Theory of a Deadman - Say Nothing

℗ 2019

Say Nothing Tracklist:


I don’t get the bad reviews because I think it’s a pretty decent record. I love the songs “Say Nothing” & “The World Keeps Spinning”

srv lover

How do they get away with a “rock” genre tag?...both the writing and the music/mix is not great when compared to anything prior to the last album (although Say Nothing has FAR better writing). What happened to them? This isn’t “evolving” or “changing their sound” - they flat out ABANDONED HARD ROCK. I used to love them because they gave off the same vibe that the old Hinder did...they literally put up a middle finger to the mainstream and dropped rock anthems about stuff they cared about. Even the heavier topics (like politics) were discussed on heavy rock songs. They completely gave up on it and turned their back on the fans they had from day one. They are spitting in the face of everything they used to be and everything their music stood for. As for those who are upset with reviewers giving single star reviews- we are allowed our opinions. I’m not saying the music is horrendous; however, it IS terrible for Theory. When compared to their other albums, this album is soulless and is a literal slap in the face to the band’s original values (which they had built a fanbase on). Don’t be surprised when your loyal fans get upset when you literally COMPLETELY CHANGE GENRES. That would be like Taylor Swift going rap or metal (at least country to pop wasnt a huge change)...would you really expect all fans to just chill and enjoy the changes?...come on. Just because you like the changes doesn’t mean that everybody else does. As a long time fan myself, I REALLY hope they take the criticism and low reviews as a sign to actually talk about the changes in their sound and where THEY want to be. At least then, the old fans know when to jump off the wagon.


Other than “Ted Bundy” this is by far their weakest album and idk why they keep going in this new direction that’s clearly not working out


Will always love Theory. Their lyrics always hit close to home and are true and authentic. However I do miss the rock / metal vibe they used to have on their previous records but the lyrics on this album still rock!


What used to be an awesome rock band has devolved into a PC pop band. I can partially understand having some lighter "message" songs in the mix, but to totally abandon what got them to where they were for what they do now makes no sense to me.


Too many curse words


If you idiots couldn’t see this coming, man you lives are pretty pathetic. You nimrods have no understanding of music what so ever.


This album is a little more laid back but it’s great overall. Not sure what folks are upset about. It’s a good mix between classic TOADM and newer TOADM.

double pedaling monster

Gezzzz... guys go back to old school theory of a deadman


I made the mistake to buy the album to give them one more chance. They no longer have an edge and are just cookie cutter elevator music. Bye


This Is horrible! You would have thought they would have learned with ‘Wake up Call’ this was the wrong direction for the band! Look, you are Nickelback’s little brother, stick with what you know and what works and stop pushing away the fans you DO have!!!


they really need to go back to their original sound thats the problem with most bands now they go to this crappy electric sound. just stick to how you were and trust me more people will follow and buy your albums


I’d rather listen to Nickelback’s new album than this snoozefest.


You know it’s a good album when you get chills every time you listen to it.


Why is every rock band we love becoming some wannabe rap, hip hop, R&B????

go back to old sound

I realize bands change thier sound but the last 2 albums are awful. Should have renamed the band. This is nothing like TOAD of old. More pop than rock. Shame.


This is not Theory of a Deadman. This is terrible. I really miss when I could count on them to drop awesome rock ballads and hilarious catchy songs. Now we have this crap. What happened to this once great band?


That’s all I got, I’m sorry. Not great


How did theory of a deadman get so soulless over the years? Where the instruments? Are there any actual instrumentation here?


I love that they are trying something new but I do miss a little harder songs. I feel like they are still expanding. It’s fascinating how different some of their songs sound. Still love the album and I love Tyler’s vocals. All in all really good.


This is amazingly disappointing. What the hell happened to these guys? This is TOTAL GARBAGE. Do not buy this if you have any decent musical taste at all. Used to be one of my favorites and now it’s just pop garbage. TOAD is officially dead. RIP


This is not a POP album. What's wrong with people, do you know what POP even is? This work is a great expression of evolution in this band's journey. KEEP IT UP...great stuff! Love "Say Nothing" and "Strangers" Love the writing and uniqueness of the melodies. Thank you


I was really excited about this new release and became quickly disappointed. I almost downloaded the whole album before I listened because I was sure it was a hit. I am now glad I previewed them first. Major let down. Definitely sounds like pop music. The songs feel strained. I don’t get the feeling that these are heart felt lyrics; Just vanilla and politically correct.


