Luke Combs - This One’s for You Too (Deluxe Edition)

℗ 2018 River House Artists LLC, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment

This One’s for You Too (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:


Stop saying bad things🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


Always great music from this man.


Dang bro this is going to be the next George strait or Garth brooks. And all y’all whiners I don’t want to hear it


I know it’s been a while since it’s out but I wanna say I still love every track on here. This might be in my top 3 favorite country albums.

Trust and Us





I like everyone of Luke’s songs. His songs always tell a story. His music is inspirational!


I really like Luke Combs. Anyone can pick up a guitar and play songs; it’s the voice behind the songs that really makes a song. Even though Country takes a small spot in my genre of music, Luke Combs is definitely in my playlist. He reminds me of Randy Travis sometimes. His his songs have that X Factor for sure.


I mean he wrote all of these gems on his own? Combs is amazing and I’m thankful he’s saving country.


All these songs rule! I don't care how much it costs it's beautiful music!


Album since 90s country!!!


Country Music once upon a time told stories that people could connect to. Over the past decade or so, Country Music became nothing more than retread meaningless pop / rap music with a steel guitar or fiddle thrown in, with mentions of “girl”, “trucks” and “drinking”. Mentioning those things without a relevant and meaningful story does not make a song Country Music! Like Randy Travis in the mid-1980s, Luke Combs come along and becomes the savior of Country Music with songs that tell a great THAT IS NOT JUST COUNTRY MUSIC.....IT IS SIMPLY GREAT MUSIC!!! Thank You Luke Combs!

JG Yahtzee

Every song is a #1 hit! I made the mistake of buying this album before the deluxe edition came out. There was no way around it, I paid extra to get the deluxe album because the extra four songs were as good and better than the first songs. Great CD! The deluxe version is "A MUST HAVE!" No doubt about it!


Love love love!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Most country music every song has the same lyrics with different words but not these


All of his songs are amazing!

Lynard Sknyrd

I love Luke Combs

Liam-Man 72

It’s such a beautiful song it makes me cry!!! 😭😭😭

pavment princess

Love this album! It’s definitely helped me through some tough times. I’d listen to most of the songs on repeat! 💕💕



jenny sue 75

What a voice and oooo this song is boyfriend dedicated it to me.fits me it.👍👍👍👍💋😁😍😘

Q. Smith

My very sweet husband dedicated beautiful crazy to me this morning.🥰 Before today I had never heard of Luke or his lovely voice. Can’t wait to listen to the entire album. Much love and success from two happily married lovebirds in Brooklyn. 🙏🏽❤️

Love fifth

Luke Combs literally can sing anything. He can’t have a bad song! I could listen to him allllll day long.


Man there are some dumb people out there!

Allison R Fischer 06

Luke Combs just came in a nowhere and then blessed our hearts and ears to his beautiful music


This album is humble, honest, and powerful. Luke Combs is on a fast-paced track to become one of the next all-time legends of country music, and he has the relatability to prove it. Being able to harness an entire arena tour solely off of the music in this album (his only, other than the previous version) is record-breaking. Genius songwriting, immaculate production, and hardcore vocals makes this one of my favorite albums I have ever had a chance to listen to. Thank you, Luke Combs.

Judd Madison

Bravo Luke. Keep the hits coming

Ms. B.B

Love you Luke and I love this album!


Down home country and real !


Appeals to both “old” country advocates and the newer more pop country culture


Hands down best country out there right now. Can’t wait for album 2‼️


So many good songs on this album for this new artist. Cannot wait for what is next.


Country that rocks, and still sounds like country. I can dig it!


I’m so jealous I bought the cd for my husband for Christmas. I’ll just have to buy it for my car. 😍😍😍


Great Album!


The album is good but take some notes from King George


Straight garbage


Just a piece of art


Love it!!


All of his music is way too overplayed and overrated on country radio. It’s annoying at this point


Doesn’t get better than Luke Combs


In the era we are in of “not country”Country artists, it’s a relief to hear Luke save the genre while adding something fresh to it. Luke is the standard of talent that these pop country artists can’t rise to. Buy this album, it’s very good!


happy? Listen to Luke Combs Sad? Luke Combs In love? Luke Combs Party? Luke Combs Heartbroken? Luke Combs Driving backroads? Luke Combs 3:00am? Luke Combs


So I don’t have Apple Music and I can’t get it for reasons and I only have enough money for one more song and I’ve been stuck for 3 days. What do I do when all of them are so good.( I already have beautiful crazy)

This pro

This album is absolutely perfect. Every song is amazing. Luke’s sound is fantastic and puts all these “country” singers to shame




It doesn’t get any better than this!


While this is sticking more to the classic country sound, I’m just not a fan. His voice, the lyrics, the presence he puts out, I’m just not a fan. In my opinion, its just another addition to the horrible Bro Country.