The Chicks - Gaslighter

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Gaslighter Tracklist:


No Thanks....In todays day and age, I bet they thought being progressive liberal outcasts would allow the rest of us to accept them. Not now, Then , Or EVER!

jones the bones

Does this album mean them lighting has on fire?


This is easily one of the best albums of 2020. The Chicks were groundbreaking in the 90s, pulling around people’s hearts while being a kick ass trio in a male dominated Country world. And now, in 2020, they are still kicking dirt with their boots and creating stories that keep us pulled in. This is a album one should listen to from beginning to end. A story of abuse and redemption.


I can't remember the last time I bought music, nevermind a whole CD, but I had to have this! I was hooked after "Boy you know exactly what you did on my boat/ and boy you know that's exactly why you ain't coming home." Then to hear "My husbands girlfriend's husband just called me up/how messed up is that?" I know alot of people are complaining about how this album is "all Natalie" but anyone who has listened to Taking the Long Way heard a lot about the sisters. Most of that album was about children and their struggles with marriage and infertility. There was some Natalie, and some fun upbeat songs, on that album but Martie and Emily definitely took center stage. Now that Natalie has experienced a long and complicated divorce from actor Adrian Pasdar she had a story to tell. I can't say enough about how this was accomplished. Catchy tunes AND a trail through Natalie's broken marriage. To hear her take a journey from bitter, angry, vicious betrayed wife (hint, we find out what happened on the boat from Gaslighter in "Tights on the Boat.) to forgiveness and just wanting to be done fighting (Set Me Free.). It's heart wrenching. On top of all that they remind us in several songs, it's not just about the relationship between the adults as they have 2 boys together. To hear her talking to her sons in several songs, at first about how their father's infidelity could affect them (Sleep at Night) to talking directly to them about how to deal with the loss of an idol and father figure (Young Man) is a reminder that divorce is about the entire family unit and not just the adults involved. Then you add in March March, which many critics have bashed as destroying the entire storytelling by breaking up the middle of the album, but I think was a perfect song! It encapsulates the times we live in and sets them even further apart from the conservative base they were rejected by in 2003. Then to watch the music video for it on YouTube (I literally cried through the entire song, something about the music, melody, and imagery just struck me) just blew me away. Great music, Great singing! I have played this album on repeat for the past week and I can't get enough.


Vocals and production kill...I would recommend checking the performances they have been doing from home for talk shows on YouTube...they are so on point... This album is not just one thing and I love that about it...I think the chicks have always pushed boundaries with music...I’d say this is pop, country, and alternative...but it really doesn’t matter honestly...just good music.


The Chicks are still cranking out hits!


Wish I like the whole album as much as past ones. Their voices are still strong.




The Chicks have gotten away from what used to make them really good. Plenty of fiddle, mandolin, etc. COUNTRY!! It's really hard to find any real country anymore. Just Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, and George Strait. By the way, isn't the name "CHICKS" sexist??

Speckled Pup

I loved the Chicks since I saw them perform at the Mesquite Balloon fest however many years ago. Have every album including Courtyard Hounds. Waited years for this album and am so disapointed. Over indulgent bs, utilizing every cliche out there. They can sing, they can play, they can write. Let's use those talents next time.


This isn’t my favorite Chicks album, but it’s towards the top of my list. It was great to hear the instruments, harmonies, and the emotion in Natalie’s voice. Lots of great songs!


Tried. I really did. Nope


Loved it. Such gifted women. Thankful for their raw, heartfelt, powerful music👏


They should’ve stopped 14 years ago


Absolutely fantastic! So worth the wait❤️

Minjie Li

They were ahead of time 14 years ago. Most importantly, they grow even more during and after these 14 years. Fierce. Unapologetic. Meets the moment.

Music Macena

This might just be the best music they have ever done!


So glad the chicks are back! I am loving the new album. Thank you ladies!


The ladies are back! This album is a great listen from beginning to end. Takes the listener on a journey of heartbreak and hope for the days ahead.


The more I listen the more I love it


This album sparks change and community conversation about the prejudices that exist in our world today. The Chicks our did themselves - this album is a must to buy!


These talented kickass women are BACK! love tights on my boat and all the rest!

