift

evermore Tracklist:



This album really made me realize I’m not up for this genre


Anyone who rates this under 3 stars, just hates taylor and is extremely bias🤍


It’s that simple. This is not a high quality single point blank end of story

Excellent ❤️_❤️

This album is competing with 1989

dolan super fan😭❤️😘

Hi Taylor Swift you are the background on my Chromebook so yeah i love you so much an yeah i like ice Coffee so yeah my name is Sara


Sounds so rushed and Sounds exactly like folklore


Love all the relaxing songs

country 4 ever

Go back to California!!! You’ve already proved your not a country singer anymore !! We don’t want you representing country anymore!!


yeah it saved my life

Pato :v

I love every single song ❤️


I love all your songs Taylor Swift all your song are beautiful

Chops E6

Same sounds, same lame lyrics!

Chely sherrett

This is her best album and nothing can top it!!! There are no skips on this album!!


Total Crap as usual!!!!


I didn't know if she could even close to Folklore, but she did and MORE!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! When combined, my favorite songs on both Folklore and Evermore make a super album and I absolutely love this new sound!


Just teenage crap.

Horse DK

If she had stayed with her country roots she would have been better off....... Maybe she wouldn't have changed into this other thing that Hollywood created out of her.......... very SAD....... She is pathetic with all her Racist & Bigotted remarks........... No one cares about her or her music anymore. YOU ARE NO LONGER RELAVENT!!! Go back to West Reading PA

wildest dreams60

Sorry. Alongside with Folklore, this album misses the mark once again. Furthermore, she releases the deluxe editions later for more profit from her fans. I’m sorry but everything with Lover, and before was amazing. Folklore and Evermore are not my favorite records by her. I just feel like she didn’t take it seriously. She jumped straight from Lover without releasing more singles. I’m sorry but both of these albums are a pass for me.


She wanted to channel everything and she did it successfully! You need to hear it.


made me go to sleep


This is truly the best album and everyone can relate to it one way or the other. I love all the songs on the album.


the flavor is immaculate

Iffy cuff

i fell asleep

chloe ulrich

If anyone disagrees please never talk to me thanks

Melanie Grace White

The best well ken of the best singers in the world tota,kk


Such a wonderful album. Her storytelling is unmatched!


Cowboy Like Me, Willow, Gold Rush, Long Story Short, No Body No Crime, Dorothea, Ivy, Marjorie.... Love all of it! ❤️


Sounds like a mature Rebecca black


Her writing? Her detail? Her emotion? Her tone? Heck yes!

Esme Fi

Who actually willingly listens to this garbage..

Mari$$a rocks!!!

To the people saying this is boring...you wouldn’t know real music if it slapped you in the face. This is a beautifully written album and taylor continues to amaze us all

Evan James Basic

Once she decided she could be a lingerie model and political expert that ended my interest in this shallow gorl. Good songwriter, never a good singer. Hope her career ends soon.


She’s truly one of a kind.


So rushed it’s not good and tbh it’s one of her most boring albums to date


absolutely beautiful storytelling


Pathetic loser


Not good


She just keeps evolving into the best version of herself

Page nic

Both folklore and evermore were the fastest albums she ever made and are equally her best. I cannot stop listening to them!



Raggedy Tanner

such a great follow up to folklore. the lyrics, production, and vibes make it such a cohesive and smooth album. i don’t know how she always tops her own work !!


A great body of work. Might even like it better than folklore.


Don’t listen to this song it’s pure garbage


Toylet retire please 🥱👎🤢🤮




Simply iconic.


Love this album


Taylor Swift is music.

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