twenty one pilots - Level of Concern

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Level of Concern - Single Tracklist:




Sounds good. I didn’t much like their last album, but on this one I feel like they keep their uniqueness while still making an upbeat song, like back in Blurryface. There are all these people angry about “profiting off a serious pandemic.” Well did you ever think about how some artists may want to give some comfort to people in hard times? Thumbs up from me


It’s a bop

level of Concern

I listen to this song 24/7 and never get old with it. It is the best song in my opinion and other people hate on it because it is different and they are just trying to make money from COVID. Haters you should just give them credit because they did this well being quarantined. Thanks Twenty One Pilots! For helping us getting through this scary time


I have loved twenty one pilots forever, and they really did a good job with this song!

sup broski ;)

I love twenty one pilots but this song is too repetitive and it’s kinda annoying if you hear it over and over again

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Amazing song, amazing duo!


Absolutely love it

kris < 3

TOP has some hits and misses with their songs but this one is definitely a big hit. Very happy with this song.


Listen haters this band has always been in my heart, this song really helped me get through this. And I just love it so much But people are giving crap about this song, like some of those reviews are saying “is this the same band?” Just because it sounds different, so who cares it’s a great song. I mean They worked hard on this dont just give the hate!!!!!


This song isn’t anything special. Why make song about covid 19

rileydied 🤡

If you haven’t been 🅱️opping to this day and night then your obviously a mad man


It’s not great but it’s ok. It’s pretty catchy and fun to listen to.


I love it. (:

Emo Cockatiel

I have used this song to reconnect with someone who hadn’t responded to my texts for months. I had given up but then heard this song and sent it. I got a response within a day.

Bobby avengers fan

I can’t wait until the next twenty one pilots concert because I will be there at all for level of concern


Really catchy song! Love listening to in everyday chores.


This song is amazing, and that’s the truth

baguete 🥐

For everyone who is mad about them trying to make money off of this pandemic: They are not making a single penny off this song. All of the proceeds go to crew nation. A non- profit that is trying to help bands stay alive during this time. PLEASE do your research before you go hating on artists and people alike who are just trying to help out during this time. I am NOT against people who don’t like this song. You all can have your own opinion on artists and their work. That is 100% personal preference and I stand by everyone’s opinion.


I love 21 pilots. I knew some band just couldnt wait to make a Covid song 😐I was sure hoping it wasn’t them. As soon as I heard “my quarantine” I was out. It’s not a bad song but come on. So typical of society now just out to make $


AMAZING music as always from the boys!! Its perfect for this time, we all need this song on repeat right now. Thank you Tyler and Josh!!!!! ||-//

Gr.4 girl

this band never fails


This song is the anthem we needed it is such a bob and I listen to it 24/7!


Tyler and Josh prove that even in the midst of a world changing event, creativity can still thrive. They have given us another great song to help us through tough times. Thank you guys!





Trust and Us



twenty one pilots is my favorite band and they always put out good music! level of concern is great!


I love this song and album and for everyone it should be!!!!! Now I do like other songs but this one is one of the greatest out there!!!!! So give a big thanks to them! I like heathens, and stressed out plus more but give it all out to them! It’s good for this time of year about the coronavirus so just say a comment about it! Thank you for making this song twenty one pilots! You guys are great I love your voices!!!


This is just what we need right now!


Lots of twenty øne piløts fans are saying how this song doesn’t sound like them. If your a real fan you would have heard how Tyler said that this is not supposed to be deep and have lots of meaning like their other songs. This one is supposed to be poppy, and not like their usual style. So if your a twenty øne piløts fan who has been dissing twenty øne piløts for this song, we all know your not a real fan. If you actually liked them you would encourage them to do what they enjoy.


This is definitely like my favorite song!

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I am so happy I have been waiting for a new song!!

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This in my opinion is one of Twenty One Pilots BEST songs. These haters need to be quiet. Even if your opinion is not positive about this AMAZING song, just SHUT UP. I have a question for you HATERS. Have you ever sang for a living at 27 years old?

Just an artistic person

Not my style but it’s good and it’s good to have new music from them


I can’t stop listening to it!!!



A.l 16

Great song for these times!!




Been a fan since Day 1. They never disappoint.

cassie lol

this is so different from their past sound but it’s still amazing and shows how they can just pull off just about anything. i love this band so much!

the blue brothers

This song is a lot better than their last album Trench, gives me something to listen to. Must buy.


I know this song is very different from their usual style, but they’re a band that’s always evolving. I can definitely see the drop in quality, but we still have their old albums to listen to. I, for one, am so glad that they released a song in the middle of all this, and the music video is great. It really is just the type of music that we need right now, even if it isn’t anything like their old songs. Don’t give up on them just yet. I repeat, even if it is more popish than anything they have ever put out, it is still a good song, so STOP COMPLAINING. So far, I see TØP as a good band. They are making music that we can still relate to, and I believe that their next album will still be a million times better than anything you’ll find on the radio. The only problem I have with this is that the genre still says “alternative.”


People are complaining about how it sounds too pop or repetitive but you can’t forget that he wrote this song in a few weeks maybe even just days. I love it though it’s different but you can’t forget they never stick to one type of music

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It makes me feel great

19undrtale cutie87

yes, you read it correct, this song straight slaps. it is the peanut butter to my coronavirus jelly and the soundwave angel to my heavenly ears. in all seriousness though, my anxiety has been getting worse through the entire quarantine and knowing that Josh and Tyler understand and hearing this song just makes me feel better. thank you to the bois, their beautiful wives, and our littlest bean Rosie.


not FANTASTIC but it was a song a lot of people needed to hear


I love all of 21's albums. This song is trash. Just straight up bland and boring alternative music. yuck.


What to listen to in our situation right now is this amazing song! Great job