This albums title should’ve been quicksand! It is a mess of horrible pop that makes this album even worse than their last barely able to listen to album. These guys used to be fun and good... what happened?


What the hell did I just listen to because it wasn’t TOAD. Guess that’s why they’ve changed their name to just Theory.


That not what you (listener) expected if we talking about old school TODM. Bit of Popy BUT let the TODM release what they wanted to, maybe they are tired to scream like wild animals what is not trendy. Album sounds very light. It's OK 👌🏼


For all the idiots comparing these guys to nickel back, I challenge you to go listen to their last album and tell me it’s even in the same category.

Lime aid456

Used to Love Theory. I don’t even know what this is. Booo!


They have the same name but it doesn't sound like the same band at all! Try again, bad album...


There is only one good song. Go listen to both of my artist Rotary Ryan and Free Champagne!!


The album isn’t even worth purchasing over how horrible it sounds, it’s ok to change your sound like with how Shinedown and other bands have done. But to completely change it an alienate almost your entire fan base is sad


Arguably, the worst album of all time.

LOL Below Me

As I've sat back and watched over the years...specifically since 2008..."male" has been beaten out of men. It's like shaming of testosterone is the ONLY shaming not only permitted, but encouraged. Weak, sappy, balls. It's ALWAYS an artists prerogative to perform their heart...but this feels like "Hey, lets rebrand and try to tap a new market". Bravo if you can pull it off, it just won't be on the dollars of rock fans.


This is a long, LONG, way from Gasoline and Scars. And not in a good way.


They sound like they have transitioned to pop music and no longer in the rock category. It's fine, but now they sound a lot like Imagine Dragons....

Fen Man

What the hell happened to these guys? How do you go from Savages to this trash in just two albums? I couldn't even survive listening to more than 3 of the demo songs. You couldn't pay me to purchase this dreck. So in just a couple of years we have watched Hinder and TOAD completely crash and burn. Where is Graveyard BBQ to save us from this disaster?

Driven by Chaos

A lot of these songs sound the same which would by ok if they were good, but that’s not the case here. I couldn’t even make it through the song samples. YES, it’s that bad.


I’m so disappointed I not only want a refund for purchasing this album but every other one! It’s that bad, negative 3 stars! Theory Of A Teeny-Bopper


I get trying something new and not getting stuck doing the same stuff over and over again but don’t lose your fan base. Experiment with a couple song per album but now you have done 2 albums with very lack luster songs. Please go back to the Theory of old!


Come on people! Times change. Bands change. They might not be a hard rock band anymore, but what matters is they still exist and they still enjoy what they do. Would you want to keep doing the same thing for twenty years? Probably not - so you gotta switch it up. Grow up, people... anyway, I think it’s a good record. I like Wake Up Call a bit better but I think Say Nothing is a pretty good work of art. 5 Stars. 🌟


This album sounds like a bad Nickelback cover band wrote and sang it. Just disappointing and stupid woke 🤮


I been listening to these guys a long time I heard the album, I just couldn’t listen to it anymore way too slow Not every album can be perfect, Try again guys Go back to what your use too with rock


Do they even know who they are?

Oreo cakes

I... really don’t understand why people don’t like this? I’m literally obsessed with EVERY song. This entire album is amazing. Please don’t pay mind to the negative reviews! I love you guys.


I used to be a huge fan of these guys saw them several times live... last album I was like eh a couple good songs. But what is this? Sounds like they went all pop boy band now or something. Yikes!


Been one of my favorite groups since Gasoline. I respect the new direction and sound but... this is no longer rock music. They put down the guitars and plugged in a Mac book. The mixing doesn’t even seem to flow. History of Violence will make the album seem successful though.


As a long time fan, this album is very disappointing. Sounds like they sold out. Reminds me of everything else on mainstream “pop” radio.


I don’t even know what to even call this crap. Super disappointed.

Hard Rock Mel

This album doesn't even try to rock. It's not terrible for what it is, but it's not rock. I'm guessing that their next release will sizzle?