twenty one pilots - The Hype (Berlin)

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The Hype (Berlin) - Single Tracklist:


This song just makes me the most calm I can ever be. There’s a sadness and peace within this song. I don’t understand how Tyler does it every time with a masterpiece of a song. I know it’s just the reconstruct version but like ughhh it’s so beautiful to listen to, I can’t get sick of it, and I’ve played it on repeat for days straight. I love it


Life-changing song


AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING this song is really something else, i cant express the love the i have for it, it just ah


Ok guys you read the title if you don’t like this song don’t write a review or just don’t download it ok these guys are amazing and I can’t comprehend how this isn’t a good song so please I’ll wave my hand to you dismissively good day


TØP is amazing. These location sessions are amazing


I don’t know about u guys but man. TØP has made such an impact on my life like actually they’re amazing and idk they’re just so cool, everything they make is EVERYTHING🤩🤩🤩




As if the original wasn’t already great, Tyler goes & puts this awesome spin on it. I. Love. This. Version.


As if the original wasn’t already great, Tyler goes & puts this awesome spin on it. I. Love. This. Version.


This a a very impressive remix of “The Hype”. This shows how talented Tyler is as an artist. He takes something that is great and creates another beautiful ballad.


Hearing a more stripped down version of this song takes it from being one of the more normalized and generic on Trench to a full out masterpiece as Tyler Joseph always produces. 10/10


that’s for the haters


such a different vibe, but only proves how phenomenally talented Tyler Joseph is! so unlike anything from Regional at Best through Trench! cannot stop listening. plus, the video version reelbearmedia recorded is flawless! art isn’t dead.


Tyler your vocals never cease to amaze me man


this is how you know they’re after money why does there need to be 30 versions of the same songs




This song is 🔥. I would love if they did a smithereens remix


Tyler and Josh never fail to not amuse me

The Yeeting Cow

How this group turned out to be long live blurry face

.Nicole. XD

honestly this song is amazing just as great as the original and the fact that tyler made it in a DAY is incredible because its so great and so much was going on that same day so its just so incredible that he made the song in the same day too


This group is so on point. 🔥

Shamnon i.

Everything Tyler and Josh do is flawless and unique.


This is definitely better then the original, the original lacked originality. This is a HUGE step up


This song sounds so peaceful to me. It’s crazy to me how different it sounds. And I’m getting nonsense that Josh doesn’t play. He plays, even though you may not think he is.


Definitely there best location sessions song yet




The video is great too. They are on tour super busy and he took time out the day of the show to make this . They love us so much and produce so much music for us. Everything they have ever made is wonderful . You can’t help but love them for all the time and dedication they put into music . Every song speaks to me and I tear up listening to them after seeing them live in Atlanta on the bandito tour. NEVER DISAPPOINTED SEEING THEM LIVE TOO! Knows how to put on a show


How does one improve a perfect song? Here’s the answer....except with a drum machine instead of Josh😞.