Mama Gino

I have loved them since the late 90s I love this album it’s amazing I love all the songs. I could listen to Natalie sing all day her voice is just mesmerizing.


I heard it and was very disappointed. Very low quality compared to their previous albums, the themes of this album are their pathetic attempts at staying relevant. Time to retire Dixie Chicks!


This is a terrible record. Should have said Natalie Not Chicks cause it all her. My least favorite of the 3.


Disappointing..What happened to my beloved Chicks?!


Such a great album that is catchy and immediately a winner. The harmony from The Chicks is amazing! Instant awards if I was handing them out.


Awesome album. You ladies have been gone for far too long. Chair dancing all day long. Just what I needed to help me get through working from home during this pandemic. THANK YOU!


Was hoping it would be classic Dixie Chicks music. Very disappointed. Wish I could get my money back. Listened while driving and kept skipping to next song, hoping it would get better. Nope!!


A solid album


Couldn’t care less if they are Chicks, Ducks or Rabbits...but if you are going to make a dramatic statement, have good music to back it up...this isn’t it...


My type of music. Thanks Chicks!


Always been a fan. Chicks are super talented and this doesn’t disappoint. If an album has a song or two I want to play over and over again I’m happy. This album has four. It starts and finishes on incredible high notes. Hope there is a tour... someday.


Thank you ladies for the wonderful album!


Pre-ordered the whole album. When it became avalable, downloaded it. Almost every song jumps into the next without finishing--and not in a way that seems planned or clever. Whoever quality controlled this before it's release should be fired. This is unlistenable as released. From what I can hear of the music, it's certainly written by artists that have lived some life. Sophisticated lyrics, subtle word play. Looking forward to listening when the tracks have been fixed.


I was really looking forward to this release but it seems it’s just one angry song after another. How many “he done me wrong” songs can you listen too? Still, glad the Chicks are back.


On repeat! The Chicks have been part of the soundtrack of my life and this album does not disappoint. 💕💕💕💕


What a stellar return. So many great songs on this collection including Sleep at Night, Best Friend's Wedding, and Young Man (great lyrics to the latter). This album gets better with every listen. While some of the song don't immediately grab you, the more you listen they really start to stand out. Unfortunate that it took 14 years to get new music but the wait was worth it.


This album is still pretty good. The best songs are where they harmonize and there is a little less Natalie. “For Her” is a standout song, as well as “Set Me Free.” “Juliana Calm Down” is the worst song- too much speaking- though it does have a positive message to young women. There is not enough of their signature violin and banjo/dobro in this album.


So great to have another album from these talented women. It definitely has a different sound compared to their old stuff, but it's wonderful!




Their day in the limelight passed long ago.


This is more “pop-y” than some of their old work, but people are allowed to evolve and change their sound, especially when it’s done right like this album. I’m happy to have this to listen to and can feel the soul in the music. This is something I have always loved about The Chicks and pray it keeps coming!


This album doesn’t have the same magic as Taking the Long Way Home however I’m still really enjoying listening to it. Each time I listen, I love it more & more!

CalamitiJane TX

I was a fan for years and years ever since the hot sunny days on stages in Dallas when their music was so fun. They are so talented but it’s sad that they’re going the route of sellouts for “relevancy” to make a buck. Good luck with that new name of yours’s not a good choice for grown Texas women to discount yourselves a chick always mad about your own bad choice of a man. So sad.

sourthern girl

I love your older stuff,Traveling Soldier being one of my favorites. I think you should have kept the Dixie in your name, it is who you are and will always be to me. Personally I think country radio did you wrong, Nashville too. Glad you guys are making music again although this was not my favorite music from y’all, but I’m still a fan and happy y’all are marching forward


They’re back! They really are living up to the name change! And who knew changing the ch to a d is all they had to do. And good for them! It’s about time they finally felt comfortable being who they are and showing the world who they really are. It takes a lot of work to live up to their name change and it’s wonderful to see them rise to the challenge. And their looks live up to it, too!

More kicks

One of there best albums!!


Most of the one star reviews here are snowflakes buttHurt over politics. Leave politics out of reviewing music


Great comeback 👏